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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photos of Dead Capo are "Infamous"

I was really surprised when I saw the photograph of the body of Arturo Beltran Leyva covered in bloody soaked Mexican peso bills. I thought to myself, I just hope they processed the crime scene before some idiot decided to disturb evidence by moving Beltran Leyva's personal possessions for purely media display.

It appears that the contents of what he was carrying with him was removed from his clothes and placed on him to present to the media who were allowed inside the crime scene before the body was removed.

The government of Mexico announced an investigation into the photographs of the body which they classified as offensive.

The interior minister, Fernando Gomez Mont, said late Friday during an interview with Televisa that the photographs "are infamous and pernicious" and contrary to the communication policy of the federal administration.

"It generates an unnecessary offense to the families of these people," he said.

I also noticed that the body had his pants pulled down to his knees and his shirt pulled up. The only time I would think law enforcement would do this, would be to search for weapons if there was a sign that the suspect might still be alive, but in this case, looking at the visible fatal injuries, there is no way anyone could have possibly survived such injuries.

The criminal drug cartels do the same thing when they dump bodies that they have executed. They pull down or up their clothing to retaliate in the worst case scenario. The purpose can only be construed purely as humiliation.

The method of operation makes one wonder who is who, and if it's the same people on both sides with the same mentality. Now the drug cartels will have to answer back, perhaps in some worst shocking way, if there is one, but I would not be surprise if they did find one.
Was this done to humiliate Beltran Leyva after his death or was it done to send a message to other cartel members by retaliating in some sickening way? We have seen how the Beltran Layva, along with the other criminal organizations, have been extremely brutal with their executions (beheading, tortures, hangings in public places, etc, , , ) trying to shock and send messages to rival gangs and police agencies.

Back in early part of December the same Fernando Gomez Mont said that crime in Mexico it's just a "matter of perception." He went on to say "reality is better than the perception and is necessary to change perceptions." Why whine about the negative image of Mexico when the government themselves perpetuate insecurity with this type of "shocking" media display. This is not the way to dispel the negative reputation that has hurt Mexico economically with the decline of the tourist industry.

Why feed the beast?

With this method of public display in the aftermath of this violent incident, to a degree the Mexican government shares in the same appalling behavior when their operations are taken to the extreme to "shock" at any level and/or for any purpose.

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  1. I saw this pictures before and his body was not covered in money like it is portrayed here. He was also fully clothed. The police staged the whole thing to make it look like this. They knew where he lived and he must've refused to share.

    How come in one of the pictures his body is on a blanket and the other one it is not? And his pants are below his knees in one shot but not the other? Also, his body was moved multiple times and they arranged it as to pose for these pictures...

    las autoridades son igual de puercos, aun mas porque su obligacion es protejer, no se espera acciones delictivas por parte de las autoridades como se espera de los narcos.


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