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Thursday, November 26, 2009

No Where to Hide

A municipal police was executed in the interior of a business when he tried to hide from an armed commando in Santiago Troncoso.

Oscar Valenzuela, a 35 years old police officer with the municipal police stationed at Benito Juárez was killed last night in Ciudad Juarez .

Valenzuela was at home on his day off when an armed commando came looking for him. The officer saw the commando and managed to escape through the back of the home but was chased for several blocks until they caught him in a local hardware store and tire shop called "Crazy" located on the streets Ramón Rayón and Clifton en Praderas de Sur a few meters from the Santiago Troncoso.

The victim sought refuge inside the business with attempts to outwit his assailants, but unfortunately it did not. He was located inside by the sicarios and was executed while terrified customers looked on.

The place where he was executed is just a few blocks away from his apartment and it didn't take long for family members to arrive, where they found their loved one without life.

Valenzuela was a patrol officer for the city having started working as a police officer since November 30, 2001. He was originally from the town of Delicias, Chihuahua, and had 12 years residing in the city.

The body was taken to SEMEFO for an autopsy and the scene was processed for evidence.

Staff of the Social Services office of the secretariat is aiding the family in the procedures necessary for the delivery of the body and funeral services.

Similarly, the Secretary of Municipal Public Security (SSPM) will provide all the support both legally and economically to the family of the deceased who is entitled to the service rendered to members who have completed eight years as a municipal police officer.

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