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Sunday, April 7, 2013

When Mexico chose not to capture El Chapo Guzman

El Diario de Coahuila/Proceso (4-6-2013) J. Jesus Esquivel
Translated by Un Vato for Borderland Beat

[I have translated two articles that appeared in Proceso and other sources yesterday and today. In my opinion, together, they help illustrate the consequences of Mexican President's Enrique Pena Nieto's recently announced policy of limiting access to information about law enforcement efforts to combat drug trafficking in Mexico. This is the first.-- un vato]

Since the war against the drug trafficking cartels broke out and intensified, one element has been present in the country: the DEA, the anti-drug agency in the United States that has personnel working here full time. Some of its agents are talking now, they say they carry weapons in Mexico and say that on several occasions they told the Mexican government of "El Chapo" Guzman's location... and nothing happened.

J. Jesus Esquivel, Proceso's Washington correspondent,  reveals these and other stories in the book "The DEA in Mexico: A hidden story told by the agents", soon to be published by Grijalbo. Below, some excerpts from Chapters 7 and 14 of the book.

MEXICO, DF (apro).-- The Constitution of the United Mexican States (Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos) flately prohibits foreign agents and military personnel from carrying firearms within national borders. In 1992, in the Rules of the Game (Reglas del Juego), DEA agents were absolutely prohibited from carrying weapons.

 Sandalio Gonzalez, a Cuban born retired agents who spent a great deal of his life in national and international work in the DEA, says that personal safety is a very important part of the anti-drug operations that are carried out in Mexico and Colombia.

-- Do DEA agents in Mexico carry weapons?

-- Yes, all of them. All the agents carry weapons; only intelligence personnel in the DEA offices do not, since they are basically people who do bureaucratic work and who know how to manipulate technology in an investigation; they are the ones who do not go out to places where operations are being conducted.

-- Do DEA agents in Mexico carry weapons only when they are involved in an undercover operation, or are they always armed?

-- They always carry weapons, although there is no official type of weapon for DEA agents.

-- Do DEA agents carry weapons when they go to meetings with Mexican officials, police or military?

-- Yes.

-- And they know it?

-- Sure, that is known but not talked about, that's the unwritten rule in Mexico on relationships with DEA agents. Neither federal police or the military search DEA agents; they never do this in meetings.

-- Have there been occasions when Mexican police or military search DEA agents to see whether they're carrying weapons?
-- It happens. When they wanted to fuck us over and they knew we were out of the office, they would send out a team of Federal Police or the military to set up roadblocks on the highway. They would stop you and fuck with you; they would search you, take your weapon or detain you for a while.

"It would be a mess when this happened, because the problem would only be resolved when somebody at the U.S. embassy would pick up the phone and negotiate with somebody from the Secretariat of Interior (Secretaria de Governacion), the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores); with the commanders of the Federal Police, the Army or the Navy. In one case, I'm almost certain that they had to talk to Los Pinos [The President].

A Gentleman's Agreement

-- Has the DEA sought a solution to the question of the prohibition against carrying weapons in Mexico?

-- A few years ago, the United States government tied to resolve the problem. The Department's of State and Justice proposed to the Mexican government that if it would allow DEA to carry weapons in Mexican territory, Mexican agents would be allowed to carry weapons on U.S. ground. In the United States, in the states where Mexican consulates are located, there are agents of the PGR (Procuraduria General de la Republica; Mexico's Attorney General). But Mexico's response to Washington's proposal was a flat 'No'.

The prohibition against the DEA carrying weapons in Mexico is treated as a sort of "gentleman's agreement" that extends to personnel from other agencies:

"DEA agents are not the only U.S. agents who carry weapons in Mexico; this certainly is the case with the FBI, ATF, with all Customs agents and the CIA. These last, I don't know why the hell they don't admit they're with the CIA since all of the Mexican government knows who they are. According to them, they are "vice consuls", but no vice consul carries weapons; only the CIA vice consul does that.

-- Can it be said that the Mexican government keeps all U.S. agents in Mexico under observation to make sure they comply with the rules imposed on them?

-- Yes, but they not all treated the same, because in the case of DEA agents, when we are in a foreign country, we're not there as "secret agents," like many people think.

"When we're in a foreign country, we are not registered as agents or law enforcement officers of the DEA. In some cases, which is the case with Mexico, the agents are registered with the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs as diplomats -- political attache--; in other countries, they're given diplomatic identification under the category of technical or personnel administrator with the embassy or the consulate.

 That is, the government of the host country knows very well who is an agent and who is not, where they live, how many family members they have. Everything, they know everything, but nothing happens in Mexico."

Strengthened cartel

"The Sinaloa cartel is not weakened; on the contrary, it got stronger because of the corruption in the federal government, at very high levels. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion. Why hasn't anybody arrested  "El Chapo" or any of his partners, like Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada Garcia, or Juan Jose Esparragoza Moreno, "El Azul"? All of them have been in the business for years, but, incredibly, nobody arrests them and they continue to be free."

-- Does the Mexican government really know where "El Chapo" and the rest of the Sinaloa Cartel members are hiding?

-- Yes, they know where they are. Of course they know, and they know where their relatives are. The Army or some of the police commanders who are supposedly looking for them don't mess with them or with their families because they know who is protecting them and how high up in the government (the protectors are).

-- Who protects "El Chapo" and the Sinaloa Cartel?

-- That's not for me to say. The day that certain politicians are arrested in Mexico, they're going to find out a lot of truths about the mysteries behind "El Chapo: and the Sinaloa Cartel.

-- What does the DEA know about "El Chapo"?

-- The DEA has a long list of Chapo's properties, his ranches, his homes. The Mexican government also has that list. Before, we were the only ones who had it, but we gave it to them.

"In several meetings with Mexican authorities, we would tell them: 'Look, we have this information'. They would respond by asking if "El Chapo" was in that place that very moment. Of course, we couldn't guarantee it, but we would explain that the property belonged to him, and it was necessary to investigate the lead, that an important operation would take time. They didn't pay attention to us."

-- Does "El Chapo" have many properties in Mexico?

-- Many. I remember one time, early in the Calderon administration; we gave the Army some information about a place in Sinaloa where he was due to arrive. It was one of his ranches, where they supposedly went to look for him, but they didn't tell us when they did it. Two or three days later, they called us to tell us: "He got away from us, we don't think he ever came to the place."

Why is "El Chapo" still free?

Calderon's military battle left Mexicans a wound that will not heal as his inheritance, a wound that will continue to bleed for a long time, mostly due to the impunity surrounding the more that 60,000 deaths and more than 20,000 'disappeared'.

"El Chapo" is emblematic of the failure of Calderon and Washington.

But, why is a criminal untouchable, why wasn't he captured or eliminated despite support from the White House and the Capital during Calderon's presidency?

"It was because of the enormous corruption that grew under Calderon's administration, that's why they cannot catch him," says, without the least hesitation, Jose Baeza, the DEA agent who left Mexico in 2008 at the end of his third tour in the fight against drug trafficking.

"'El Chapo' is an important capo -- Baeza explains--, there's no doubt about that. But he will never surpass Amado Carrillo Fuentes. 'El Chapo' has benefited from the publicity given to him by the media and from everything the Mexican government has said about him. He escaped from prison in (January 19) 2001, and more than 11 years have gone by. Why don't they arrest him? You don't think the Mexican government doesn't know where he or his family are? -- asks Baeza, who goes on to answer his own questions with three words--: because of corruption."

-- Does the Mexican government really know where "El Chapo" and his family are located?

-- Sure, (the Mexican government) has gotten a lot of intelligence information from us, from other (U.S.) agencies and from its own military and civilian investigation services.

"They have never carried out an in-depth investigation to arrest his family, who is enjoying the money that "El Chapo" has accumulated from drug trafficking. They don't want to touch him; they don't want to touch his assets, nor his ranches nor his businesses. To me. it's very clear: the Calderon government doesn't want to go against him."


  1. Tell me something I don't know. How ignorant can people be, if they think a short fat uneducated stupid Sinaloa paisa could accomplish all this by all himself?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Look bet you that uneducated person your talking about knows more then your ignorant fuck.. that guy knows how to control his people.and knows but fast more languages then your dumbass

  2. From the point of view of someone living in Mexico who has nothig to do with all this narco mess I have to say I don't want el Chapo or el Mayo to be arrested, not now, perhaps in the future when the situation has changed.

    I don't care about the drug smuggling, I do care about safety, about the violence. A headless cartel means internal wars, more blood on the streets. No, thanks, there is more than enough of that without adding yet another conflict to the table.

    A more clever way would be hitting harder the finances of all cartels, the money laundering schemes. Weaken them that way.

  3. If they ever catch him, all hell will break lose. He is the one that keeps everyone in line. That's why they don't touch El Mayo, El Azul or El Chapo.

    1. Your fukun stupid.
      When the godfather gave all his leutenants a plaza it was under control and under the water.
      But that greedy ass started snitching and working with the same Cocaine Importing Agency tellin them everything about other cartels and then sending the mexican gov to do the dirty work and all thw lives that were lost because he is no good and a snitch.
      The UNITED STATES had his wife have a child in the U.S. And they disnt detain her or question her or arrest her.
      And the UNITED STATES dont catch him either because they want his drugs here for the consumers.
      Because the more addicts there are or arrested for possession and most prisons are privately ownes so they need them full all the time. They got you lined up to go in.
      the U.S. knows his shipments go in and when the druggs are sold some of the money gets intercepted by the U.S. Like a tax to keep working.
      But most importantly the U.S. and mexico dont stop him because theres a BIGGER AGENDA theyre going for.
      Reduce population with this so called war on drugs but its THE NORTHERN UNION. there will no longer be borders in canada,united states, and mexico.
      There will only be one currency,one government. The so called new world order. stupid people like you are the reason this is the way it is.
      Fuck the elite and their AGENDA.

  4. They cant, or will never get azul, chapo, or mayo they run the drug currency, in the most higher scale, like natan rothschild said " I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, The man that controls Britains money supply controls the british empire.And I controls the money supply."so chapo controls the money supply, thats the reason why the mexican government is getting rid off all the other cartels, and helping the powerfull sinaloan drug cartel.

  5. Chapo is the backbone of Mexico. Carlos slim mght have all the money, but chapo has the power. They can find escobar and bin laden, but not chapo in there own backyard...right

  6. How come know one ever believed this...that Calderon is a piece of Crap!!! he has much blood on his filthy dirty dirty much death because of him.

  7. 326 youre right we dont want chapo detained because it will more i mean more blood in the streets that is now, it would be everyone against eachother just for the best know boss not really the drugs but the fame.

  8. Chapo calls the shots. I just wish he would eliminate the Zetas once and for all.

  9. Chapo will be the first Drug Lord to get took out by a Reaper Drone.
    You heard it hear first.

    1. That will never happened you idiot.

  10. PRIcesco aka proceso

    Chapo was around long before Calderon, and corruption was even worse. you will see what will happen-it was the PRI party that made the deal with narcos since the 40s.

    The are stripping with little rights we have, one by one. No reporting, sealed documents, protecting narcos. you will see. Read history if you care not propaganda.

  11. Kinda funny how they bust Z40s fam for money laundering but the never mess with chapos fam, the didnt even question the young wife when she gave birth here in the states, they probably bought here a big teddy bear with a card that read " thanks for the christmas bonus from your friends at the DEA"

  12. Oh, so it's because of corruption. Now I get it. I knew it had to be something like that, but I just couldn't put the pieces together.

  13. I am guessing by the questions and answer that this interview is most likely very bogus. For one it goes on about some gun questions after it was already answered in the first question so there is some kinda anti-gun and anti-dea agenda being pushed. Then second the artical is suppose to be about how el chapo has not been caught but takes up large spaces and questions about guns. So I am guessing they created their own artical in the paper and had a anti-dea and anti-dea and anti-el chapo agenda and that it mostly came from someone who is from a rival gang and was told to report this bogus story and it is now why its being repeated on this blog about drugs. I think people should really take this story will a grain of salt and know its most likely like most of Mexico a bogus story. Especially when you think about all the things that actually happen there and are not being reported at all but suddenly they are gonna report about this as if its real news after admitting they would not do as many if any stories about what is going on anymore because of threats and because of deaths.

  14. Kill all the cartels!

    Vayanse a la verga todos los carteles!!!!!

  15. As he is now, he's a huge source of cash to the mexican politicians; they have no incentive to capture him. Eventuoaly, the money will dry-up and the government will turn on him, but trying him and jailing him in Mexico will be an impossible and bloody joke. Nope, better let the US bag him, solves several problems: all the blow-back from bad publicity and political issues can be blamed on the northern boogyman; fewer reprisals because they can claim US hi-tech assets produced his whereabouts; and if the US doesnt kill him but captures him, he wont escape prison here. So unless explicitly invited by the government of Mexico, dont look for a Seal Team or drone hit.

  16. Believe it or not, Chapo's sons roam here in Culiacan in Benzes Beamers Ferraris" I'v seen it myself a few times in the last few years once the war ended, and Mayo, Chapo, M1 came back after seeking refuge" go to whatever partys they want, nobody dares to disrespect them or take them out, either from fear, respect or both. They never get bothered at Checkpoints in Culichi either when they are seen, but they'll stop you.

  17. this is probably the icing on the cake to a dea agent to speak out and to publish a book on chapo supporters WOW this is close to the end of chapo the whitehouse will get pissed off due to all the money its throwned to mexican goverment so that they could just pocket it!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Apparently the U.S. govt. does'nt want to catch him either. His wife was allowed to enter U.S. territory to give birth to twin girls; she should have been detained and questioned about his location. Furthermore, the corruption extends to nations like Colombia, Guatemala, and Argentina, not just Mexico. Chapo Guz.Lo. will be captured the day he is not able to pay the bribes that go to the corrupt officials that protect his freedom. Either that or some other capo or powerful person is able to out pay Chapo and demand his capture.

  19. Puro Tierra Blanca,compas

  20. it sounds to me like they're afraid of him

  21. Hey chivis thers a story about chapó isidro violent week end in sinaloa n his new picture can yu up load it for us thnx

  22. The interview pretty much tells us something weve all known for yrs.theres been books written telling the world about chapos fixed escape, his federal connections and his dea snitching but nobody does nothing. Mexico protects cds and goes after everybody else, same ole story as was told yrs ago!!

  23. unfair, just smoking unfair.

  24. For those who don't, or have never lived in Mexico - we do not consider published information as "fact" as it is considered in the US. As a Mexican that attended undergraduate and graduate studies in Boston and California; it was interesting that "citing sources" in my research somehow made the published information fact. We in Mexico believe very, very little of what we read - and I recommend that the readers of BB keep this in mind and adopt this skepticism when reading journalism.

    Although I must admit to laugh that i get a laugh at the angry, mispelled comments from some of the BB comments; as though they know anything about what they are talking about...because they read it :) Lol

    1. What the ears here and eyes see the mind belives pepole realy think the 1 in the show is in charge of it all like bowinkile in u.s the real peeps r the 1nz in the back directing and pulling all the strings u pupets wake up and smell the elusion c.ia put crack here in us first and the only 1 convicted was a black guy ricky ross its all documented chapo lives and is free because of a chain of comand in control that benefits from all sides money power respect the goverment is a son of a bitch and its mother is karma

  25. Chapo is in the sierra family is from there and if u havnt been there let me tell u that the terrain is very inaccesable..there are places still were very few humans have set foot and hundreds of miles of unmapped terrain..countless canyons and valleys were anyone can hide especially a billionaire with unlimited resources..chapo has built villages entirley off the grid with ac and internet..this is where he is at home el senor de la montana.
    The mountain man...

  26. El Senor Chapo nacio pobre vendio naranjas cuando nino y ahora junto al Senor Mayo y el Senor Azul son los jefes del cartel mas grande del mundo.They have many Mexican and American politician in their pockets.CIA , Banking sector, Privately owned prisons, DEA, and Arms industries all very powerful ,will never allow drug traffiking to be stopped they all benefit from it.

  27. April 9, 2013 at 7:02 PM
    I also must laugh at the self important pseudo intellectuals,you know, the ones who make silly ass assumptions?You being Mexican,know as much on this subject as someone living in the US?Yes,i too have to laugh at phony idiots trying to sound ever so eddumucated.
    Another grammar nazi,trying to look self important,you sound like just another bitter Mexican hating on the place that helped you?

    1. You don't make sense whatsoever.

  28. April 9, 2013 at 7:02 PM
    Errr thanks for that,very enlightening.Very informative,,,not,,"lol"

  29. @ carreteradurangomazatlan, i lived in mexico till i was 21,u really think these authors are gonna risk their lives by publishing nonsense. Jesus b out of tj was almost killed becuz he told the truth, anabel hernandez has been in hiding becuz she told the truth, as have countless authors who have gotten killed for telling the truth, the reason mexico is wat it is ,becuz people like u chose to not believe it and look the other way!!

  30. they don't want to catch him

  31. God im sorry but i really would die for my family and i got to thank the us for a freedom of speach good night I really would represent mexican flag high heals and not sure if were all created the same im proyd of my roots and imarresed to be american they tax us here we dont even own land why should i work for them to rule and cheat us im paying close attenton ill write some in prison hopefully lifers can give up there sol sevurty numbers i will dont mean nothing but a number i begin as one

  32. El Chapo can be a public figure to distract the media and the dea, they think they know where he is at, there might be another hypothesis that the person who they call El Chapo can be noting less then the Salinas de Gortari Brothers. Precisely Carlos Salinas de Gortari Mexican ex President. I'm sure Carlos Slim knows him their the best staying under the radar. The way the Sinaloa cartel moves is very diplomatic something an expresident can manage pretty well. And that is the reason why you can only have the small fish.

  33. Chapo Guzman has been caught. Last time I heard, he's in San Quentin Prison.

  34. Really right now↑↑↑ Idiot.

  35. Joseph, What is your source. Please have some credibility Idiot.


  37. Its sad mexicans killing mexicans. A civil war so to speak, to survive. Too bad the Mexican goverment can't offer their people better oppertunities. Meanwhile there's a market there's always a supplier. The government is a business

  38. The U.S. does not have that much power, it "cannot control it's own corruption " which it disguises, but the facade is clear. NO RESPECT FOR AMERICA, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. LIARS, CHEATS, THIEVES, IT IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE

  39. The U.S. is a slave of it's own laws, there is no "true "freedom in the states


  41. they will never capture el shorty y arriba la sierra de durango

  42. y puro guillermo prieto durango y la sierra. y unsaludo a la raza de santiago papasqiaro

  43. El gran senor del poder is badass^.^ fck every hater

  44. Chapo Guzman para presidente.....


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