Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AUC Still Going Strong-Shootout with Templarios-Rurales in only 6 Municipalities

Borderland Beat translation by "Pepe"
With rifles and pistols of all sizes, including those reserved exclusively for the Mexican Army, self-defense groups are still in the towns and villages of Michoacán.

The threat to arrest any civilian seen in public with guns turned out to be just talk.

The self-defense groups are still present in many towns in the state, manning checkpoints and aiding the federal forces, as happened in Apatzingán a few days ago.

On May 27, alleged members of the Templarios engaged in a gun battle with self-defense forces in downtown Apatzingán.

After the shootout, federal forces and self-defense members were deployed to three colonias, where other firefights took place, searching for the aggressors.

With high-powered weapons in plain sight, the self-defense members conducted searches of houses and streets.

 "After May 10, there will be no armed people seen in the streets," warned Interior Minister Osorio Chong, during a trip to Morelia on April 24th.

He was basing this statement on the agreement reached 10 days earlier between Commissioner Castillo and leaders of the self-defense groups.

In this agreement, the rebellious civilians accepted the registration of their weapons and the opportunity to join the new Fuerza Rural starting May 10th.

In this way, the self-defense members could continue to guard their communities, but now under rules, with registered weapons and official uniforms.

Commissioner Castillo even warned that there would be no extension to any of the deadlines announced.

The new Fuerza Rural (FR), previously self-defense groups, began operating on May 10th.

However, almost three weeks later, federal authorities have had difficulties getting the FR up and running. Of the 27 towns and cities part of the May 10 agreement, only five have actually created a FR unit.

Tepalcatepec, Buenavista Tomatlán, Coalcomán, La Huacana y Chinicuila, are the only towns where the FR is currently operating.

In all the others, the self-defense groups, i.e., armed civilians, continue operating as before.

One of the checkpoints controlled by self-defense members is near the Cuatro Caminos-Apatzingán highway intersection.  There you can see armed men openly carrying high-powered weapons and ammo, stopping and checking every vehicle that passes.
 Sources: Zocalo, Reforma-Facebook


  1. That is awesome! Keep it up guys. VIVA MEXICO!

  2. Well HELL YEAH!!! Go AUC

  3. where are the traitor rurales? tossed aside? Castillo needs no more photo ops?

    Why doesn't the press report what we know?

    1. He's been arrested for crimes against humanity, and will be hung at sundown.

  4. Puro auto defensas limpiando el estado de lacras y secuestradores .al 1000 con El Mencho y El Azul ...CJNG ....QEPD el Senor Nacho Coronel

  5. Con Mireles asta el final de la Victoria!!!!!

  6. God bless them

  7. In Berman's interview with Mireles, he says when the Federal government worked side by side with AD they were very effective and made excellent progress. I believe that was the best scenario. AD undeniably have courage and resolve.

    1. More importantly, they have local knowledge.

  8. Did you here about that shooting at a soccer game in michoacan?

  9. I was beginning to wonder what was going on with these guys..

  10. la crema siempre se sube, y la mierda siempre se sume...
    the cream always rises, and the popo always sinks...
    the AD conquered our hearts, el castillo de cagada conquered a few chapulin traitors, maybe there is still hope, but the majority of the people are with Dr Mireles, and that is without counting the silent majority...

  11. Where's the H3 traiters in this?

  12. They say some of the big organized crime figures for Michoacan operate out of the big cities!

    1. Just let them be,as long as they leave the citizens alone,if they don't then....

    2. They ask the good guys to register their weapons but not the bad? In the end time evil will be called good and good evil just like the bible says sodomites are now called good and normal people bad see how it works trust Jesus not mother mary

    3. @4:36 am. Law and order needs to prevail! As long as these criminal scumbags hide out and give orders, the citizens will continue suffering!

  13. Nice job AD's the people of mexico support you for your courage fighting the cartels. The people will support you remember that you are protecting your families and yoru businesses. God will protect you.

  14. CT striking into Apatzingan , from their new bases, the 6 villages controlled by the fuerza ruales. They will enjoy impunity there .

  15. @9:34 names, names!
    some day, i hope, a better historian will put together the history of crime and criminals in michoacan, until then, remember Francisco Sahagun Baca, the former DFS agent dismissed for bad behaviour after serving faithfully the political establishment when it committed some of the most egregious examples of abuse against mexican citizens, in the company of lebanese - mexican DFS officers JULIAN SLIM HELU AND MIGUEL NAZAR HARO...
    among the greatest hitz of FRANCISCO SAHAGUN BACA, is that he is the uncle of Marthita Sahagun Baca, the used second hand wife of presidente vicente fox who had too many miles on the muffler when she became the mexican's first "second hand lady" and brought the michoacan maffia up...

  16. Great news,saludos desde Guadalajara,adelante hermanos x un México mejor.

  17. @ 6:40 p.m.,

    Yes. Sunday three were killed at a soccer game in Paracho (artesano guitars) when gunmen opened fire on the crowd:


  18. Sad Commenter :(June 4, 2014 at 6:59 AM

    I stopped using a screen name because I think Chivis stopped liking to publish my comments, but even as Anonymous my comments do not get published. Do you have my IP address and just do not like me? None of my comments are offensive or inappropriate.

  19. What an emotional roller coaster this is. It is like reading a novel and hoping the good guys prevail. Which usually happens. This could turn into something much bigger and you may be watching a part of history in Mexico. Or it could come to an end very quickly and just became a short story. I am hoping for bigger and better things from these Michoacana's and their families and livelihoods. They deserve to be left in peace. Hopefully they can achieve that.

  20. "After May 10, there will be no armed people seen in the streets," warned Interior Minister Osorio Chong,

    Osorio Chong is an IDIOT!! que chongo su madre!

  21. @7:59
    who are you?
    It could be a number of things.
    vile language (spanish lang user are the worse)
    solely attacking another
    too many comments, can't get to all.....etc etc etc

  22. pepe I tried to read the link using bing. who were the shooters?

  23. chivis some especial basket cases deserve to be attacked before they get too many people to their wrong side, and as many times as needed.

  24. @ 11:34 a.m. The story doesn't say. Says they escaped. Still no word.

    But when you go to that Cambio de Michoacán link right now, you see this story, also:


    Late last night gunmen shot up one of those AD checkpoints, like the one mentioned in the main story above. This one is located in between Uruapan and Los Reyes, near the old church buried by Volcano Parícutin.

    500 shells left behind!

  25. andan los rurales... jajaja


  26. How are they AUC? AUC are autodefensas unidas de colombia

  27. You are correct I agree 100%, but that is what Mexican Media calls them. It is much less text in the already long title

  28. chivis, vile language sounds manly and florid in spanish, the first thing i teach my americain friends is the vile language, and the ladies are the most fervorous students, in minutes they are telling the boyfriend:
    "callate pendejo" and many other things, some nice, some just not nice, i like it when people curse like sailors, and i like it when you curse too, chivis...
    maybe you want to check Mara Escalante,la alvaradeña/youtube

  29. Finally, some of the people got the "Balls" to do what the Govt. either can't or won't do and now they want to handicap them and take the only equalizer that they have (Automatic Weapons) and put them in Jail. The only people in
    that state that want to do whats right and now besides possibly getting murdered
    they are going to be arrested for defending their families, the towns people and their property! What a F--ken Joke Mexico has become.

  30. --unconsciously, maybe, the "ignorant dirty" mexicans including news-people are seeing the hand of general naranjas from colombia's AUC in the events going on in michoacan...
    --the el pri needed to destroy panista calderonista ct, after they "destroyed" vicente foxista la familia michoacana, who had helped defeat cuauhtemito cardenas and CARLOS SLIM HELU sponsored PRD and AMLO...
    -- those leftistas had to be stopped, and the move needed support itself, meth and marihuana would take care of a lot of financing, as would illegal mining and robbing the greatest steel works in the world, SICARTSA, sold for peanuts after the STUPID mexican politicians who don't know anything about business, stopped the PRD "socialistas" owned and financed by carlos slim helu, GODFATHER of the mexican mayors of the DF, who do whatever charlie luciano, i mean, slim helu desires...
    --if tepito barrios allow it...
    --if tepito barrios push their luck too far, their children will be kidnapped and executed, save your pesos, no ransom needed by the richest man in the world, after the rothschild, the other members of the "lost" tribe who didn't really get lost, but have been there, undercover, creating problems around the world to richly profit from it, like CARLOS SLIM HELU...

  31. "lost" tribe who didn't really get lost, but have been there, undercover, creating problems around the world to richly profit from it, like CARLOS SLIM HELU...
    How dare you tell the truth


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