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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Culiacan Mayor seen with Drugpin

The confirmed the accuracy of the photograph where Ismael "Mayo" Zambada appears with Culiacan mayor Jesus Vizcarra Calderon

According to an article posted on Friday, Vizcarra Calderon admitted being one of the people in the photographs published by Reforma that also included family members of drug kingpins such as Ines Calderon and Baltasar Diaz.

During an interview at Valle de Amapas, the mayor of Culiacan reiterated that his attendance at the event was because he was buying cattle, activity that he was involved with at the time, and that at which he now has 80,000 suppliers.

"I never denied anything, we have never denied anything, we have always made things transparent and fair," he said to questions on anything to do with illegal activities.

"Ever since the beginning we have said that we have not done anything wrong," he said. He explained that he went to the Attorney General's Office with the aim of clearing any doubt, and so far they have not called.


Lucas Ramon Lizarraga, state leader of the PRD, said it's regrettable that in Sinaloa are authorities with these kinds of characteristics and also becoming campaigners for the governorship.

Lizárraga Lucas said the case should be investigated by the PGR, to rule out or confirm if the mayor keeps a kind of relationship with the family of the drug trafficker.

He went on to say that these issues hurt society a lot, so there must be thorough investigation, because if you have an election under such suspicion, it would be generating any uncertainty about the fate of the election.

For their part, the political part PRI assured their support for the mayor, for his professional career and political life.

Cenovio Ruiz Zazueta, the PRI leader, said Vizcarra is a representative and leader of his party, besides being a person with transparent objectives.

Meanwhile, the president of Convergence, Felipe Manzanarez Rodríguez, said the mayor's revelation was something that the whole town was waiting for, however, there is still left much in the air.

"We prefer that what he is doing at this time, he would have done at the time he was suspected and the article appeared in the media," said the party leader.

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