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Monday, January 25, 2010

Helicopter Attacked

The Mountains of Chihuahua - Among the canyons and mountains of Uruachi, Chihuahua, agents from the Attorney General's Office (PGR) on board a helicopter were pursuing a four-seater Cessna aircraft that was manned by a group of drug traffickers.

The three federal officials forced the traffickers to land the plane and when the officers were preparing to descend on the helicopter, they were attacked by gunfire. The pilot was shot twice but continued to maneuver the helicopter to repel the aggression and land the helicopter.

The drug traffickers traveling on the plane continued to open fire from a distance and managed to flee to the mountains, abandoning the aircraft with 200 kilos of marijuana.

Hours later after the incident a group of soldiers arrived at place of incident to rescue the officials. The pilot was flown to Hermosillo for medical care.

Uruachi is located on the border with Sonora, the terrain is very steep and has no lines of communication. The region has become an enclave for the cultivation of marijuana and poppy and the production of other narcotics. The area is highly violent because of the presence of criminal groups.

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