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Monday, November 14, 2022

Morelia, Michoacán: Armed Men Chase Two Individuals, Kill One

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In the vicinity of the Ilustres Novohispanos neighborhood, armed civilians chased two men for several blocks until they caught up with them and shot them, leaving one dead and one wounded.

On the street José Marroquí near the corner of Pedro Ledezma, neighbors heard gunshots, alerted the police and paramedics who were informed of men wounded by firearms.

Upon arrival, officers and paramedics observed two wounded men; one of them was taken by family members to a hospital for medical attention, while the second had already died.

At least two blocks away, there were spent shell casings, authorities marked the area where the victims had allegedly run to safety after being attacked by the gunmen.

The Specialized Crime Scene Unit (Unidad Especializada en la Escena del Crimen) was in charge of initiating the corresponding investigations.


  1. Michoacan is on 🔥

    1. That’s why there’s a curfew obedece la ley pa pa

  2. Michoacan is Number one.
    Viva Michoacan!!

    1. 8:36 Michoacán pride is good my man but remember all Mexico is the #1. This is coming from a proud Michoacano. And any one else reading, us Mexicans should be more united instead of bashing each other.

  3. Saludos de Canada
    What if Changuito wanted to visit, would you kill him?

  4. My homeboy was just killed in Zamora Michoacan last night Sunday November 13th. While he was at a get together with his family

    1. @8:03 what was his name? I got friends from Zamora


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