Friday, November 2, 2018

Four activists murdered after being chased at a fake checkpoint in Veracruz

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat -thank you BB follower-from Tribuna and La silla Rota

Mexico City.-  Four members of a vigilante group in Veracruz  were killed in an assault on the  Orizaba-Tehuacán highway .

A false checkpoint mounted so that alleged assailants could assault drivers, on Saturday, October 27.
The victims were identified as Jaime Méndez and Guadalupe Sosa, and two others who are unnamed, originally from Tehuacán, Puebla, who were part of the Facebook platform ‘Vigilantes Orizaba' , a forum  dedicated to alerting situations of risk and acts of violence in the central area of ​​Veracruz, particularly in the region known as Las Altas Montañas  [The High Mountains].

The activists traveled in their white Toyota van, with license plates from the State of Puebla, along the federal highway 150 D Orizaba-Tehuacán, of the municipality of Puebla de Chapulco,  in the town known as ' La Curva del Moño ' , on the summits of Acultzingo.

The gunmen would have ordered the vehicle to stop, however, realizing that it was a false checkpoint, they tried to accelerate to flee; the men then began to shooting, killing the four.

Relatives confirmed to La Silla Rota that Jaime and Guadalupe an two others were killed in the attack.