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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adelmo Niebla González': 400 Tons of Earth Excavated and No One Saw a Thing....

Borderland Beat-Translated by Siskiyou Kid

A tunnel 400 meters long was built from the outside inward and more than 400 tons of soil were removed that slowly disappeared without the authorities noticing anything. However, no one has said with certainty whether Adelmo Niebla González and his two bodyguards went around or through the main door, with the help of the guards.

When the guards had finished going through the inmate list at four o'clock in the afternoon, Adelmo Niebla González and his two bodyguards were already breathing clean air in a safehouse somewhere in Culiacán.

When the guards reported the absence of three inmates, they shouted an alarm and began to count cell block 8. That is where Adelmo and Ramón Ruiz Ojeda were asigned. Then they reviewed cell block 5, where Adrián Campos Hernández lived, another of the escapees.

They found nothing abnormal, except that none of the three appeared. Then they gave notice to the Federal Police. The three imates were charged with crimes against health [drugs], and organized crime.

They were usually found in the courtyard of module 8, but that evening, as it was his custom, Niebla González, nicknamed el Señor, had gone to rest in cell block 5, where he had bought a room and had arranged to bring it up to his level: A double bed, a 42 inch flat screen TV, computer, minibar, surveillance cameras, and air conditioning.

That cell has a history, because it is enabled another inmate who escaped January 3, 2011, this being the first escape of a criminal: Dorian Trinidad León Angulo. 

35 years of age, Dorian had entered the prison on September 23, 2009. He was arrested by elements of the army along with four other accomplices at a meth lab located at Estacion Rosales, in Culiacancito. They seized vehicles, weapons and 80 kilograms of crystal meth.

He left through the main door when relatives of the inmates left the prison after a weekend of visits, in the midst of the excitement of the new year and found encouragement from the change of government. But with a predetermined destination: on December 18 of that year he died when he was treated at a clinic after being injured along with his girlfriend, Claudia Ochoa Félix , when they returned from a narcofiesta.

Claudia Ochoa Félix [Above left], the notorious buchona and celebrity, was injured but recovered, and  then established a relationship with Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, el Chino Ántrax.
 The News is followed by missteps 

The news of the triple escape on Monday May, 26 ran like wildfire, because police began spreading a rumor that Inés Coronel Aispuro, one of the in-laws of Joaquin Guzmán Loera, el Chapo had escaped. Ríodoce published the wrong version and the news was taken up by local and national media until it was contradicted by the Ministry of the Interior through a Tweet: "it is false that (Coronell) has escaped from a prison in Sinaloa," the message said. And he added that Inés Coronel is prisoner in a federal facility in Hermosillo, Sonora.

After hours of soul searching, the Ministry of public security sent out a communiqué which reported that after a revision of the prison, they had confirmed the escape of three inmates, one of them, Adelmo Niebla Gonzalez, who is prosecuted for offenses of possession of firearm for the exclusive use of the army and crimes against health [drugs]; also his co-defendant Ramón Ruiz Ojeda, of the same module, for the crime of possession of firearm used exclusively by the army. Both were transferred to Culiacán from Prison number 3 in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and remanded December 14, 2013.

It was also reported that upon reviewing cell block 5, it showed the absence of Adrián Campos Hernández, who was finishing a sentence of 15 years in prison on charges of possession of firearms, weapons hoarding and possession of cartridges, as of February 23, 2009.

Colonia Luis Donaldo Colosio. The perfect development
 The history of "El Señor"

It was at the time of his arrest, in September 2012, when the criminal history of Adelmo Niebla González became apparent. He was 51 years old when he was captured by federal police in Culiacán and was presented as one of the main operators of Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán Loera, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel. He had an alias: Guillermo Nieblas Nava.

Along with Niebla Gonzalez they arrested Javier Alonso Fuentes Tostado - nephew of the legendary Pablo Tostado - and seized three AR-15 rifles, 490 grams of cocaine, two vehicles and communications equipment.

At his presentation in Mexico City, the Federal Secretariat of public security (SSP) reported that the detainee was responsible for the transfer of marijuana, methamphetamines and heroin, in the municipalities of Puerto Peñasco, General Plutarco Elías Calles and San Luis Río Colorado, and the counties of Maricopa and Casa Grande, in Phoenix, Arizona.

In a statement, police said that according to their investigation, Niebla González, originally from Tamazula, Durango, was also responsible for trafficking weapons that entered Mexican territory.

His area of operations for committing illegal acts, they said, also included the cities of Mexicali and Tijuana, Baja California, as well as having a presence in Culiacán, Sinaloa and Tamazula Durango. During his activities he maintained a close collaboration with Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza, el Macho Prieto.

It was reported that for more than 20 years he was established in Sonoyta Sonora, where his criminal career began by crossing migrants illegally in the border area to United States; act for which he was arrested on several occasions and deported to Mexico.

In 2002 he was held at the Center for Social re-adaptation of Nogales Sonora, for crimes against health and organized crime; in 2006 he met Mario Aguirre Avilés El 9-9, one of the main operators of Ismael Zambada García - killed by the army on the night of May 5, 2007 — and under his command he moved drugs to the United States.

Niebla González formed his own criminal group called the Memos and settled in Sonoyta, where he sent drug shipments to the U.S., to become one of the leading operators and trusted people of 'el Chapo'.

In 2008 he was consigned to the State Center of Social rehabilitation of the State of Durango on charges of possession of a firearm, but was released on bail and newly dedicated himself to the transit of drugs.

 400 meters of tunnel

Spectacular escapes had occurred in Sinaloa. In 1991 more than 90 prisoners escaped from the Mazatlan jail through a tunnel 90 meters  long. Among the escapees was Rigoberto Rodríguez Bañuelos, one of those accused of murdering the journalist Manuel Burgueno Orduño, on February 22, 1988.

But no less dramatic was the escape of nine prisoners on May 5, 2005, when, taking advantage of a "routine" revision, inmates left through the main door dresses as police officers in ski masks. All of the escaped prisoners were tied to the Sinaloa cartel, and among them was Francisco Javier Flores Villarreal, who had participated in the assassination of Rodolfo Carrillo Fuentes, on September 11, 2004.

But the escape el Señor and his two bodyguards will make history for the length of the tunnel, more than 400 meters built in just two months, a stretch of which passes under a canal, at a depth of 14 meters.

It was the day after the escape that the PGR investigators found the entrance to the tunnel, in cell block 5 of the prison just in back of the suite of Adelmo Niebla, where he had built a small palapa.

The most dangerous inmate are concentrated in cell blocks 5, 8 and 10, most of them sentenced for crimes against health [drugs] and organized crime, and all linked to the Sinaloa cartel, whether they are part of the Joaquín Guzmán, or Mayo Zambada organization.

According to sources from the interior of the prison, Adelmo Niebla Gonzalez controlled cell block 8, and no doubt cell block 5 us still controlled by René Velázquez, el Finix, which belongs to the Group of the anthrax.

The experts of the Federal Public Ministry went in the tunnel and the first thing that surprised them was the depth reaching to the extent that they were advancing. The fence perimeter is eight meters high and  the foundations extend seven meters under the ground. The tunnel passed underneath the wall, which is realized through the ditch that opened with a front-loader on the outside of the prison, at the peak of
tower 5.

To go under the fence, the tunnel has a height of 70 centimeters wide and a maximum height of one meter, but experts of the PGR and the firefighters who participated in the research claim that later the height reaches almost 1.70, enough so that a person of average height walk without problems.

The tunnel exited out of the northern side of the prison. Twenty meters ahead of the fence perimeter it  tursn to the left and then, in diagonal, it goes to the Luis Donaldo Colosio neighborhood of Aguaruto, until it reaches the ground from where it was built, passing through a vacant lot, crossing a miserable hamlet of agricultural day laborers, and crossing below the a canal as is heads toward the town.

It is presumed that the turn in the tunnel leaving the prison was made in order to avoid a public security state complex recently built in the area.

At a glance one can see for electric power cables, with which its builders used in the digging for tools and fans.

The rush to Colonia Colosio

The Colonia Luis Donaldo Colosio was founded more than 20 years ago, with plots of land that were developed little by little. "Ramiro" = has his house down the street in Luis Donaldo Colosioand, and had an area of 8 by 18 meters, nearly opposite where he lives. Last March a man of 50 years came by to buy the property. He told him that he wanted to build a house for himslef. He offered a hundred thousand pesos [about $8,000] and accepted "Ramiro" accepted the offer. "I'll sign [with the notary]", promised the buyer, whose name he doesn't want to remember.

Immediately the new owner hooked up the power and threw a cinder block fence around the perimeter. The front  was covered with used plywood. And he began to work in what they said would be a swimming pool. Residents believed it was or at least so they say. Nobody gives data, nothing, only that they were around ten young people to work and "thrown to the dogs" to girls who passed by there. They arrived in pickup trucks at dawn and went at night. Some say they saw gondolas and others that do not. But extracted land, on the ground there are if anything a ton.

They dug a pit 15 meters of depth and hence went the tunnel towards the criminal. Firefighters who assisted in the monitoring of the work after the flight, say that passing under the canal, tunnel reaches 14 meters in depth.

They made the journey from the gap opened in cell block 5 and arriving at the ground where the tunnel began, they found that it was covered with a sheet of cement. Then they returned and aided by the coordinates, began to search in the area, until they found the location. The work, all a work of engineering, was built in two months. According to comparative calculations, considering different measures in different segments, width and height, to build it has would have taken out more than 400 tons of earth that simply vanished.

Through the door or through the tunnel?

The first version of the Ministry of public security was that the escape occurred through the front door, with the support of the security staff. But the next day the version changed and were told that they could have come out through the tunnel that was discovered.

Until the close of this edition, the PGR, responsible for investigations, had not offered information and still on Friday evening a front-loader made pits and ditches in the prison.

Indeed, of the 73 guards, investigation were instigated against nine of them: Juan Carlos Nataren Ovando, Commander of the Corps of security and custody; Hernán Cruz Acosta, Deputy Commander, second in command. And keeper Ubaldo Meza Osuna, Carlos E. Gutiérrez Cosío, Claudio Simeón Sánchez Paz, Otoniel Cota Castle, José Javier Salazar Armenta, José Manuel Reyes Morales and Eduardo Navarro Contreras.

Some blame has to be a fact of historical magnitude: an operation like this cannot pass unnoticed, inside or outside.

Escape to freedom

In the last ten years at least five tunnels have been detected in the Culiacán prison to facilitate the escape of prisoners.

June 20, 2004. After detecting ground subsidence a tunnel is discovered built from one of the cell blocks.

February 10, 2006. Police discover a tunnel 70 meters long, built from the street in the direction of the prison. The passage was 200 meters from its target.

February 12, 2006. Another underground passage, which was built to prepare an prisoner escape, is located and planned excavations under a watch tower are discovered.

June 25, 2007. They find a tunnel over 40 meters long, and almost seven meters deep, presumably excavated by an inmate from his cell over the course of the previous 7 months.

October 21, 2009. A tunnel is located in the vicinity of theMazatlan jail, 30 meters from the road and 50 meters from one of the surveillance towers, with a length of 450 meters, a depth of little more than six meters, and two and half meters in diameter.

March 11, 2010. Eight inmates escaped through a tunnel built from a workshop of cell block 5 in the Aguaruto prison [Culiacan]. Supplied with electric power, the passage has a length of approximately 15 meters by six meters deep.

July 20, 2012. There is a  tunnel that leads to the outside of the Mazatlan jail. It was discovered because the rain soaked the soil and land sank next to the jails cyclone fence.


  1. See no evil hear no evil! No mames corruption at its best!

  2. So how much $$ and pull did this guy have to make something like this happen? More then a mid level pusher for sure no?

  3. Say hello to the new Sonora boss

  4. Is this guy,el mentado "el Señor de Tamazula"from that one corrido about the guy who works for el Chapo.

    1. Yea it is. He's from Tamazula n his moniker is el senor

    2. Not the same guy.

  5. Why did El Señor escape? There are two possible reasons. He escaped with the help of CDS, probably with the aid of El Licenciado so that he can be put in control of Sonora. There seems to be a ton of violence in Sonora lately. I am sure CDS does not like the attention. So who is killing all the CDS members in Sonora? Is it another CDS faction or possibly the BLO? The other possible scenario for El Señors escape is that he saw that members of Chapos faction are being killed and he escaped because he knew sooner or later he would be killed as well. So which is it? Who helped him, El Licenciado? Is he going to be put in charge of the Sonora cleanup? Things seem to be very confusing within CDS right now. It is said that El Señor was very close with Macho Prieto that in itself is not a good sign for him. CDS gave up Macho, I bet El Señor saw what was happening to all Chapo's faction and decided to escape before Damaso's men got to him and killed him. Obviously this is just a guess but I would love to hear from someone who really knows what the hell is going on with Chapo's faction.

    1. The reason he escape is to take control of Sonora, start a Sonora cartel. Don't think he will join with Damaso, el señor will be picking up chapos people to join him and plus he was already the jefe de plaza in Sonora. And if he joins anybody it would be Blo.

  6. Mexican ingenuity and inventiveness coupled with a will.....
    "400 meters long,400 tons of soil removed,a stretch of which passes under a canal, at a depth of 14 meters"
    All this in two months?Say what you will about the reasons why it was enacted,but,,this is impressive to say the least...The escape pails into insignificance when you think about the scale of work in two months?

  7. i keep hearing about this chick Claudia Ochoa Félix. whats the 411 on her? who is she related to? are her parents big time narcos also?

    1. Shes chino anthrax wife and new head of anthrax

    2. And also has 3 kids with chavo felix

    3. Possibly related to Manuel Torres Felix? Imagine if she was a Medellin Ochoa..

  8. 12:24 PM is mil mascaras causing problems again?Enrique Gallindos Ceballos?


  9. Lla salio el señor de tamazula patienthe... puro Durango cabrones

  10. El Señor is the next leader. He is high level in the CDS. It took a lot of money 8 get him out. He has all the connections for logistics and distribution.

    1. Good point. The break out would be a great start towards a legend for a leader. Following in Chapo's footsteps maybe? I hope Sinaloa gets rid of all the scum.

  11. Cholo ivan also escaped from the same prison. $$$

  12. If you look at he first photo, those lines in the soil, is made with a jack hammer with not quiet at all, but I suspect it was done fairly quickly, 2-4 guys in 4 shifts, that type soil comes apart in huge chunks, we call this creativity and gumption here in the states among other things... afrikan engineering, mohow know how, hispanic mechanics causing panic.. to name a few

  13. 400 meters =1200 feet = 12 football fields long
    plus the logistics of getting rid of the earth removed, would be how many truckloads?
    --and the name niebla like on zambada niebla, puros cousins, i hope this man makes good use of this oportunity...

    1. U really suck in maths, a complete football field is about 110 meters including goal zone, so he real comparison is 400 meters = 3.63 football fields,
      In other matter corruption level in Mexico has no comparison!!!
      "con dinero baila el perro..."

    2. Lol since when is a football field even 100 ft? 8:02

  14. Some of these comments are so irrelevant. First of all, Claudia Ochoa Felix was never married to Chino Antrax. As a fact, they proclaimed to be "Compadres". Yes, their are many pictures of them as well as him with many other girls. They both shared the small circle of friends. They are part of the same social circle. Claudia was married by law to Chavo Felix. They had 3 kids together. Juan Carlos, Juan Francisco and Claudette. They ended their marriage only a few months after their daughter was born. Claudia also dated Mayito Gordo during our high school years. Chavo went on to marry Sandra Leon they had a daughter named Sandra and he divorced her very quick to marry her good friend Teresita Zambada Mayo Zambada's daughter. They married Oct 1st 2013 and he recently have a baby girl named Leticia. Claudia dated Dorian for a while and till this day I can tell you she still loves him and holds on to his memories very deeply. Claudia's Family doesn't come from money. Her family lives an average life style. Her only brother owns a stand of crepes on the side of a road (by the way they are delicious!!) Claudia is related to a few of Javier Torres, JT's younger children. They have the same last name but they don't belong to the same Felix family. She's related to Jt's younger children ONLY by marriage.

    Don't be fooled by Instagram and these lavish narco pictures. Most of them are really not what they POST to be.

    1. Well you seem to know some things.But the sad part about all this is that most likely she will be killed soon.This story even came out on mainstream media here in the US(univision).

    2. Ay Dios mio talk about the insider scoop from Claudia herself

    3. She will die eventually but not any time soon. She was reported on years ago and nothing happened to her.

  15. @5:14 claudia is not chinos wife and she is not the leader of the antrax. stop spreading dumb rumors. for the people that dont know whats really going on, please do us all a favor and dont post any comments.

  16. We zetas did it with our superior brains and advanced laser technology.
    German Zeta

  17. @3:11 no, ESB aka mil mascaras is not at @12:24...
    --ESB aka mil mascaras is at june 3 2014 @2:01pm
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    ENRIQUE FRANCISCO GALINDO CEBALLOS, zeta from the start with his uncle julio ceballos who was arrested with some other zetas for drug and weapons, drug trafficking , galindo ceballos dedicated the SSP school of San Luis Potosi state to training the police trained zetas of the future,( also known as POLIZETAS ) more than half of the cadets were zeta appointees, the expert on kidnapping, extortion, money laundering and disappearances has even executed his evil arts disappearing and executing his own SSP commanders in SLP, and wherever he appears to go to "work", crime rates, specially the ones he is specifically trained to fight, do not go down, but dramatically increase, now we'll see it at a countrywide level, starting in michoacan, and continuing with the latest murder of SSP commander on tamaulipas, who was left alone by his own security detail, members of which got arrested rather quickly, right when they were arriving home, with the money in the envelopes in their pockets, no crime like this has ever been solved this quick in mexico,with all the necessary proof, except for el pollo rostizado's, friend of the templario AD el comandante cinco hindu, who has been posing with the gold plated gun of his friend el pollo rostizado like a trophy...? i wonder about how the gun got there...
    --there you go ESB, give a name and some info on the perp, like i do, frankly you always dirty any name you chose for yourself under any of your mil mascaras pinchi mythomaniac, if you didn't argue with yourself you'd be oh so lonely, now you are happy to have found me...
    -- and you are welcome!!!
    atentamente... anonymous

    1. @chivis,why do you approve retards like this to go through.Clearly he's on dope.

  18. This move has to come from the top. So much uncertainty within CDS at the moment (or at least that's what it seems). Lets not forget that this was a move put in place early last year when the property was purchased but this will pay off for CDS. The recent arrests have left a power vacuum but Mayo and Azul are still on top. This guy can come in and take control of Sonora, he has experience. The last thing CDS needs is one of the social media obsessed hotheads coming in and taking over. The creation of Antrax was one of the smartest decisions the cartel made they needed to adapt to changing times and Antrax was full of new blood but the new blood was still controlled by the smartest ones.

  19. This move has to come from the top. So much uncertainty within CDS at the moment (or at least that's what it seems). Lets not forget that this was a move put in place early last year when the property was purchased but this will pay off for CDS. The recent arrests have left a power vacuum but Mayo and Azul are still on top. This guy can come in and take control of Sonora, he has experience. The last thing CDS needs is one of the social media obsessed hotheads coming in and taking over. The creation of Antrax was one of the smartest decisions the cartel made they needed to adapt to changing times and Antrax was full of new blood but the new blood was still controlled by the smartest ones.

  20. 2:07 PM
    "i keep hearing about this chick Claudia Ochoa Félix. whats the 411 on her? who is she related to? are her parents big time narcos also?"
    I believe she is Manuel "M1"Torres daughter,who is the brother of El JT you hear about.She is a player in this,she was married to dealer Chavo Felix,and then dude called Dorian(meth maker/dealer)killed in car crash then Chino Antrax and she always showing out with gold AKs,pistols,cash,on all kinds of sites whatever.She got a lot of haters for sure and she may end up dead herself ? She does exactly what Chino Antrax did,everyone hero worships his ass,she does the same,people call her slut,whore,and hate her ?

  21. June 3, 2014 at 9:53 PM
    "Claudia is related to a few of Javier Torres, JT's younger children"
    Thanks for clearing it up a little,i was mistaken she is not M Torres daughter?
    I still don't understand the hate many people seem to be projecting onto her,chino shows out and everyone hero worships him,she does it and everyone disgusted?Fucks that all about?Double standards going on..

  22. June 4, 2014 at 7:08 AM
    Who is this guy?How does his crap make it into comments,this clown is always stalking someone? Whoever you are let it go and stick to the topic ?

  23. @ June 3, 2014 at 9:53 PM & June 4, 2014 at 8:27 AM thank u for the 411. appreciate it!

  24. @7:08 whatta great post my man, nobody has raked that mil mascaras over the coals like that, man, it was time somebody did it, man, and how approppriate the name, and congratlations for being so smart and well learned... hey esb, i can do that and pat myself on the back! @3:05, no dope and no clown, and YOU started it...apologize and don't do that again...
    especially you, don't have what it takes...

  25. "at 8:27 AM thank u for the 411. appreciate it!"
    No problem dude glad to help,your welcome..

  26. 10:06 PM


  27. @ 10:06 PM
    @3:05 started what?


    no prisoners! el aurens, lawrence of arabia
    your innocence is amazing, and as virginal as a cinco hindu...
    atentamente: a n o n y m o u s

  29. Been over a month and havent heard much bout memo . Hope, all is well with him and his banda

  30. He has never been called El Señor. He has always been called Memo. He was a lackey for Los Numeros before they were called Los Numeros. Back in 03-04 he once bragged that he was pushing 10,000 lbs a week across the Tohono O'odham reservation but it was all talk. He was El Double Zero on the radio.

    This article is all glorified Bullshit to attract subscribers to this bullshit website.

  31. Hmmm...not a lacky my friend and it was more like 20 tons prolly a week. This guy was a mover for some big guys. Dont know if he is still working or told the big guys to shove it.


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