Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Polizetas": Killers of Lalo Moreira Captured

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 Jorge (police)  Roberto (hiding fugitives) Victor (police supervisor)
“Polizetas” linked to the death of Moreira are captured
Note: They were called polizetas because they were police officers but worked for the criminal group zetas.
Secretary of Federal Public Safety presented yesterday the alleged kidnappers of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, whom were municipal police of Ciudad Acuña and are accused of giving protection to the criminal group Zetas.
“These elements of the Munucipal Police gave protection to the Zetas and among them are identified as “Polizetas” which the leader was Victor Landeros”, Said Luis Cardenas Palomino, director of the Regional Division of the Federal Police, in a press conference in DF.
Victor Landeros Sifuentes, known as “La Iguana”, was arrested along with the now former police Jorge Tenorio Takajasi, “El Taka”.
Both admitted before the SSP of being those who turned over the son of the former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, to three unknown people on October 3rd.
“Victor Landeros Sifuentes refers that on the day of the events, he sustained communication with Rodolfo Castillo Montes, sub director of operations of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Acuña and direct boss of the people involved, which held direct communication with the victim to meet in a convenience store”, pointed out Cardenas Palomino.

He added that Moreira Rodriguez was given to Carlos Arnulfo Flores, aka “El Flaco”, alleged chief of plaza of the zetas, and to his subordinate, Ruben Sifuentes Cadena, aka “El Shaggy”.
Landeros had been signaled by the Attorney office of Coahuila as one of the alleged intellectual authors of the homicide of the son of the former governor and former leader of PRI Humberto Moreira.
(Photo taken a few hours before his murder)
According to Cardenas Palomino, one of the strongest line of investigation about the cause of the kidnapping and execution of Eduardo Moreira is focused in the vengeance “for the actions of the Government of the state against that organization.
Along with the alleged kidnappers, it was presented Roberto Clemente BArcenas Cepeda, of 30 years old, who presumably lend his house to the “polizetas” with the purpose of protecting them from the authorities.
At the time of their captured, two short guns and four cell phones were assured.
The investigation of the Federal Police showed that Victor Landeros owns four properties in Ciudad Acuña and a ranch, in which a gun with a golden handle with the word " Iguana” monogramed.
Days before, the State Attorney Office of Coahuila had given notice that they were looking for six individuals connected to the homicide of Moreira. One of them, Carlos Flores Flores, who was apprehended by mistake and set free.  The Man was  a police officer of the city of Monclova and not related to the Moreira murder.
There are five captured

With yesterdays capture, there half a dozen agents held in due to the homicide:

-Victor Landeros Sifuentes, supervisor of the Municipal Police of Acuña

-Rodolfo Castillo Montes, sub director of police operations (chief)

- Jorge Tenorio Takajasi, municipal pólice

- Victor Carrizales Prieto, municipal pólice

- Jose Trinidad Landeros, municipal pólice
Source: Reforma
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