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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mexican Marines Continue Operations in Nuevo Leon

A Mexican Marine adjusts his face mask as he secures an area after a gunfight against drug hitmen, in a wealthy neighbourhood in Monterrey March 5, 2010.

Mexican Marines secure an area after a gunfight against drug hitmen, in a wealthy neighborhood in Monterrey.
The Gulf cartel's home turf in northeastern Mexico has been relatively calm, but tensions between the cartel and the Zetas broke out into a full-scale war last month, U.S. and Mexican anti-drug officials say.

The Zetas are made up of former elite soldiers who switched sides to join the Gulf cartel in the 1990s, but split away in early 2008. Violence has also spread to the wealthy industrial city of Monterrey, where gunmen attacked a string of police stations last weekend and fought the army in surrounding towns.
We will have more coverage of this tomorrow.

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