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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sicarios shoot Infant in the Head

The slaughter in Ciudad Juarez continues unchecked. Some say that the violence is primarily limited to members of organized crime, but that is further from the truth. How many times must we hear of children getting masacred in cold blood, spilling their blood in the streets of Juarez?

An eleven-month baby was shot in the head and his father was killed during one of the executions recorded Saturday afternoon and whose violent day left a toll of ten people dead. Just in the early hours of the day six of the ten people were killed in various parts of the city. This is just usual business in Juarez, many times the television news media reports the executions of the day as if they are giving out the weather report. Just another day of reporting the mayhem along with all the "novedades" of the day.

The incident in which the child was seriously injured was recorded at 1630 hours on Tuesday in the community División del Norte.

According to eye witness at the scene the victim, who was unofficially identified as Daniel Dominguez (35 years old), was driving his 1997 green SUV Ford Explorer along with his 11 month son identified as Jesus Dominguez Herrera.

According to versions from different witnesses, at the time when the victim crossed the streets of Tomás Urbina and Privada Francisco Villa, an armed commando traveling in two vehicles pulled alongside him and fired at least 25 shots at the victim.

One of the bullet grazed the neck of the infant causing a serious wound that had him listed in critical conditions. The father was pronounced dead at the scene.

Once the assailants carried out the attack they managed to flee undetected, while the child was transported by ambulance to the emergency room at the General Hospital General of the Social Security.

Not long after that at around 1730 hours, another individual was shot dead in the streets Fernando Pacheco and Mateos Torres in the community of Infonavit Solidaridad.

Preliminary information indicate that the man was riding his bicycle at which time he was accosted by several men in a vehicle, from which they fired at him least 12 times ending his life.

The victim was identified as Luis Yahir unofficially Padilla of 26 years old.

Then at 2200 hours another man was shot in the community of chávena.

The incident occurred in the streets Carlos Adame and Primer Centinela where the body of a man was located, who at the time of the incident had not identified.

Ten minutes later at 2210 hours a man was found dead inside a late-model compact car in community of Emiliano Zapata.

Preliminary data indicate that in inside of an orange Chevy, with license plates from Sonora, they found a man dead with several bullet wounds. The victim was not identified.

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