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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Autodefensas Leader Hipolito Mora: I was Imprisoned for Defending an Ideal that Benefits the People

Borderland Beat: by Sanjuana Martínez for La Jornada 
Hipolito Mora doesn't talk very much. After two months in prison, in the aftermath he is left fearful, distrustful, and reserved. He harbors a lot of anger for what the government did to him, he says; 

"They imprisoned me for defending an ideal that benefits the people. I will never again be apprehended.  Even less so if I carry a weapon.  I won’t give up. Let them kill me! Or better yet, let them shoot me and I them.  They are not going to come again to put me in jail unjustly.”

Always seen hanging around his neck, are two cell phones and a pearl rosary. Today he is wearing a new hat, with a blue plaid shirt and glasses.  He smiles, he says that he feels happy for the love that people express and because,  he acknowledges, that now more than ever, he is absolute  that the struggle of the autodefensa groups in Michoacán must continue.

Dr. José Manuel Mireles 

In Mexico City he awaits Mora in the living room of his attorney, where they will eat with a group of friends.  Just a few hours prior,  the first National Congress of autodefensa concluded.   
Mora he acknowledges that his close friend and AD partner is the "media guy" while he is the strategist. 
In an interview with La Jornada, he says; 

HM: "Together we're invincible; he, more than I.”

"I Was Wounded That They Imprisoned Me"
Cautiously, the founder of the self-defense movement of Michoacán has just two weeks of freedom in La Ruana, and he still doesn't understand the “why”,  that resulted in the  betrayal that led him to prison:

HM: "How is it possible that the government imprisoned me? If they knew exactlyl what I'm doing?  This is going to sound bad,…. but I am the most sensible of the leaders.  The same government that imprisoned me told me:  'We know you are the most well-balanced of the group, you are the mediator'.

Then bam! Off to jail! It wounded me. I felt, and I feel, very angry.  Tremendously."
La Jornada: Would you say, that it's not good to be trusted by the government?

HM: "Yes, I saw it.  I've never even offended those bastards at any time.   And they put me in jail.  It makes realize that it's good to be firm with them."

 Above is a new Corrido from Noel Torres about the Autodefensas

Alfredo Castillo

La Jornada: What did Commissioner Alfredo Castillo say to you, when you left prison?

HM: "Nothing, we joked."

La Jornada: About what?

HM: "We talked for two hours.  At some point he got up to speak on the telephone.  Before they locked me up, he was thinner and now I see that he is a little chubby.  And I told him, 'Look, if you let this continue, you're going to be just as plump as me'.  Then he turned to another person and asked:  'Did he just call me piggy? 'Then he turns to me and asked, ‘Did you call me piggy?'  And he came back with;  'It seems to me that I'll have to put you in jail again’,  he relays the story with laughter.

La Jornada: Do you trust him?

HM: "I am a very trusting person, so whatever happens, happens.  But, in this case, no, not anymore.”

La Jornada: What is your Plan B,  if things don't work with the government?

HM:  "I haven't thought about that scenario yet."

La Jornada: Will you?

HM: "Yes."

La Jornada: Will you take up arms again?

HM: "If it's necessary, yes."

La Jornada: Do you sleep with a 9mm?

HM: "Yes, always.  If things start up,  I just have to reach out with my hand , Just like that.  I keep it on one side of me."

La Jornada: How many weapons do you have?

HM: "Right now, they took almost all of them."
La Jornada: Who?

HM:  "The same government that detained me. They told all the guys;   'relinquish the weapons’.  They had us surrounded.  However, they are now  returning them to us.  They were all registered weapons."

La Jornada:  But, aren’t some of yours missing?

HM:   "Yes, of course;  and we need them."

La Jornada:  What else do you need?

HM:  "To continue the fight.  We have conflict with Caballeros Templarios, we need the weapons to defend ourselves and our property."

La Jornada:  And  what about the government’s order of disarmament ?

HM:  "Right now, no. We cannot disarm right now."

La Jornada:  Did you negotiate with the government to get out of jail?

HM:  "No.  They didn't find any evidence against me.  There were many people who were  interested in my staying in jail. But they could not [legally]  keep me there."

La Jornada: Like who, was interested?

HM: "Templarios.  I affected their interests, which are many."

La Jornada:  Templarios, in collusion with the local power?

HM:  "Most likely."

La Jornada:  Alfredo Castillo believes the problem in Michoacán has been solved in five months.

HM: "He is wrong. This problem is going to take a long time to resolve, he think it's easy. I told him that I've always lived in Michoacán;  I know how everything is.  This is so dangerous that it can even revert to even worse."

La Jornada:  Revert how?

HM: "In a way that doesn't benefit anyone."

La Jornada:  Why? Aren't they going to solve things?

HM: "there are many problems in Michoacán, and the government has to continue working.  And we autodefensas, also."

La Jornada: As yet,  haven't seen you dressed in blue, Rurales Force uniform.

HM: No. I signed up. But I doubt it, I doubt I will be joining it."

La Jornada: You doubt it?

HM:  "We are waiting."

La Jornada: Will you  wear the uniform?

HM: "If there is a need."

La Jornada: Have you thought, that if you do, you would disappoint many people?
HM: "A little ... "

La Jornada:  Do you feel like a leader of a social struggle, or a government fight?

HM: "Probably, the social struggle."

La Jornada: Since when?

HM: "Some time ago.  If you could see the reaction of the people in any town I visit, any place. When they see me walking around,  they come out of the shops, and their homes.  Sometimes I go to buy a shirt and they don't want me to pay.  In a restaurant, they don't want me to pay.  Wherever I am, everyone wants to take photos with me.  In La Ruana itself, where we've known each other our entire lives,  my neighbors want to take pictures with me.  That motivates me to keep struggling."

Papa Smurf
La Jornada: Do you see yourself fighting alongside Papa Smurf, [Estanislao Beltrán]?

 HM: "No."

La Jornada:  Alongside El Americano,  El  Viagra, El 5 ... ?

HM: “No."         
La Jornada: You're not going on patrol with them?

HM: "No. I do not believe that we will patrol together. We are of different character.  A fight like this should be from the heart,    born from the pain of seeing what is happening to others.   When you fight like that, one doesn't even think of the money.   I didn't think about the money, when at the beginning of the movement there were many offers,  but right now I am getting the fruit of my labor.

I receive it in the embraces, when they ask to have their picture taken with me, when like now, incredibly, when they ask for  an autograph.   If I did not fall into temptation in the beginning ,  there is no chance now, with so much of the people's affection."

La Jornada: In addition to El Chayo, who else wanted to give you money?

HM:  "La Tuta.  He sent me a video telling me that I could retire, if I would work for them.   He knew that I had not joined any cartel,  that I had not sold out to anyone.   He named other people who did.  I sent him word that he had very good information and that, please,  let us [people of Michoacan ] be at peace,  that I will never accept his offer  to work with him and the Templarios.   I asked a favor of him, that he not again send people to attack La Ruana,  that there be no more deaths.  And that he respects it.  He no longer sent them."
La Jornada:  And the government wants to bribe you?

HM:  "No. it hasn't offered me anything yet."

La Jornada: What if there was an offer?

HM:   "They wouldn't gain anything from me,  but I would be grateful if there were sources of jobs so Michoacán might be a little better.

La Jornada: What will it take for Michoacán to have peace again?

HM:  "That the government continues working,  but doing its job well.   Imprison those who deserve it, clean up Michoacán completely.  And leave us in peace."

La Jornada:  But the government disarms you and not The Templarios. ... Tell me why, because I do not understand...

HM: [Silence]

La Jornada: Why does the government do this?

HM: "One must have patience .... "

La Jornada:  What will you do after the first Congress of  Autodefensas?

HM:  "I have been invited to other states.  All I ask of God is that it might be better for everyone, not just for a small group of people holding onto the wealth of Mexico that it [wealth] might be distributed in some way"

“And I Would Like to Be Legal"

La Jornada: Then, if the government doesn't offer money ... what does it offer you?

HM:  "Only one pistol, a rifle and the uniform."

La Jornada:  And being legal?

HM:  "What I would like, is to be legal. Now we've carried weapons illegally for one year and two months. I have many enemies. I would like to carry the weapon with a credential that certifies me, that will not be taken away, and  that they won't come again to detain me."

La Jornada: If the government gives you this credential ... it would be in exchange for what?

 HM: "I'm not going to give them anything. I  am going to keep on with the struggle. . I am going to keep going because it is needed.   And,  furthermore. ... there are many people who tell me that they are not going to abandon  me and who trust me.“

“I feel pretty good about that."

La Jornada: If you accept that credential  on the condition you are  rural police,  would you betray those people?

 HM: "I would betray many people as well as myself."


  1. Yeah man, when those bastardos just yank you out of freedom without qny warning, it sends a clear jolt down your system that it takes a few days to settle down and get your thoughts back in order, but a stay like that with all those bullshit charges fucks with your head. Homey probably has a bit of ptsd from that...

  2. What does AUC stand for. I was a little confused since the AUC I am familiar with, Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, are no longer around?

  3. how come el comandante cinco hindu has not been investigated about how el pollo rostizado's gun ended up on his hands, the gun with gold motiffs he has been showing around 'like a trophy', and what happened to the 400 hectares el pollo had? it does not pay to be an ex-templario pollo...

  4. You guys should hear the corrido el cambio-Noel Torres it's about the autodefensas or communtarios it's really good to see someone sing for the good people.

    1. I did hear it, a few times actually. My question to you is; Where did you get it was corrido for the AD or communitarios, it's not about them at all.

  5. this just showed up on my radar... is it true? he's joined?

  6. The Rural en are tainted, Hipolito needs to stay clear of them and the title! That's exactly what the corrupt officials want so that they can dismantle the AD

  7. The corrupt government needs to step up and clean house so that citizens can slowly trust them again! It's never to late to admit their fault and side with the clean AD and arrest the H3 carltel!

  8. templarios=h3. Pseudoautodefensas are acting yet under a undercover but they're the h3

  9. How come these two men out of all people in this movement have"strange"things happen to them?One is very nearly killed in a plane accident and the other is imprisoned by the gov?
    In future Dr Mireles and Mr Mora should try not to travel together,what happens to the AD if an"accident"befalls the two of them?

  10. Fear of change for the people in power is the motivating reason for them to want to stop a social movement seeking to end justice. These bastards in Mich. don't want to lose the power, specifically economic power, they have over the masses. They will use any tactics necessary inorder to stop a revolution/it's leaders. Slander, defamation, false accusations, imprisonment, trumped chargers, and even murder as is the case of H.Mora, and Dr. Mireles. In the case of Mora, he was falsely accused of murder on the basis of false witnesses who claimed they heard his voice from blocks away during El Pollo's murder. They didn't see anything! They just heard his voice! How trumped up can that be. The govt. was trying to cut the head off of the AD movement in Mich. It didn't work! We're now seeing that the CAM movement is remaining strong and the govt. has yet to disarm the ADs. They called their bluff! There is a difference between an unarmed and an armed populace. You can't easily mistreat the a people inorder to quell their movement as in TC. The powerful/cartels in Mexico are probably shaking in their boots.

  11. @9:36
    You must not have heard the new one of this week, it is all about 100% Michoacan autodefensas. All the lyrics "long live the autodefensas for a better tomorrow" and all the images are of the autodefensas, the first image is a sign reading "Long live the revolution of the autodefensas, of/for the towns."

    I will post it, it is from the album releasing on June 10th

  12. Yes chivis, It's a great song I would like Dr.M or H.M comment about it. @9:36 did you listen to the right song?

  13. Yes Lito joined the rurales. My understanding is he did it to be able to move with weapons, just like mireles wanted to.

    or...he spoke out his ass in the last line of the interview.

    Time will tell

  14. When will we ALL recognize that ALL governments do not want us, the people, to stop the madness caused by them! The powers that be, whether criminal or legitimate, want us to stay quiet and subdued, text- do drugs and be entertained and just shut up! It doesn't matter what country you are in or what era this may currently be––it has always been this way and will always be this way until we, the people, wake up and say "NO!"

  15. Tome will tell what the end game is for Hipolito joining the Rurales. It's easy for us to gossip from a computer. For him to actually live through this ordeal and be in a tight spot÷ Let's hope this move is to counter the H3 cartel! That handshake with El Americano and Castillo will forever be a moment to reflect upon as time and situations come up!

  16. just to legalize their weapons, meanwhile they are trying to involve others in the AD for other states, best wishes to them, God knows it's needed...

  17. This drama is worse than a novela!

  18. The AD movement needs to stay clear of the tainted Rurales! At this point the government has chosen to ally itself with criminals or people with shady backgrounds! So why join them and lose legitimacy?


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