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Monday, November 30, 2009

Military to Withdraw from Juarez by the End of the Year

The presidency of the republic speaking through the national security adviser Jorge Tello Peon confirmed that the Mexican army guarding the streets of Ciudad Juárez will withdraw from the city starting December 31, despite having failed all expectations in combating organized crime.

During a meeting invloving three segments of government who form part of the "Operation Joint Chihuahua," they determined that the troops should withdraw from the city by the end of the year.

The federal government has agreed to support the state delegation of the PGR with 50 public ministery officers.

The meeting was attended by the national security advisor of the Presidency Jorge Tello Peon, the deputy of the PGR Francisco Molina Ruiz, the state attorney general Patricia Gonzalez, the State Public Security Secretary of Victor Valencia Santos, the head of the Military Zone V Felipe de Jesus Espitia, in addition to other local authorities.

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