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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Attempted Capture of "La Tuta"

The attempt to capture `La Tuta ' was the cause of simultaneous attacks.

According to accounts of a police officer, "The Tuta" was cornered by federal therefore he ordered the simultaneous attacks on police units.
Morelia, Michoacán.- About one hundred elements of the Federal Police, with the help of the Intelligence Center, conducted a raid in the mountains of Apatzingan where they suspected the known location of Servando Gómez Martínez alias "La Tuta".

According to versions of a federal police source, the name was witheld for security reasons, said that the police operation was very well orchestrated and was even backed up by a Black Hawk helicopter. The Intelligence Center had provided inofrmation and details of the location of a convoy of SUVs transporting "La Tuta".

At approximately 15:30 hours the escorts of "Tuta" realized that the federal agents were following behind and they responded by parking empty vehicles on key positions in the middle of the road blocking the path of the convoy of police vehicles.

When elements of the Federal Police stopped to remove the vehicles from the road that were blocking their path, they bagan to hear bursts of gunfire coming out of a nearby bush cover.

The federal police returned fire but by that time several officers had fallen wounded and the helicopter that came under fire. A witness at the scene said that the firepower came from high caliber weapons much bigger than AK-47s "cuernos de chivo" or AR-15, and even suspected that the attackers also used grenade launchers.

Gomez Martinez, feeling cornered by federal agents and despite being in the mountains of Apatzingani implemented simultaneous attacks in Morelia, Lázaro Cárdenas, Arteaga, Tumbiscatío and Patzcuaro, but the pursuing elements of the Federal Police could not reach his location in times.

The operation that was taking place in Apatzingán could not be further reinforced by more federal police becasue they too were attacked by suspected sicario members of organized crime.

It is not the first time that the cartel Michoacana La Familia has taken t his kind of action as not long ago in 11 July this year, when Arnoldo Rueda Medina alías “La Minsa” the right arm of Nazario Moreno alias "El Chayo " was arrested, the cartel began a series of attacks against elements of the federal police that left 18 police officers dead and as many wounded.

A federal police officer told a one of his companions that "if this happen just because we wanted to nab him, imagine when we actually capture him. We must be realistic, we do not know how it is here in Michoacan and we are not very familiar with the streets, we come to their territory and without help, because sometimes neither the Army nor the Ministerial, much less the city police will dare to come herew, we are completely alone in this war."

The federal police had accurate intelligence information about Servando Gomez Martinez alias "la tuta" but when they arrived to detain him, a federal comvoy was ambushed from strategic points. This makes it clear that "Ele tuta" had knowledge that they were coming for him. This clearly says that someone gave him a forth warning. It is well known that "La Familia" is in a bitter war against the federal police, which leaves the municipal police as a possible leak in warning the cartel of the operation.


  1. La tuta can be found in Cupuan Del Rio Michoacan.
    it is well known that he goes there at least once a year to conduct brief local member meetings.

  2. the above comment is 100% true he is in fact held up in cupuan del rio.


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