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Thursday, January 21, 2010

“El Chapo” Guzmán, in Festive Mode

Yesterday, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera was celebrating.

It wasn't for nothing.

He reached nine years of having escaped from the prison in Puente Grande, Jalisco. And nine years later the authorities not only have failed to capture him, but the criminal group that heads the Sinaloa cartel, has hardly been touched and "El Chapo" has the luxury to be listed as one of the magnates in Forbes magazine.

Not too shabby for the country's most powerful drug trafficker, eh?

On 19 January 2001, when Vicente Fox made his debut in Los Pinos, Guzman Loera, walked out the front door of the then considered maximum security prison. The power of "El Chapo" not only managed to corrupt the authorities of the jail facility, but that was enough for the boss to take absolute control of the Sinaloa cartel.

Today he is one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Mexico and the U.S., where the DEA offers five million dollars for his capture, while the PGR offers 30 million dollars for information leading to his arrest.

But he could care less. He does what he wants at will. He seems untouchable.

Even when the archbishop of the Archdiocese of Durango, Hector Gonzalez Martinez, provided inormation that the drug dealer lived near the town of Guanacevi, located some 300 kilometers northwest of the capital of Durango, Guzman Loera has avoided capture. "A little past Guanacevi is approximately where "El Chapo" lives. We all know it, except for the authority," said the prelate. But nobody has ben able to stop him and he is as happy as ever.

The history of "El Chapo" is extensive. He began his rise in organized crime in 1980, when he associated with the drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, then head of the Guadalajara cartel. Following his arrest, the capo founded the organization that he now runs, establishing himself as the most important drug trafficker in Mexico.

He is attributed in the involvement of the shooting of nightclub "Christine", which occurred in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in 1992, in the killing of Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo in May 1993 in Guadalajara, and the execution of Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes, in September 2004 in Culiacan.

The leader of the Sinaloa cartel was arrested on June 9, 1993, on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, and sent to maximum security prison of La Palma, but is now called Altiplano and is located in the state of Mexico. Subsequently, on November 22, 1995 he was transferred to the prison in Puente Grande, Jalisco, where he escaped on January 19, 2001 while serving a sentence of 20 years in prison for crimes against society, conspiracy and bribery.

Although Mexican authorities have repeatedly stated that the capture of Guzman Loera is a priority, except the fact remains that "El Chapo" continues to collect victories. Just last year he reached the most wanted list, but he also made another list, that of one of the richest man in the world. According to Forbes magazine, the drug dealer is in 701 place with a fortune of one billion dollars amassed by him in the supposed trade of "shipping and transportation." And believe me, he is not mailing ceramic figures on Ebay.

Like if that wasn't enough, months later, the influential Time magazine placed him as one of the hundred most influential people in the world. Not bad for a fugitive from justice.

And what is barely credible is that the country's most wanted drug lord, after nine years, there is no clear sign of his whereabouts and not only that, his criminal organization continues to grow.

"El Chapo" has much to celebrate. Not only because he has nine years on the run and seems untouchable, but because the Sinaloa cartel has been the least touched by federal authorities.

Why is that so?

With the recent death of Arturo Beltran Leyva, Guzman Loera benefited the most, as they took out a declared enemy and he can now operate more freely.

So yes, "El Chapo" has reason to celebrate. He certainly should be held accountable and should he be in prison right now, but the truth be known, he only serves to top the list of the popular and wealthy, and given time he will lead the most powerful drug cartel to rein control of the whole country and even perhaps expand worlwide. All in front of the complacent eyes of the Mexican authorities.

How do you see it?


  1. anyone check usama bin laden's
    cave ?

  2. i know were he is at !

  3. He will end like Al capone.....caught by one man and die in prison like a dirty rat

  4. What goes up must come down

  5. no one will catch el chapo he is to power ful and he is a mean mother fucker, the authorities are scared of el chapo. He will remain on top. Fuck what evereyone says, he is the BEST.

  6. la neta que si he is the best

  7. Wow, he's very intelligent man. Escaped from prison in 2001 and is yet to find. What happened to those guards and wardens that got into trouble for accepting his bribes?

  8. His time will come. Doesn't matter how "good" he is!


  10. He will Die and he will DIE Bloody!
    Rat Bastard!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hell yea al 100 puro CDS
    they will never find him nd if he dies he will of old cuz no one touches him

  12. he's the modern world pablo escobar ...hes the mexican robin hood the mexican justice is scared of him

  13. making the forbes magazine as one of the richest and most influential people lol lol.

  14. he should get all the dirty smelly polish out of ireland and hed be a king here aswell,viva el chapo

  15. El Chapo, Nadie lo puede tokar y que se vallan a la verga todos los que lo questionan....Escapo y segira trabanda...El Chapo Y El Mayo Siempre Estan Y estaran Al 1,000,000

  16. only the american authorities will
    arrest him like el tigrio
    because mexican authorities
    respect him and are deadly afraid of him
    mexico is full of curruption
    money talks bullshit walks

  17. He is like the Mexican Robin Hood. No one will catch him.

  18. fuck yea thats true one can stop him..

  19. Chapo guzman dise ala verga todos los putos aki estamos en pueblos unidos jajajaa entramos ysalimos cuando keremos el chapo esta en todos lados los angeles sacramento fresno las veas new york miami traten de cacharnos par de mamones

  20. they will never get him cuz he millons of people working for him and has the president on his paycheck

  21. hell yeeaaah babyy...!!viva el chapoo todos sabmos dond anda ii hemos compartido mui pokos momentos juntos pero a pkm...!!yeaaah ii arriba zinalooa

  22. This narcos are what they are and live like kings thanks to the gringos who buy there shit, USA is the #1 drug consumer world wide, so stop blaming Mexico and take responsibility for what the Americans do. Educate your kids so they dont turn out like worthless people.using drugs .50% US people uses drugs.

  23. Arriba la clika de potrerillos de san javier Badiraguato Sinaloa y arriva el chapo guzman. I would like shorty send the comandos to usa to scared a little bit to same jackbuts here.

  24. I dont see how mexicans can idolize this piece of sh**. See this is why everyone thinks mexicans are retarded. I am an American of mexican descent and I cant till this SOB is dead because he bring so much shame to my brown skin. I am joining law enforcement just so one day I can hopefully kill this SOB so that my country could one day be drug free. Chapo your day this coming killing you would do two things restore pride in my brown skin and help America become great again. For all of you dumb mexicans trying to idolize this piece of sh** look around and see that everyone in this country despises your retarded ass. You bring so much shame to the mexican culture and your brown skin.

  25. Many people ideolize this guy because he doesn't seem to hurt or kill innocent people if America really cared for Mexico why aren't they building schools out there so they can educate themselves. I'll tell you who is
    El Chapo Guzman that's who. See the thing is being proud of who you are has nothing to do with him if America really thought we were dumb then how can one MEXICAN out smart the " Americans" dumb much? I don't think so intellectual individual yes! Crime wrong? Yes but El Chapo isn't the only one comitting crime you have white collars from all over the world and I'm proud to say I am brown skin and no I'm not stupid and fuck what America thinks about me! :)

  26. I love el chapo i wish i see him i work for him, Americans consume drugs i see no reason why Americans should touch him, where some one work is his or her office, American claim world power so as El chapo claim his Authority over poverty to change his life to become world influencial man on Earth A Be thanks to EL CHAPO


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