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Thursday, November 26, 2009

11 Executions Yesterday

Eleven people were executed yesterday in different parts of Ciudad Juarez. Three other men were injured, one in serious condition. At the end o f the day, 11 homicides were resgistered in the city.

Around 1634 hours a man between 30 and 35 years received at least three gunshots in a corridor located the intersection of Chololtecas and Mayos, in the community of Aztecas. The victim was not identified but area residents indicated that they knew him by the nickname "El Poli".

Then, at 1712 hours Eduardo Delgado Raul Lara was murdered inside a business "Modelorama" located on Avenida Waterfill and Ramón Rayón, in the community of Waterfill. The victim suffered injuries to the head and abdomen caused by projectiles from a firearm.

The third murder of the afternoon came a half hour later in the streets of Clifton and Ramón Rayón, community of Praderas del Sur, where the body of a man was found inside a "desponchadora" called "El Cracy. Witnesses said the victim was chased and was able to seek refuge inside this business where he was executed.

Among his belongings at the scene officers located the victim's identification in the name of Oscar Valenzuela

The fourth execution occurred at about 1940 hours in the main streets of Eliza Griensen and Daniel Soto in the community of Constituyentes. At that intersection a person was killed known as Luis, alias "El Chicho", who was standing in the corner.

At the same time in the intersection of General Terán and Héroes de Nacozari, in the community of Lázaro Cárdenas, a person of approximately 20 years of age was shot by gunmen who fired from a moving vehicle. The victim was not identified.

At about 2120 hours in Francisco Villa and Cristóbal Colón, in the central zone of the city an individual was seriously injured after he was shot in the head and chin. The victim, about 35 years, was in company of his wife when he was injured. A paramedic who was nearby gave first aid and ultimately the victim was transferred to the General Hospital, where the victim was reported to be in grave condition with massive injury to his brain.

At 2135 hours another man was executed in the streets of Belisario Domínguez and Guillermo Prieto, in the community Chaveña. Apparently the victim is a minor (age unknown) but was not officially identified as of yesterday.

At about 2240 hours at night two men were injured, receiving several bullets wounds from a moving vehicle. They were in company of three women inside a car when they were attacked on the streets of Plan de Guadalupe and Río Júcar in the community of Los Nogales.

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