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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

E-Mail from the Anonymous

We at Borderland Beat receive a few e-mails from all over the place. With 7,000 hits a day, it’s not surprising that people from both sides of the border are reading the posts. We attempt to sort through the e-mails and digest the information based on recent events reported by the media, as we get most of our news from open sources.

We recently got some information from one person who appears to reside in the Mexican side of the border and seems to have a direct knowledge of what is going on. We had asked to expand a little more on what is happening with the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas in the northeast part of Mexico.

From RiseMakaveli in the e-mail:

Ok, the people they are mainly looking for is Miguel Treviño Morales aka ZETA 40.. And Heriberto Lazcano aka Lazcano or Lazcas.. What you have heard is sort of true..

The war was started by The Zetas, and it was because of a murder that happened late February of a high ranking officer belonging to ZETA 40.. Supposedly the deal is that the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel have never been mixed.. In the current leaders section you have Lazcano and Miguel along with Costilla and Tormenta.. That's not exactly correct..

For a couple of years there's been bad blood between them, they have always had their very own ranks. Thing is that once Ociel was taken in, the Zetas decided to go on their own path.. Working alongside the Gulf Cartel and charging them fees to do their dirty work and secure locations..

Later on los Zetas started to do their own business, jumping the gulf cartel. For that reason there has always been bad blood between them.. Now, the war started and that's the reason Sinaloa, la Familia and the CDG got together.. They are losing a lot of shipments because of Calderon.. Even though I don't know if you knew this, because it wasn't very widely known.. BUT..

Calderons campaign was sponsored and ran by the Sinaloa Cartel.. If you notice, there are barely any news on any hard kills or heavy people being taken over in Sinaloa property.. See.. The way it works is, Calderon dispatched tons of soldiers to the GULF, and a lot of people is being killed..

BUT because of pressure from the US, Calderon had to dispatch soldiers to more places than just the GULF.. So the soldiers, a lot of them are hardcore patriots, which would be the only reason they are in the military.. Since they get treated like dogs, and paid in shit.. They feed them instant soups maruchan and get shit pay.. Anyways, getting off topic..

Calderon was forced to dispatch soldiers to various locations, and he can't give the soldiers specific orders to let certain people go.. The soldiers are pulling evenly on all sides, so el Chapo Guzman was losing shipments as well.. What do they decide? Temporary truce between the cartels to take out the Bad Publicity Clan aka LOS ZETAS..

See, los zetas are the bloodiest people you will meet.. Originally the zetas was elite, and everybody admired them why? Because they maintained a certain MORALE standard.. Killing people, yes.. Torturing.. YES.. but it was all considered for the overall well being of the Cartel Leader boss Ociel Cardenas and the Mexican People..

Since years back, there was no harm being done to natural, none violent, none criminality affiliated citizens.. But now with Ociel being captured and Lazcano being in charge, everything went down the drain..

See, Sinaloa Cartel Funded Calderons campaign.. And who do you think funded the losing president campaign? Correct...

Gulf cartel funded Andrés Manuel López Obrador's campaign.. I don’t know if you saw all the tv scandal that was going on with the media.. All those times that Obrador appeared giving speeches of how he was stolen from his presidency, that he should of won, asking the people to part ways and pick him as a president and overthrow Calderon..

Haha, it was that important the presidency.. See, Ociel captured.. Obrador in office, was going to do the same thing that Calderon did for el Chapo.. Take him out of jail..

If you notice, there is a couple of stories happening in Sinaloa territory.. Well know with the war and shit, there's a lot more oil burning, but before the Zetas and CDG parted ways there was no heat going into Sinaloa.. Yes of course they would feed the occasional media bone, just to keep the people happy, but nothing big was ever done..

Anything from Sinaloa that you would see on TV, was only people that Chapo no longer needed and was feeding to the wolfs as a Sacrifice, to keep himself safe.. Now I knew people who where affiliated with the CDG back in the day, one of them originally was Ociel Cardenas best friend.. They were both in office when Ociel was still not the leader, that was before Ociel killed Gomez.. One of the persons I knew alongside with Ociel where in charge ATM..This person didn't expect Ociel to actually kill Gomez to take over, so he withdrew from that scene, and that's when all the murders started to occur and I think it was about 2 years or 3 later when Ociel got caught in Matamoros...

See, back in those days the CDG was not really strong, and a lot of people could just do their own thing, everyone independently, when the Zetas came in, they started charging everyone, and all people with illegal activities had to pay "QUOTA" to them, or else they'd rob and kill them..

Even now, the Zetas are paid for any illegal activities being committed. You want pass something through the bridge from Brownsville or Laredo into Tamaulipas? You have to go talk to the people at the bridge, who will organize a meeting with Los Zetas, or if you know them already, just arrange some sort of contract..

They have.. people at the entrances and exits of the towns just reporting everything in their radios... So see, the Zetas are going out of office pretty soon.. Why? Because they lost their most important weapon.. Citizens.. The citizens no longer protect them or admire them.. They all hate them now, and CDG comes along making it all seem like they are going to protect the people, giving money to businesses asking them to report any people they see with guns, etc.. That is how a lot of Zetas are being found/captured..

So, leader of Zetas... Lazcano..

About him:;
Lazcano is supposed to be one of the bloodiest people you will know.. He is heartless and he kills children and women.. Alike, does not have any remorse for human life... He is current leader of Los Zetas.. That is why they so eagerly want take him out..

because he is as bloody as Lazcano, they have gotten along so well.. He was put in NL in charge of la plaza, the old Zeta who was there left because he did not agree with the way that Lazcano ran shit, he didn't like all the murdering he was going to do..

See, so far I’ve heard from everyone, that Tormenta, TONY TORMENTA, has never been actual boss.. That for some reason he wasn't the leader, the leadership was left to Costilla.. Which is something that a lot of Media doesn't know..

Anyways, what the CDG and basically all the cartels want is to be left alone just to do their business.. They no longer are willing to stand Los Zetas bad publicity and want them out.. Make the people feel secure again so that Calderon can feel unpressured about removing the Military..

I don’t know if you knew, but Valle Hermoso weeks back, there was a shootout en la Plaza between CDG and Zetas.. Basically a slaughter of Zetas.. BUT what people did not know is that the Soldiers were present at the Plaza before either of them got there, and they moved aside to let them fight it out.. Because they want the Zetas out as much as anyone else...

They where a plague that had gotten way out of hand.. Now the problem was also, that the Zetas would charge people for protection, anybody with illicit activities, then still fuck them over and steal their shit.. Zetas where not listening to themselves and their own rules.. You couldn't have a nice truck because they'd kick you out at gunpoint and tell you if you reported it stolen they'd find you and kill you..

So citizens who had money, lawyers, ect.. Where paying for protection... Was the only reason to feel decently protected from any crimes...

So far I’ve heard is that Lazcano.. Word on the street is he is a wise ass cat.. They are having a hard time pinpointing him.. Whiles Z40 has been leaving crumbs all over, it's jut a matter of time before they exactly pinpoint his position.. WORD is, or at least what the CDG hs collected, that Z40 is alternating between NL and Matamoros..

Now lazcano is believed to perhaps be in Monterrey, it's alot bigger and if he hides well enough it will be hard to find him.. But they are running out of space.. Because hole they hide in, and when they leave, they can't come back.. They can only go to so many places before they' eventually cornered.. Now, they will either kill them or feed them to the military.. EITHER WAY, be sure that the CDG will be behind it..

Just recently the CDG lost millions of dollars of shipment in Reynosa where they confiscated, or so I was told about 6-7 vans full of cocaine.. The media I think only showed 2 or 3 on TV..

Anyways too much shit man, hope that info kind of helps you a bit.


  1. This is some real shit! Thanks for the update. I love this stuff though.


  3. You don't need to go to Mexico to get killed or closed the border in order to be safe. Go to L.A., Oakland or Detroit, crime is already there and has been there before you were even born (for anonymous 3:49pm)
    It is sad how many people make stupid comments.

  4. Good stuff. But where I don't agree is that Calderon is favoring the Sinaloa Cartel because they "financed his campaign".First off, Calderon did not free el "Chapo". He escaped in 2001-when Vicente Fox was president. Secondly, if Calderon was favoring the Sinaloa Cartel, he would have quietly let Vicente Zambada go or at least keep him in Mexico-but certainly not extradite him to the U.S.! Yes, I see that the Sinaloa Cartel hasn't been hit as hard as the rest. But I think it's because of a few reasons: 1) the S.C. tries to keep things more quiet, hence they have the support of the citizenry. 2)I think the Calderon Government thinks it's the toughest nut to crack which is why they are saving them for last.Imagine the already overstretched forces taking on ALL cartels at the same time! 3)Because the Zetas will kill anything that moves, the Government sees them as the most pressing menace.But other than that, good article. Oh and to the person who suggests isolation by closing the borders, um, bad idea. You would only succeed in killing the already bad economy and driving more people to the drug business. But also, why close the border when the tentacles of these cartels already reach over 200 cities in the U.S.?


  6. This is the type of information I crave insider information a sensible and detailed view from the inside out and not the other way around anonymous stay safe and please continue to send in valuable information cause this is truly what we want to hear the truth borderland please continue to print his emails you all are doing a fantastic job.

  7. The PAN political party has screwed mexico in to the slime hole it is today at least when PRI ruled the country all drug dealers could work. and killing werent as rampant as they are today there was some kind of honor in not killing innocent people children and woman now el chapo's people are creating everything in to a war zone. well they can they have calderons backing you see calderon foolishly thinks if el chapo controls everything the country will be more peacefull what a Fool.

  8. That's right, under PRI (and Fox) the Narcos worked with impunity and earned and grew until they became a threat to both countries. Now it can't be ignored. Before, it didn't matter to the thoroughly corrupt PRI, it was money and power, not patriotism that motivated them.

    PAN (actually Calderon, not Fox) is the first to say "ENOUGH- it's gone too far" All the other said "give me my power and I'll let you keep growing and if you take over Mexico, it will be after I stuffed my bank accounts"

    But in the end, and from the beginning, this is fallout from the US war on drugs. They couldn't ever "win" it, all they really did was the same thing as PRI; make political points while the monster grew bigger and bigger. Now the monster is at our door and guess what? Everybody wants to blame Mexico, Calderon. But it's the US that holds the purse strings. Kill the market and the money goes away. Or is it too late now?

    By the way, just because the emailer says that Calderon is backing Chapo does not mean it's true. How could he really know? It's speculation.

    If I were president, though, I'd do just what the Spaniards did: back one tribe against the other until there was only one left and then get them.

  9. And by the way, why don't we all put our names instead of staying anonymous?

  10. Ha.. Perhaps you should stop speculating.. Perhaps the person who wrote the email saw the money that was being invested into the campaigns? I personally know this for a fact because it came from the mouth of very powerful people (current and dead, mostly dead). There's so much information flyin around, but because it's so widespread and because of all the gossip, by the time it reaches you regular citizens, it's completely flipped around, etc.. Honduras is begging calderon, for help against El Chapo.. Why would he have to beg him for help when Calderon dispatched thousands of soldiers to fight the GULF CARTEL.. Excuse me, the DRUG CARTELS... First off, the murders just expanded to Chapos territory, this was after the war broke out, before that there was nothing.. Well ofcourse, El Chapo vs La linea, stuff like that, but pressure from the government? Haha, no sir.. I'm not putting down your opinion, I understand that you really don't know and it's part of human nature to speculate..

    But here's a little something, perhaps a video you guys would be interested in...

    I have known this fact since the election had finished.. I do confess though, that while it was happening I really had no idea, but it was until later that it was brought to my attention, actually days after the election closed.. Calderon backs up El Chapos cartel.. Everyone who knows anything knows this..
    If this really was nothing, why would the media bring it up? They have no reason, I mean if they saw as many murders in that part of the country, as they where seing in the Gulf, then nobody would doubt Calderon..

    And as for the other comment about not agreing with that.. Trust me, I never said calderon was president when he helped el chapo escape.. But who was in office? Fox right? Fox is what? Pan? And what is Calderon?

    Sorry for the text wall guys.

  11. I'm sorry I forgot to put something else..
    Still feel like doubting what I say?
    Ok, try to chew this up..

    Ociel Cardenas, former leader of the Gulf Cartel. Caught when? 14 March 03? Wasn't that during the term of Vicente Fox? Isn't Vicente Fox Pan?

    Even if you don't believe me, atleast try to "speculate".. Gota admit, that's alot of coinsidence right there..
    Chapo escaped in 2001, Fox was elected in 2000..
    Chapo had been incarserated for a while, and he just happened to escape in 2001.. Year after fox is elected and in office.. Ha!

    Ok, something else for ya, and still doubt me.. I think it was 03 or 04.. Government was recording conversations of el chapo, 30 minutes after they hear his voice they raid the place and he was already gone.. Kind of seemed like he knew what was going to happen.

    Remember a months back when that priest made headlines, stating that in Durango el chapo would just walk the city like it was his, and the only ones who didn't see him where the police and the government, haha.. That was back in 09 brother, check your facts.. Check your facts.. He even went as far as to state that el chapo LIVED nearby and nobody seemed to see him.. Then that's when he killed those people and left a sign stating nobody will capture el chapo..

    I could write a whole fucking article man with all the shit that I know and probably have people on my ass.. You lucky I'm educating you in all of this, only reason is because I love what this site is doing and I respect it.. That's the only reason why I share all this information with you all.. I respect your opinion, but next time try to atleast read on it ;)

  12. Apologize for my english, just that i know that the real bosses are in the USA, this guy i know told me that the zetas wanted to collect from him money as a fee, or a fine every month, and it was a lot of money, so he coud'nt make the payments, so he really fear for his life, well, somehow, he knew somebody who introduce him to a lawyer in the US, and this lawyer's proposal was that he will make the zetas to lay off on him, but insted of that they become 50-50 partners in my guy bussines's, with certain advantages for my guy, and so it did happen.
    And what i think, its for any bussines transaction requires two sides, and the buyer its not on the mexican side don't you agree? and its not gummy bears selling, its needed a strong amount of money (dollars) to even buy a very small amount, and for the distribution you'll need a big ass organization, so, if there exist drug bosses on the mexican side, it have to exist on the US side for sures; and they are not killing each other like in Mexico, because Mexican bosses like to show off a lot, the founder of the zetas was Osiel Cardenas, for the only porpuse to secure him in the city or town were he was at, so he didn't have to worry about gettin cought or kill, cause he liked a lot to expose him self in club's or cruising in luxurius cars with women and all that stuff, and the goverment, state and federal didn't do nothing until now.

  13. Hey Anonymous, your post is interesting.. I had no heard any of that, what boss of the zetas are you claiming is in the Us.. It is pretty interesting, I can ask around about this and comment back. Try to write in Spanish, alot of people here understand it, and if not I could translate it word per word into english.. Thanks

  14. RiseMakaveli-I'm the person that posted on March 17, 2010 @ 2:48 PM. I'm the one that brought up four reasons why I don't
    necessarily think Calderon is favoring the Sinaloa Cartel. The reason I thought you meant Calderon had let El Chapo escape
    is from what your email said: "Haha, it was that important the presidency.. See, Ociel captured.. Obrador in office, was
    going to do the same thing that Calderon did for el Chapo.. Take him out of jail..".
    Then it was clarified that Guzman escaped from jail during the Fox presidency. True. However, just because Fox and Calderon
    are from the same party doesn't mean that what one does the other will automatically do, as well. In fact, it is no secret
    of the disdain for each other. There have been bad feelings between Calderon and Fox ever since Calderon (in the eyes of Fox)
    "prematurely" announced his candidacy for the presidency. I give the current president the benefit of the doubt, just like I
    give the benefit of the doubt to Governor Godoy of Michoacan. His half brother is allegedly involved with LFM but there's
    no reason, in my opinion, to think that the Governor is also involved. Just because the two are associated doesn't necessarily
    mean that they are colluding. And yes, I do remember the Archbishop of Durango saying that everybody knew that El Chapo was
    living in Durango. I never disputed that.Once that was out in the public, do you think El Chapo waited around?
    Is there corruption in the federal forces? You bet. Is it at the presidential level? We simply don't know.
    I know here in Michoacan, I've seen firsthand that the S.C's allies have been hit pretty hard. A few months ago, they had a
    'narcoranch' where they were using it as a meth laboratory. Today, the army uses as their headquarters! Sorry for the long email
    but I do want to say that because my opinion is different than yours in some regards, doesn't mean I don't respect it!
    In fact, keep posting,they are very interesting and loaded with good information.;) I'm sure we can all agree that as soon
    as ALL these scumbags are put awy the better!

  15. Well, the way that I see it, and since I have actually had breakfast, lunch or dinner with certain politics from tamaulipas.. Because of relations you know, you call a relative, or afriend at 8 in the morning or 9, they tell you they're at X restaurant you show up, and you get introduced.. Now this does not mean I am involved in any way with the cartels, or not currently atleast.. But the matter is this.. It is all a web and a ladder.. In order to get somewhere and to keep climbing you have to follow certain rules.. You either go with it, or go against it.. And up to this day, not many have gone against it.. And the ones who have, ended up in a box or cut up in pieces. But hey, you might be wrong.. But so far I've been told and I mean just pasting everything together, I strongly believe I am correct.. It goes around with politics, it is a way of life.. Mexican politics is the easiest to understand, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.. But at the same time it is one of the most complicated jobs there is.. Because one thing you do, might lead to someone else losing trust in you, or getting accused of something or backstabbed.. The scenarios are endless.. But so far i've heard and been told by everyone I freakin know.. El Chapo had strong relations with Calderon and because of that when Fox was in office, he got let go.. Everyone in the street knows that..

    But hey, as you said.. I can be wrong.. Doubt it, but it is a possibility.

  16. I have interviewed Mexican farmers and they have told me that the Mexican army arrives and ask them to plant marijuana, and they will protect them. When they harvest the marijuana, they take apart the low quality marijuana, and the soldiers call the news and they say they found a plantation of marijuana. Then they proceed to burn it in front of the TV. The rest is loaded in the army trucks and shipped to the USA. There are airplanes that take the drug to the USA where police or army personnel are waiting for it they load the marijuana in the police cars or Military trucks. In another interview I have with a farmer, I learned that the Linea a drug cartel arrived and began killing everyone even women and children, because that part was controlled by el Chapo Gusman. Then the Mexican Army arrived and the Chapo gusman hit men arrived too and were fighting together with the army. So, I learn that the Mexican Army is working with the Sinaloa Cartel, and that implies that Calderon is involved in all the crimes that are happening now.
    Calderon seems to have allowed all the gangsters to take over all the businesses in Mexico. Every bossiness has to pay a fee (quota). If you do not pay you get killed, kidnapped, or your wife or children are killed. I know of a person who had to pay 5,000 USD every single week, until he sold his business and moved to the USA. Other man got his wife killed, another got all his children killed, and some teenagers were left without father and mother, because they could not pay. The father was killed fifteen days before the mother, who was killed in front of his teenager children. Another man was kidnapped and forced to give his business, house, money from the bank for his life. The majority of the people who are dying are innocent people, who have work very hard to have the businesses they have.
    The problems became worse after Calderon. The north of Mexico was one of the most secure places of the world, and now everyone is in fear of getting murder, and there is no one who can help because all the polices are involved with one or another drug Cartel. Sometimes the police are protecting one Drug dealer, and other members form the same department who are protecting another cartel may arrive and start killing their partners. It has been broadcasted that the government has been protecting drug dealers. The police are being taped assaulting people on the streets. Some polices were killing people before stealing their cars, some were caught. They declared that they killed them so they could not be identified. The police is always and has always been involved in all kind of crimes in Mexico, but now it is worst than ever.
    The problem with the police in Mexico is that they are people with very low education, some do not know how to read or write, and they are paid poorly, like 300 USD a month. So the drug cartels pay them more, and they work as informants, or hit men. The Federal police are paid better (about 2000 USD) but it cannot be compared with what the drug cartels offer them.
    Who can help decent Mexicans now? The people are suffering for the ambition of few people in the government, because they protect the criminals who are killing Mexico. Better educated police and a lot better paid is what it is needed. Politicians in any state congress are paid about 20,000 USD and they do not have to pay, any bill. They do not pay telephone, electricity, gas, food, gasoline, but it is not estrange that they are not kidnapped? Only business people, Physicians, and people who has some money.

  17. The Mexican police keeps always coming to protect criminals. However, they are never they when anyone else calls them. In Chihuahua, 300 police arrived to protect kidnappers from an angry mob in a town only God Knows in the Sierra. But in a city the police never appear, and it is because police and drug dealers, kidnappers, car thieves, and the like are always protected by police or they are polices themselves, and I know it because I once talk with one of the bosses who told me he had people around him stealing cars for him, while he was in Tijuana. Some of his cars came from the USA. He also confess that if he lost his truck he could have if back in 15 minutes, because they all knew all the people working on it (stealing cars). Mexico needs better paid police, and better monitored.
    Soldiers get only paid like 300 USD a month to be risking their lives. However, it may not change that because they protect drug-dealers following orders that come from above, as Calderon who has a deal with El Chapo Gusman.

  18. this guy is NOT reliable. His info is old

  19. I did not post it because it was new; I post it because I think it is the origin of the problem. The crime in Mexico is not being targeted. I think that the USA must certify the security forces of Mexico, as it does with drugs, or something like that, before violence can start spreading over the USA. I am not a politician and I do not want to be, but has someone have an idea how to pressure the Mexican government to have better paid and better educated police.
    What other ideas do you have? What can be done? Or do you really think that violence is going to stay only in Mexico? I hope it is, but I really do not know.

  20. I had said before, the violence is now as you may know inside the USA borders, there are gangsters collecting money in the USA, and kidnapping businessmen in the USA. I have said the USA has to take more drastic measures, before it overspread to northern cities in the US.
    As I told you before the poor educated and worst paid police in Mexico is great part of the origin of the problem. Could the government of the USA ask Mexico to have state police with college degrees instead no or some grades of elementary school, police who will be paid accordingly. I would ask at least 2000 USD for state police and 4,000 USD for federal police, and police who are tested in every aspect before being admitted, because it is ridiculous that they have police who have criminal records. That’s why there are many police involved in kidnappings and drug dealing. I would ask the USA to impose the dead penalty for kidnapers and drug dealers, in order to stop it in Mexico and save guard the USA. Anybody has a better idea. I would ask to invade the country due that many drug dealers are the authorities of Mexico, but that is too much I know. We have to do something, any good ideas?


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