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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Former CAF bodyguard attempts to avoid capture by leaving prison in armored money truck.

Tijuano Borderland Beat

With information from Zeta Tijuana and Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias Tijuana.

Antonio Felix Quintero aka "El As(The Ace)"

31 year old Antonio Felix Quintero aka “El As(The Ace)”, “21”, “Vicente Aispuro Araujo”, “Palillo” and “El Caudillo” was arrested by agents of the Baja California State Attorney General Office when he was released from the federal prison of Villahermosa, Tabasco. Felix Quintero is accused of killing two Baja California preventive agents in 2002.

Felix Quintero is a known hit-man of the Arellano Felix Cartel (CAF), in 2002 he worked as bodyguard for Francisco Javier Arellano Felix aka “El Tigrillo”, “Zeta 6”, “El Conan”.

Francisco Javier Arellano Felix aka "El Tigrillo" or "Zeta-6"

On August 24th, 2002, he was, along with two more men, in the Tijuana nightclub known as “Tangaloo” safeguarding “El Tigrillo” and his girlfriend along with her brother, Jorge Briseño aka “El Cholo”. “El As” and the other two men waited on the outside, then they entered the nightclub and began drinking, when “El Tigrillo” was ready to leave, the bodyguards were too drunk and one of them took an AK 47 and shoot the electric power transformer.

The bodyguard then leaved the scene following Arellano Felix´s BMW on their way to Tijuana´s international airport, on their way toward the airport the BMW was stopped by a police car, “El As” and his men stopped besides the police car, Felix Quintero grabbed an AK 47 and stepped down from his vehicle identifying himself to the police men with a fake federal agent badge, however the officer didn´t believe him and without saying anything “El As” shot them while “El Tigrillo” escaped in his BMW.

Since the officers were badly hurt, Felix Quiteros´s partner took the AK 47 and finished them. Months after this “El As” and his men were arrested and charged with possession of illegal weapons and organized crime. They were sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Federal agents outside Villahermosa´s federal prison.

Fast forward to 2013, when his release was ordered (before completing his 15 year sentence), the Baja California Attorney General office was notified and they sent a group of investigative agents to Tabasco. But apparently they weren’t the only ones interested in “El As”, he already had a “job” in Guadalajara.

The agents in charge of re-apprehending “El As” believe someone tried to avoid it. When they arrived at Villahermosa, Tabasco, they noticed that an SUV with suspicious people was following them closely.

The next day, when they had to visit the Federal Social Rehabilitation Center (Centro de Readaptación Social Federal) in which Felix Quintero was held, they noticed the SUV was still after them, they called the state commander who gave them a phone number which they could call if something happened.

When they arrived at the prison, for security reasons one of the agents from Tijuana had to step down from the vehicle and walk toward the prison door, suddenly an armored truck caught his attention because it was backing towards the prison main door.

“In just one minute the truck was on its way out and without stopping, so I went back and we followed it”, said the agent, who couldn´t find “El As” inside the prison. Fearing that Felix Quintero was inside the truck they insisted in following it but the driver didn´t stop, even though state police units were ordering him to do so.

The agents called for reinforcements and managed to block the path of the armored truck, however, the driver insisted in not opening the vehicle. A convoy of federal agents arrived from inside the prison and the situation got tense because everyone cocked their weapons and pointed them at each other.

After the agents called the number they were given, the state commander arrived and explained to the federal agents that everything was ok, therefore they needed to let the agents from Tijuana do their work.

After this, the driver, who had previously refused he was carrying “El As”, opened the truck´s door and let them took Felix Quintero. According to the agent in charge, the driver told Javier Arellano´s former bodyguard “I just tell you that you are free, I don´t know whi they are and where they´ll take you. You already had a job in Guadalajara and there´s where I was going to take you”.

After this, the state officers from Villahermosa intercepted the SUV that previously followed the Tijuana agents, but the passengers were not carrying anything illegal. “They only confirmed us that they were here to take “El As” to Guadalajara, Jalisco, without giving explanations about it”.

After all this, the Tijuana officers asked the local military to safeguard the police station where they had to sleep in order to avoid Felix´s escape.

Antonio Felix Quintero has now been taken to Tijuana, where a judge ordered his incarceration and now faces up to 50 years in prison for each murder charge against him.

Original story from AFNTijuana:


  1. Stupid drunk Bodyguards,didnt have to kill the cops

  2. Great work Tijuano. Looks like CAF still has power and connections. By the way, any news about Luis Fernando Sanchez Arellano?

  3. Good story Tijuano

  4. Thanks. Almost nothing is heard of el ingeniero in Tijuana, your guess is as good as mine regarding him, however that does not mean they ain´t operating there.

  5. That's my uncle Antonio unfortunately. Me and my mon whent to visit him once like 3 years ago. He told me how every one thinks briceno el cholo is dead but he really retired and left the country....

  6. Hey...chivis on mundo theres a video of los zetas decapiting some golfos.and another one with gente nueva killing a zeta..mabey u we traslate what it they say.

  7. El Ing is a smart guy. Keeping a low key and rebuilding his cartel!

  8. CAF is still very, very powerful. After the war they had to lay low, and that is what they are doing. As of yet nobody can take their spot. El Ingeniero is still there. Mommy makes most of the big shot calls, El Ingeniero takes out the trash. There are many smaller factions of CAF that do there own thing.

  9. Ok so is jorge briseno el cholo alive or dead??? and who backs ups CAF... blo? zetas? Is there still peace between CAF and sinaloa?

  10. @Tijuano. Does el caballo still works for CAF? he is the last man who actually was involved with CAF during the 90's

  11. watever happened to beto the singer from explosion nortena . he was in a restaurant with caf members and has never been heard of

  12. @April 8. 2013 at 12:40PM:

    There´s been years since someone mentioned El Caballo in TJ, IF he still is part of CAF remains a mistery, he was a very respected and feared druglord in the 80´s and 90´s but nobody knows anything about him now. Las I heard the state sub-procurador(Sub Attorney general??) said el caballo still had a narcomenudeo cell(street dealers) but I highly doubt its the same caballo.

    @April 8, 2013 at 12:48 PM: "El Beto" was taken to SIEDO and then jailed when the PEP and Army tried to arrest "El Muletas" in a sea food restaurant. Last info from Explosion Norteña is he´s still in jail, they dont say under what charges thou.

    1. And unfortuantely, Beto is now dead

  13. @Tijuana thanks for the info man! yea el caballo is a mystery. it sucks not having beto rom explosion he is a great singer not like todays clowns. thanks.

  14. Tijuano...
    I like your approach brother,the posts,and also the fact that you will answer a question without antagonism.Appreciate you cannot possibly answer every person who has a question,but the ones that interest you and have knowledge on,,,why not?
    Appreciate your time and efforts,just supporting,be cool man.

  15. I'm going to Tijuana in May and I'm glad we have somebody keeping us up to date with news from that area. great work tijuano

  16. el caballo is still very much inline with el caf his on the first line of command also his 4 sons are very much active ive heard of one of his sons hes a pertty cool guy just hes a still from the old school just like ramon hes actually a shockcaller on the playas side his nephews are also in the click el caf is very much in power in tijuana baja norte just ask teo and muletas it took less than 2 years to clean up that trash and bring peace to the people of tijuana

  17. I hear cafs cells are most made of sureno gangs from California that's what I heard idk if its true

  18. April 8, 2013 at 2:59 PM

    if enedina is still active then caballo is too, they tight

  19. 15 Years for killing 2 police officers, kind of says it all for MEXICO, what a bounch of BS. No wonder the place is a jungle!!

  20. Tijuano you are a grat asset to BB. Very knowledgeable

  21. @April 8, 2013 at 7:02 PM:

    Actually 15 years is for possesion of illegal firearms. He´s facing 50 years for each cop´s life.

    @April 8, 2013 at 3:50 PM: If I see the question, and I can answer, then no problem.

  22. Hey Tijuano do u now n e thing about cdj are they like caf laying low or defeated , i also hear they took out cds gn. Can u let me know please.

  23. Remember seeing caballo going into las Vegas billiard Blvd agua caliente. he was driving some old ass Cheyenne keeping it low pro. knew it was him, well dressed, sport blazer, silk shirt, pressed slacks, shiny botines. this was before the teo desmadre.

  24. @April 9, 2013 at 1:18 AM

    Word in Baja is CDJ still controls Juarez, we don´t really get much news from Juarez besides that Leyzaola´s police hit both cartels hard.

    Some time ago I remember reading about some marijuana farms in Ensenada, and that the people arrested in there said they worked for Carrillos, but nothing more was heard about it.

    @April 9, 2013 at 1:42 AM:

    Yeah, some people say he´s still in TJ but not much more is heard about him.

  25. el caf and blo and cdj have laid low it wasnt by choice it was alot of goverment pressure cause of the protection of chapo but by laying low no one knows how to hit you and also you can grow in numbers without anyone knowing right now el caf is alot bigger also cdj is bigger but blo has gain grown and gotten bigger its very impressive but i really want to keep the peace everyone respect each other plaza just like was going on right know el caf and cdj and blo and zetas are allies but yes mexican american gangs are the main strong arm in tijuana and juarez if you really thing about it this was miguel felix gallardo dream everyone to work together in peace but chapo even though hes paying taxes in baja i still believe he has to go

  26. El mochomo esta al100 con el chapo y el jt con el mayo a limpiar a Sinaloa de lacras y tambien de la baja y chihuahua y Nuevo Leon

  27. I also think chaps has to go too he fucked up big time all of mexico

  28. This peice of shit was caught "Blowing" another inmate back in 05 and was in PC until his transfer. I know cuz I was a "Logan" Boy and he was nothing but a young punk kiss ass. I don't know where your getting your info about him being a trusted bodyguard of "Paco" he was more of a "Gofer"!!

  29. chapo is such in a bad spot just like when el caf got accused of cardenal murder it all went down hill from there know chapo has been put in a posicion were the people protecting him have to wipe there ass cause you made youre money they know that and to avoid themselves from anything to do with chapo with there money when chapo is gone have you heard of the leader of the zetas morales causing shit he can be flexible and also wants peace in my eyes all cartels will come to a non agression pact cause its in the best intrest of everyone but el azul im okay with him and mayo hes a grass hopper he can never be on his own he always need the husband it use to be carillo then el caf and know chapo but chapo has to go the white house is furious with the book called dea in mexico cause the reality is chapo is in the public eye to much like hes a hero but im telling you hes not thats why alot of hes people are leaving his organization like el tigre and macho prieto think about it????

  30. Puro tj saludos al jj y el cholo had it going 03-09


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