Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nuevo Laredo: Man tortured and decapitated for allegedly denouncing cartel activity online

In the predawn hours of Wednesday, November 9, the decapitated body of a male was found at the Christopher Colombus monument in an upscale neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

A message left alongside the body identified the man as “El Rascatripas", a moderator for the anonymous internet cartel reporting website Nuevo Laredo en Vivo.

The body, which was reported anonymously to the emergency hotline 066, exhibited obvious signs of torture and was face down with hands cuffed behind the back. The male's head was placed upon a threatening message.

The message, which had some of its text covered by the victim's body, read:

“Hola (XD) soy el “rascatripas” y me paso esto por no entender que no debo deportar en las redes sociales, soy un…… como la Nena de Laredo y con este reporte me despido de “Nuevo Laredo en Vivo” siempre recordad….. Nunca olvid….. su moder “Rascatripas”.

Hello! I'm Rascatripas and this happened to me for failing to understand that I should not report things on social media websites. I am a ..... (text covered by body) just like La Nena from Laredo...With this last report I bid farewell to Nuevo Laredo en Vivo.. Always remem... Never For...

Your moderator,


This death marks the fourth attack on Nuevo Laredo internet users in less than 2 months.

The first two victims were found hanging from a Nuevo Laredo pedestrian bridge on September 13, 2011. Messages left at the scene stated their deaths were the end result of them using anonymous sites such as Frontera Al Rojo Vivo, Denuncia Ciudadano, and Blog del Narco to "snitch".

The third victim was, a woman identified by her Nuevo Laredo en Vivo cyber name La Nena D Laredo, was found decapitated on September 24. Her head was left on top of a computer keyboard with a message warning others against using social media sites to report cartel activity.

La Nena D Laredo's body was found on the same monument as Wednesday's victim.

Moderators at Nuevo Laredo en Vivo announced on their website that the latest victim was not a member of the blog, and explained the homicide as an attempt by Los Zetas to intimidate contributors from denouncing them on the blog.

Nuevo Laredo en Vivo is a local forum where anonymous residents post locations of danger such as shootouts, descriptions of vehicles carrying gunmen and halcones, locations of stolen vehicles and also funnels anonymous tips to federal authorities.