Monday, October 22, 2012

2 Masons/ Kidnappers/Killers Arrested in DF

Borderland Beat

Jesus Rodriguez Almeida
Mexico City - The capital's attorney general, Jesus Rodriguez Almeida, announced this afternoon they recovered the fourth body of another taxi driver in the clandestine graves located in the town of Parres, Tlalpan.

Fourth Body Pulled from the Grave in Parres, Tlalpan
The Antikidnapping agents continue to look for one other body. The information was  provided by two of the three suspects in custody who are now being rooted..

Clandestine graves of kidnapped victims  in Parres
The alleged kidnappers modus operandi was posing as passengers. They had the taxi drivers take them to the wooded area in the town of Parres, and  forced them to contact each family member for ransom.
Rodriguez Almeida indicated the suspects could be related to all five kidnappings,. They dug mass graves to bury the victims and the set fire to their cars.
The Antikidnapping officials gave advice to the wife of one of the victims who was about to give money for the supposed release.
Arrested  are Rafael Garcia Delgado, head of the kidnapping cell and from the state of Veracruz, and Cajal Crescencio Gomez, 30 and 35 years old respectively.
The  PGJDF confirmed the suspects MO was to ask the taxi drivers to drive them to the town of Parres, Tlalpan in order to supposedly fetch their tools as they are masons and they would want to be returned to the same place 
"They assaulted the drivers with sharp blows from a gun and forced them to penetrate deeper into the forest where the victims were stripped of their belongings, including cell phones, tied up, deprived of freedom, killed and buried," he said.
He added that when the family began to look for them, the cell phones rang,  The alleged perpetrators answered calls and reported that they had been kidnapped.  They demanded such large amounts of money for the alleged release of the drivers, in two of criminal case they managed to receive 200,000 and 100,000 pesos.
At the same scene a Nissan Tsuru with B34405 plates was located, and another with A72806 plate; which was damaged by fire.
Rodriguez Almeida said the Special Prosecutor for Abduction Research related five preliminary inquiries to these subjects with initiated by the kidnapping of the equal number of taxi drivers.
He stressed that to continue with the improvement in the preliminary investigation, prosecutors sought and obtained an injunction against Rafael Garcia Delgado and Cajal Crescencio Gomez  to hold for 30 days.