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Friday, March 5, 2010

Rivals and Allies

La Jornada

Nuevo Leon police elements watching the streets.

Nuevo Leon - The arrival of members of La Familia to support the Gulf Cartel in its dispute against the Zetas in Tamaulipas is the cause of the clashes and dissemination of messages that have led to psychosis in the population of the towns of Reynosa, Matamoros and Rio Bravo, said federal government officials involved in intelligence activities in that state.

The messages, which allegedly claimed to be from the Gulf cartel and signed with the acronym CDG (Cartel del Golfo), read, "Reynosa is a safe city. Nothing will happen, continue your normal lives. We are part of Tamaulipas, and we are not involved with the civilians."

According to sources, cases have been reported in the police units, preventive and ministerial agencies, that some of them serve in the interests of both the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, and their radio frequency system has been used to spread what the federal government considers "red flags" such as death threats or attacks against other public servants.

One of the most important advances in recent days was the one conducted by members of the Mexican Marines after they were attacked with gunfire by a group of sicarios near Pemex facility in the area of Reynosa, they eventually seized what amounted to more than four tons of marijuana.

The confrontation between the Gulf cartel and was its armed wing, the Zetas, for control of drug trafficking and illegal weapons in the 320-mile border of Tamaulipas, keeps the people in the region in constant fear and uncertainty.

The traditional routes of drug trafficking, and new methods that are left behind in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Burgos basin, are an attraction for these criminal organizations, who feel they have rights over the northeast region.

Since January 2007, when the boss Osiel Cardenas Guillen was extradited to the United States, the Gulf cartel and their former group of sicarios, the Zetas, have been unable to find a leader, and in each region there is a "commander" of each cell/band.

In Reynosa, Mier, Diaz Ordaz, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Valle Hermoso and Miguel Alemán, among other municipalities, the business sector has learned to deal with the narco: the majority of business entrepreneurs are extorted.

The residents of the border of Tamaulipas, which in times of Juan Garcia Abrego - who until January 1996 commanded the Gulf cartel - use to drive around in luxury cars, but now they have left these privileges for other times, as they are now easy targets for criminal groups.

History is repeated in each of the 10 municipalities of Tamaulipas; the “compañía” is in control, i.e. the Gulf cartel and the Los Zetas.

By e-mail and social networks, the drug traffickers warn of imminent confrontation so that civilians take shelter in their homes. It is they who enacted curfews.

Before a clash between rival drug dealers takes place, municipal officials, state and federal agents lock themselves in their command centers. The state agencies argued that the war on drugs is not their jurisdiction and federal police always arrive after the shooting is over.

Meanwhile, the military are just hoping for a "topón" as is called during the clashes between members of both cartels, so they can count the dead and arrest the survivors.

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  1. denle pa avajo a los zetas! la familia, el golfo y cartel de sinaloa van acavar con la plaga los zetas


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