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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Five Men Killed in Juárez

Five men were shot and killed Tuesday afternoon on the back patio of a house in west Juárez, said Chihuahua state police.

The men were slain by gunmen who fired 29 rounds at the home in the 2500 block of Galapagos in colonia 16 de Septiembre, police said. The men had not been identified but appeared to be in their 20s.

More than 40 people, including a 2-year-old girl, have been killed since Friday in Juárez. The girl, Melissa Vela Arellano, died Sunday at a hospital.

She apparently had injuries to her abdomen, but an autopsy will be performed to determine how she died, authorities said.

At least five women are among the recent victims. No arrests have been made. More than 2,500 people have been murdered this year in Juárez.

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