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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arsenal Found by Military

Elements of the Military discovered an arsenal of military and tactical equipment in a vacant lot that is located on the Juárez-Porvenir highway in the village of Tres Jacales. Also covered with blankets and pieces of plywood were 300 kilos of marijuana and weapons in a house that is located in community Sauzal Nuevo.

The military that was conducting patrol on street Cruce de Dubra of Sauzal Nuevo received information from a female that she observed a male with armed with long rifles and had what appeared to be packets of drugs a house on 236 Rivera de la Barca . When the military arrived at the said location a male jumped a fence and fled the scene.

At the scene were located marijuana, numerous weapons, ammunition with many magazines and uniforms of the federal police.

There was a narco banner that said the following:

"Attention Sinaloa Cartel! I was forgetting about you fucking ant.

To all the pigs of the neighborhood who are with Rickin, you have 24 hours to leave. Los Lloraras, El Panper, El Chato, Flaca Manes, El Chivo, El Tato and La Amiga.

And of the "Colonia" are:

Raul Alfonso Alvares, Esteban Alabares, Esgar Albares, El Coruco. Noe "son of bitches" your "Daddy" Rickin is gone. You all better get lost, this is your last opportunity or we will go inside your shack and bust you up, so if you want to live, , , ,"

This narco banner is clearly a warning of a hit to alleged members of the Sinaloa Cartel.

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