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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clash Leaves 3 Dead in Michoacan

Uruapan Municipal police staged a fire fight with suspected sicarios, who made used grenades to kill one of the officers and escape capture, while two criminals managed to be killed during the confrontation.

Uruapan, Mich - A confrontation between local police and suspected sicarios that occurred in the few minutes of the day, left dead a uniformed officer and two criminals. This is the account according to the preliminary report of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

It was reported that around one in the morning, two municipal police officers were travelling around the beltway of the city aboard a patrol vehicle when they noticed a suspicious vehicle, a Grand Cherokee, occupied by several individuals.

The police officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but when the suspects failed to stop, a pursuit ensued which lasted for several minutes.

When the uniformed officers caught up with the suspected vehicle they attempted to block their path, but the patrol vehicle collided with a parked tractor trailer. The patrol vehicle came to rest next to the vehicle of the driven by the suspects, who in turn immediately opened fire on the police officers, who in turn attempted to return fire through a hail of bullets.

At that moment another truck arrived with more sicarios, who hurled a grenade at the patrol vehicle, which caused the death of one of the officers as the grenade detonated near his head.

In the clash, two suspected sicarios were wounded, who were rescued by their accomplices, and managed to flee in the direction of the road to Paracho. Upon reaching the bend "Del Diablo," the two sicarios died from their injuries, and were abandoned on the side of the road by their companions, who managed to escape undetected.

The other policeman was also seriously injured, and was transported to the hospital for medical attention. The identity of two dead suspected sicarios was not readily known.

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