Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

Mexican government seals cartel information for twelve years

Sunday, April 7, 2013 |

Proceso (4-7-2013)

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

MEXICO, DF. ( Mexican Office of Attorney General (PGR: Procuraduria General de la Republica) has decided to restrict official reports about organized crime in the country for 12 years, such as the number of cartels, their names and their areas of operation.

The agency headed by Jesus Murillo Karam argues that disclosure of these facts would affect law enforcement strategies (used) to fight organized crime and would, in addition, even risk the lives of criminals themselves, according to Reforma (journal).

Pursuant to the Transparency law, the newspaper requested from the PGR information about the number of cartels that operate in the country, their structure and zones of influence.

However, the PGR argued that, due to the current situation in the country, giving out that information represents a risk to the safety of the persons mentioned in those reports, because different criminal organizations may obtain information that can be used against them, placing their physical integrity, including their lives, at risk. 

It adds: "Revealing information presents a clear threat to the development of strategies that are based on said document, in addition to revealing information about the location of persons directly related to organized crime, which represents a risk against their life and physical integrity, when they are directly identifiable and locatable."

The newspaper recalls that during the Felipe Calderon administration, the PGR, the Federal Public Safety Secretariat, the Federal Police and the Army gave detailed information about the principal criminal organizations that were operating in Mexico, the names of their leaders and the areas they controlled.

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45 Borderland Beat Comments:

Cuatro Veinte said...

What the fuck?

Anonymous said...

". . .revealing information about the location of persons directly related to organized crime, which represents a risk against their life and physical integrity, when they are directly identifiable and locatable"

yeah...and there is also the risk that the Mexican Authorities may be asked to do their jobs by using that information to IDENTIFY and LOCATE these criminals.

More Ismore said...

We have achieved a total narco state with this decision to protect the cartels and no doubt it is to protect corrupt federal officials in business with the cartels, conversaciones de dinero. La uña final en el ataúd. México hasta la vista hermoso.

Anonymous said...

Puras pendejadas!
The politicians want to cover their fucking tracks??!
A la verga......

Anonymous said...

Why 12 years? Is there a statute of limitations for crimes in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

even risk the lives of criminals themselves, according to Reforma (journal). What the fuck?

Anonymous said...

Go PRI great job keep up the good work. Most information in Mexico is inacurate, misleading,untruthful, hello its information in MEXICO get it, Mexicans are dishonest in their Govt,Law Enforcement,business,SO what is the big deal ?? The information was probably false anyway ??

Anonymous said...

So on the one hand you stupid imbeciles can't catch them because you don't know where they are and on the other you can't tell us who they are or where they're located because it puts them in danger? Fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

How may I ask you, can the people of Mexico stand for this crap? It's time for a full fledge revolution. Ya basta! Ya estuvo! Where's all the fuckin' men? Stand up and fight for your country you cowards! What the fuck are you waiting for?! Que chingados esperan? Pinches punetas! No tienen verguenza! No que muy hombres? Donde? Pinches pendejos! Que no ven las mujeres y los ninos que mueren dia tras dia? Que no les efecta esto? Que clase de gente son ustedes? Si no se levantan a peliar no valen para nada. Que poca madre!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you mean someone else is trying to be as transparent, I mean as sneaky and full of shit as the Obama administration? So Obama does the same shit as a crooked third world country ran by drug dealers. Wow. But with us its the banks.

Anonymous said...

Borderland beat is starting to slack off mundonarco and other pages are faster now new videos And info what's going on guys? I was your number 1 fan

Anonymous said...

what the Mexican government is doing is shameful, terrible and criminal, bunch of hypocrites! when will the international community open their eyes at to what this government is doing instead of praise EPN for the Pacto por Mexico and other bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Geez! Let's not endanger the lives of these criminals.

Anonymous said...

Jaja this just means the barbie is never getting extradited to the usa hes the key so la barbie 12 more years!!!

Anonymous said...

With a long history of governmental corruption extending back generations and with all the recent revelations during the era of narco-cartels, we can guess that many "secrets from the people" will remain so.

In my cynical eyes, Mexico, is a failed state where evil forces rule the land for generations with the current narco-years just another episode in it's bloody history.

However, some things are different this time.
1. the internet allows ordinary people to communicate news, idea, and the evolution of freedom and evil fighters.

2. Narcotic have become a worldwide problem with Mexico, Central America, and South America playing major roles in filling the world's hunger for illicit drugs. This will eventually cause economic, social, religious (Santa Muerte?)upheavals in Mexico, CA, SA, and possibly the USA with its huge Latino population and its ties to criminal organizations.

3. The United States will be seriously destabilized by Mexican immigrant criminals directly connected to Mexican drug cartels and American based prison gangs (and their minions the street gangs).

4. Bloody and brutal military and police state measures will occur in the USA (and other nations) as reactions to the coming chaos. Within this chaos, there will be Orwellian tactics to control people ... including shutting down the internet, micro-chip implants to monitor people, GPS monitors of people movements, and huge data bases to profile them and classify them according to State criteria.

So, it make sense to me that government people and the rich and powerful in Mexico will NOT allow implicating secrets to be known to the masses. Of course, a few sacrificial lambs will be sacrificed for mere appearances.

I am not a prophet, I am just unloading a ideas derived from reading BB and other sources concerning Mexico (mainly).


Chivis said...


Turning your back on us that easily? :)

see, we have to translate articles and that is a task. And we have room for 9 posts on mainpage.

But there are additional stories on forum and the videos are usually posted there by Texcoco, Aj or someone in fact the new vids are up on forum. They have more room, then I post videos I do not just post them, I give a backstory and the narrative. SO it takes longer but for non spanish speakers it is the only way to understand what is going on.

Don't forget we are an English narco blog, much more work involved.....Paz, Chivis

Anonymous said...

The reason they do this is so the next president can´t touch them even if he/she comes from a different party.

Anonymous said...

If u don't like this page go to any other one punk

Anonymous said...

In the US we buy there drugs financing them and we talk shit about the cartels calling them evil.Whos the hipocrytes

Anonymous said...

What about the innocent people you ass backwards criminal piece of shit government, Mexico you better get rid of those criminals running your governent, the world isnt going to put up with much more of Mexico harboring the cartel sewer rats allowing them to spread their poisons across the world, if you do not fix the problems soon and stop drugs from flowing out of your country you will be invaded by military forces very soon to do what you can not do!

Anonymous said...

I dont understand Mexican people. Is it in their nature to lay back, bitch and moan about what is being done to them but do little or nothing about it? How can they all just sit back and allow stuff like this to happen? I don't know... they voted in a party that was well known to be corrupt... so maybe they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this story in twelve years. At least there've will be plenty of time for the task of translating. LOL

Anonymous said...

@9:43 There hasn't been a single clean election in Mexico, don't be fooled

Anonymous said...

chivis post the article where says that 6 mexican cartels control texas, to show some people that when you try to get rid of the narcos is not tha same said than done

Chivis said...



Nice find!

Anonymous said...

@ 10:38...what are you smoking .?Bath Salts?You have no proof,so why write like a crazy man?Did you drop acid and watc Minority Report?

Anonymous said...

i Pura mamdas! The PRI cartel is back to its old tricks. How about worrying about the lives and physical integrity of the citizens of México. So what the public will get is censorship of cartel crime matters. No images of captured capos, no reports on violence, and no reports on police operations. I don't think its the criminals whose safety they want to protect but theirs' and the corrupt politicians impunity.

It is widely believed that the PRD won the presidential elections in 1988. Many people believe PRI stole the elections. Calderón won the elections with less than .06% of the vote, and without a majority against same party. He proceeded to unleash a war that was partially responsible for 70,000 deaths. Mexico's elections or known to be rigged and full of irregularities

pedro gonzalez said...

What's up with all these people talking shit acting like they no what is up? Nobody really knows, Americans don't know about a bunch of stuff their government does i.e "rendition." So to open your mouths and critcize just lets everyone else know how truly ignorant you are.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea we wouldn't want to risk the lives of criminals lol heaven forbid

Anonymous said...

@ 9:43 It is very easy to sit back and write shit like that from behind a keyboard!

This article is rather comical. How is this any different than what is already happening and as been happening for years now? Is it because now it's official?

Anonymous said...

Boy, are we living in interesting times!

Anonymous said...

@April 8, 2013 at 2:21 AM not everyone in the u.s is using drugs idiot. Even some mexican citizens buy drugs and use them not just the u.s. learn how to spell HYPOCRITE before you start typing smack on other countries.

Anonymous said...

Things were ok in Mexico until 7 years ago. Calderon wanted a greater federal involvement for a reason. He backed Chapo and with the help of the Federal Police and the Army, and backed Chapo setting fires in every plaza in Mexico. He created every cartel war in Mexico and that seems to have been his master plan. He has his soft little protected environment in the US were he can tell his hero story everyday. After he ruined Mexico, looks like PRI is gonna put up the curtains to clean Calderon's mess up and redistribute the power back to the plazas. It will take a lot to cover up all the corruption Calderon left. Maybe in a few years they will get the corruption off the streets and back in the offices and we can go back to Mexico. I wonder how many bankruptcies and billions of dollars Calderon cost Mexico in lost tourist trade over his self seeking six years. I guess all the can do is close the curtain and do what they can to clean Mexico up to it's calm corrupt easy going state. I guess they are going to give Calderon a free pass just like the US did. I can't even guess what history will find during the Fire Age of that disgraceful president 5 and 10 years from now. He is a sociopath in the worst way. He will be painted with Hitler no less.

Anonymous said...

@Mexico watcher most of what you say doesn´t make sense. I have seen your posts around, you always post as if you really knew what is going on, but it didn´t take long to realize that you are clueless. Of those 4 points only #1 is true, the rest are your own doomsday theories with no base, throwing the santa muerte there is just laughable.

Anonymous said...

Wait, didn't the US people voted in a corrupt clan that drove the economy to shreds and brought about a couple of wars and drastic changes to the lifestyle of the American people, and then having known that we then went ahead and re-elect them.
That was just to give you a reference not to talk bad about other people because as most Americans, there might not be something they can do without risking what little they've worked so hard to have.

Anonymous said...

It was inevitable it was going to turn into US v Mexico rhetoric.So close and so unbelievably far away.Neighbors always hate each other,its a unwritten law,look around the world.From people on the outside of Mexico its crazy,to Mexicans its the way things are done.
But because we are so close and intertwined in so many ways it does affect us,look at the comments here?Adults arguing like children over who's country is best?

Anonymous said...

And you do a brilliant job, which most of us appreciate and are thankful for. Please carry on doing so. :-)

Anonymous said...

"@Mexico watcher most of what you say doesn´t make sense. I have seen your posts around, you always post as if you really knew what is going on, but it didn´t take long to realize that you are clueless. Of those 4 points only #1 is true, the rest are your own doomsday theories with no base, throwing the santa muerte there is just laughable."

I admit that I don't know what is going on in Mexico from living there. I am merely a barrio raised Mexican-American "outsider" living in the USA.

I am Mexico-Watcher and responding to the above criticism. Which I honestly welcome.

My so-called doomsday theories probably sound extreme to you. Butt, as "crazy" as they sound base them on what has already evolved over the past 50 years ...and, simply projected certain tends further into what "might" happen in 10 to 20 years from now.

Much of my "theoretical" projections are certainly "gloomy" and disturbing...

But, if you talk with old-timers from Mexico or the USA, they will tell you how much the world has changed both for "good" and "worse."

From a vantage point of when they were young, 50 or so years ago, they will tell you of great technological,medical,social, and other wonders that came to pass as they aged into current times.

Similarly, they will also tell you that certain other things became "worse" as some old-timers see things.

1. Social and moral decadence. America today is likened to the the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity. Eminent scholars, Will and Ariel Durant saw parallels to this perspective many years ago. From the perspective of folks in their 70s people can do things they see as eventually destructive to them and society as they idealized it when they were younger.

2. Psychoactive drugs and psychological stressors: For centuries man has known that alcohol, opium and morphine, hashish, coca, coffee, tea, marijuana have useful properties and that these same properties could be abused or could lead to unintended bad consequences. Like in the 19th Century, with respect to opium and the enslavement of Chinese, today, great parts of the world's peoples have developed strong appetites for addictive drugs. The "destructive" of these made them "illegal" virtually everywhere. And this illegality combined with powerful demands made them lucrative for those willing to supply demand. The USA (and now Europe) have millions of hungry consumers for said drugs. Mexico (and allied other nations) stepped in to supply the demand with profits in the billions of dollars, yearly.
The consequences of the above are readily available to read right here on BB.

3. SANTA MUERTE: To me, the cult of St. Muerte, is only and "indicator" of slipping into he dark side. While her worship might be relatively small, it is not insignificant for its sociological meanings. We know that the Catholic Church is concerned. When a nation is so dysfunctional (as I see Mexico) then people in dire straits (as many Mexican poor are) they lose confidence in old gods and seek new ones. So, to me, Santa Muerte, thrives on misery that is not being adequately addressed by Mexico's corrupt and oligarchic "pseudo-Democracy".

Thanks for reacting to my post. I sincerely welcome all feedback.


Anonymous said...

@Mexico-Watcher first of all thank you for being so civil. I enjoy a good debate but I'm afraid I'm not as articulate as I'd like to in English, so my ideas might be a bit all over the place.

I'll start with the santa muerte just because it's one I find interesting because of its origins and ties to the very roots of Mexican culture, the first shrine to santa muerte is located in an almost abandoned mining town called Noria de San Pantaleón, I was there 2 or 3 years ago during a trip to sierra de Organos, there are a few families left living there since the mine closed down and what used to be a busy and prosperous town became a ghost town, one man came to greet us, he had a lot of knowledge about the area, had put together a small museum with pictures and artifacts, took us all around the houses now in ruins, the community hall, workers quarters, etc, it was really interesting, he also opened the santa muerte shrine for us and told us the story, it all started as a cult of the miners, there used to be an image at each entrance to the mine and the miners would ask santa muerte to protect them as they were about to enter the underground, her domains. Later on and already in relatively recent times a better image was carved and dressed and placed at the local church, the priest got angry blah blah blah, burnt it, the locals recovered the remains and eventually opened the little shrine that now exists with a new image and the remains of the old one.

Inside the shrine you could see the different offerings and lots of photos, little plates, etc...the testimonies of those asking help or thanking santa muerte, most if not all of those had nothing to do with criminals, it was a collection of photos and messages from soldiers, ill children, families,...just people facing death. I know this cult is often linked to criminals and I have seen other shrines, in Puebla for instance, where the messages, plates and offerings were more mixed and you could tell many of them had been placed there by "bad guys", just sharing the story I was told and that makes quite a lot of sense to me...and I´m not a follower at all, I´m an atheist, but I´m very interested in traditions and their roots.

Years ago I was in Bolivia, in the mines of Potosí they have a very similar thing, in every entrance there is a figure of a devil covered in offerings of coca leaves, alcohol, cigarettes and dynamite (as a side note, you could buy dynamite at the corner stores just like you would buy a bag of chips, surreal) anyways those devil figures were exactly the same as the santa muerte in its origin, miners would pay respect and ask to come back alive from the devil domains.

In Chiapas and Guatemala also, in indigenous communities where christianity is very mixed with prehispanic rituals, you can also see the cult of death mixed with the cult to this or that image of a saint, not so much what you would consider the usual christian stuff, there might be crosses and the images are related to the catholic church but the rituals are all about the image and animals are sacrifized to them asking for protection from death and illness, good crops, etc..

From my point of view the santa muerte is not a new god where Mexicans are driven out of desperation, it´s a very old one with its roots deep in the Mexican culture and based in the universal fear of death, do the high levels of violence have anything to do with this cult becoming more popular in urban areas? sure, no doubt about it, but I don´t see it being any different from similar things that are perfectly accepted by the catholic church, and it´s often the same people praying and making offerings both to santa muerte and saint Judas for instance, just in case. Not so different from what happens when there is a draught, floods or an epidemy and this or that saint, virgin, whatever are taken out, offered flowers, candles and money asking for a miracle, a favor, it´s not a step to the dark side, it´s just the way religion is lived in Mexico and other countries.

Anonymous said...

About the rest, drugs have been a problem for a long time, I believe there will be social upheavals in Mexico, I´m actually surprised it hasn´t happened long ago with the political system we have, and the current levels of violence, corruption and impunity are only gonna make it unavoidable, but I don´t see this as a bad thing, I don´t even think it will be a violent thing, a revolution, more like the natural course, society finally demanding their place and eventually the very weakened institutions won´t be able to keep the closed old power structure and changes, opening up, will have to happen.

I disagree about the social and moral decandence in the US, the political system needs some shaking, it´s too subservient to corporations, interests, money, but the political system is not the country, the country is the people, and (from outside, now I know I´m talking without true knowledge) it feels like society is moving there too, also demanding their place. Will the US lose its position of dominance? most likely, nothing new in history, that´s the way things go, so did the UK, Spain, Portugal, etc... in the past and they all are still there.

I don´t think the US will be destabilized by narcos, street gangs and the like, they do have an underground network operating there, they do have the power given by money, but they are not that powerful nor so many, I don´t like how you linked in your first post latino immigration to this, most immigrants, legal or illegal, are just workers, very few linked to criminals. The US institutions are not as weak as the Mexican ones as for criminals to have the power to destabilize them, and the US position as market, final consumer for the drugs also means it´s in the best interest of these groups to not make too much noise there, the situation that is going on in Mexico can´t be exported to the US for these 2 reasons.

Anonymous said...

@ Mexico-Watcher.
Greetings bro,Interesting,and some of the points you raise are thought provoking,but,when you start to talk about doomsday scenarios of any description it can take away from valid points you may make.In short it can hold you up to a type of ridicule,you know this.The social and moral decadence point you raise is most definitely a fact,a very distasteful fact,but,we are human beings and as such very different and individual,to a point!You know how easy it is to manipulate huge swathes of the public onto a certain path?This is a huge problem to my eyes!People don't want to act as a cohesive group,to make a foundation whereby they can effect change in our respective"rulers"this is one of the most frustrating and dangerous trends we see today.Voter apathy is dangerous,we really are The lumpen proletariat?

Chivis said...


I already posted the story a while back, proceso says the report was just released but that is not factual

Anonymous said...

This is Mexico-Watcher. I am going to react to the posts directed at me.

First, I sincerely thank the reactors.

I especially appreciate the very interesting, extensive and detailed description of the miner's Santa Muerte... And, I concur with everything in the post.

Overall, I also welcome the direct counters to my "theoretical" admittedly gloomy visions of the future. These counters made me think more deeply and did influence how I think.

Currently, I am still processing what I learned from my esteemed critics. Certainly, I am in an R&D mode and do not hesitate to change my views when offered valid reasons to do so.

Again, thank you all who wrote posts concerning my original post.


Anonymous said...

The truth is in print :"Jesus Murillo Karam argues that disclosure of these facts would...even risk the lives of criminals themselves"
The AG there wants to PROTECT the lives of criminals therefore dooming others to death at their hands. Extremely corrupt= much like our Eric Holder. May they soon be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

:"Jesus Murillo Karam argues that disclosure of these facts would...even risk the lives of criminals themselves"

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