Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

"Narco" banners propose alliance with President Calderon

Sunday, March 6, 2011 |

Several “narco” banners placed Saturday on pedestrian overpasses in the border cities of Matamoros and Reynosa called on Mexico’s federal government to join forces with the “Carteles Unidos”, or united cartels, to liquidate Los Zetas.

Both Matamoros and Reynosa straddle the Southeastern U.S.-Mexico border with the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas and are longtime strongholds of the Gulf Cartel.

“Carteles Unidos” is a euphemism used at times by the Gulf Cartel when addressing the civilian population and refers to a reputed alliance between the Familia Michoacana, Gulf and Sinaloa cartels against the Los Zetas criminal organization that was announced in early 2010.

"Mr. President Felipe Calderón, we know that you do not negotiate with drug traffickers. However, with all due respect to your authority, and for the welfare and future of the families in Mexico, we propose a common front between the “Carteles Unidos” and federal forces in the struggle to eliminate the Los Zetas criminal gang that are so damaging to the nation.“

"We know there would never be a deal, but this is not about drugs or money, let alone about the fight for plazas. This is about saving human lives."

"Once the task of eliminating Los Zetas is achieved you may continue your mission of trying to eliminate drug trafficking."

"It is in your hands as the Supreme Commander of Mexico’s armed forces to restore calm. We the cartel members pledge to do everything possible to restore calm to Mexico’s families, something the Federal government has found it impossible to do.”

It was reported that the banners stayed in place for two hours before being removed by military personnel.

Was this simply a propaganda ploy by the Gulf cartel? If any arrangement was to be made it would probably happen at a local or regional level with local/regional comandantes, but this is apparently not the case as the recent blows against the Gulf cartel by the military indicate.

Is this a sign of weakness by the Gulf cartel? Los Zetas raids continue into Gulf cartel strongholds as evidenced by last Wednesday’s heavy fighting in the central district of Matamoros between rival groups of gunmen, or the news that Los Zetas are back in Mier and civilians are again fleeing.

What is certain is that Los Zetas seem to have the ability to roam at will in Tamaulipas.

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30 Borderland Beat Comments:

NormalPerson said...

I don't think it is a very good time to be a zeta, they might be able to heat things up but they are under insane amounts of pressure from all sides.

Nothing like a short exciting life topped off by being fed into a meat grinder or boiled alive, or any of the hundreds of other wonderful ways Zeta lives end.

Anonymous said...

Another desperate attempt from Carteles Unidos to somehow portray themselves as "BLANCAS PALOMITAS" (White Doves). They are just as ruthless as the Zetas. No difference here what so ever...They both rob the tranquility of Mexico. They both rob the innocence of kids with their violence. Mexico SUFFERS to generate Employment, Tourism, and Education because of these CARTELS. Ahora resulta que "yo no fui". (Now they want to claim "it wasn't me")...


J said...

I don't know if it means they are desperate, maybe part of the new years apparent push from CDG/Sinaloa to hit the Zeta's, just trying to stack the deck against them. Or maybe it is desperation that the Z's are hitting their plazas or some of both, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

It's not desperation or that Zetas are hitting their plazas; Zetas are creating all kinds of heat for everyone including the Mexican government with all their stupid crimes. I could tell you one thing and that in CDS territory there have never been extortion's or kidnapping's of people unless involved in the drug business.

Anonymous said...

Now they are kissing Calderon's ass. Three months ago they were cursing him and bragging about what a bunch of tough guys they are.

Yeah we'll make a deal with you - you kill yourself in public and we will leave you alone. Vale?

Anonymous said...

Zetas were supposed to get wiped out a year ago and nothing like that has happened, in fact it seems that Zetas are only expanding.

Anonymous said...

Even if they by some miracle managed to eliminated Zetas why would anyone believe everything would calm down? It would be Gulf battling Sinaloa all over again, the alliance is nothing but a choice of lesser of two evils, if one is eliminated they will just turn on eachother.

Anonymous said...


Thats right! Kill themselves in public. Until Cartels are non-existent. That means nothing to fight over. They can all go back HOME. Hide like the filthy RATS they are. If they get caught in the street "showing their ass" in public, then its for the taking! The M*F that gets caught "claiming" to belong to CARTEL, might as well put a target on his forehead. This shit has to stop. The Government can longer put their fate in the cartels hands. No BRANDS in the drug trade...


Anonymous said...

666 para un mexico de libre comercio de droga if the cdg want to win all they got to do is make it free drug trade and evry one will love them right now the only drugs they sale is 2 dolar bags of weed and 10 dollar bags of coke

J said...

If the Zeta's were marginalized significantly, I think there is a chance Sinaloa and the Gulf could co exist, after these years of fighting, they need a reprieve from the violence and constant money going out to spend on the war. CDG has, from the beginning appealed to Calderon, in the first banner they hung a year or so ago, it said something like 'let us eliminate the Zetas and then you can come after us'.

Anonymous said...

Calderon has to be laughing his fucking ass off at this proposal.

Anonymous said...

Im still waiting for the Narcomantas from the ATF

Tektum said...

This is a sign of retreat!!!!!

Good job Mexico and mr. Calderon! Long live Mexico!

Fu** the cartels!

Swanka said...


Senor Arranque said...

Good. I hope Los Zetas get removed off the earth. They are a cancer to society. Now i don't support any cartel, but isn't Sinaloa the lesser of two evils?? I'm from Durango (Santa Maria Del Oro, to be exact) and El Chapo/Mayo's people are there. They respect the people and give them their place. They are actually keep the place calm. They have been know to beat up Lacras that steal, and kidnap innocent people. Now Los Zetas are mata ninos, mata mujers, and kill inocentes. Puro Carteles Unidos

Anonymous said...

Carteles unidos are a show and a joke. CDS already started killing LFM members in Tijuana, they left them on their own in Jalisco as CDJNG has been slaughtering them. Its only a matter of time before everone turns on each other.

ajulio said...

Sinaloa and Gulf cartel co-existing? It was just a few years ago that these two cartels were going at each other's throats. These two cartels were the beginning of this drug war, when you think about it. Los Zetas is a result of the Gulf cartel and the Sinaloa cartel has backstabbed every other cartel in existence.

CARTELES UNIDOS ARE A BUNCH OF FAKE BASTARDS. at least los zetas have always held their own and never sold themselves out to the president.

@ swanka

Considering how everyone messes with you on borderland beat forum, I like reading your comments but "VIVA CDG???!!!"

This cartel is responsible for thousands of murders including innocent people. They are sadistic killers and satanic butchers and you praise them? You're lost brotha.

I hate los Zetas more than anyone but CDG, CDJ, CDS,LFM,CDT are all the same scum.

ajulio said...

The whole reason for this war was not for a carteles unidos.

It was for a one cartel domination ruled by a short lil' bastard.

If you don't believe me, ask pendejo calderon.

Anonymous said...

Shame, shame, shame... Poncho Villa would spit on all of them!

Swanka said...


i'm very fond of CDG and proud of them because although they have done bad things in early years(who hasn't USA pillaged the indians for america) i think they are devloping nicely into a worldclass organization with values for innocent

this was one of my first posts on BB under the name joe

Pablo Escobar was way more powerful then zeta's and he went down

i live in america. the way i see whats going down in mexico right now and im very confident that zeta will be run out of mexico. hope they dont flee to america.. the way i see it as a criminal from america. is american public learns of all this violence and torture and total disreguard for and life makes people horrified. now they calling thier politicians by the millions complaining,writing the president , police, churches and anyone else they can think of to bug about this. wich equals very bad for business for cartels because now the CIA is very annouyed and they know who all the leaders are basically and tell cartels like CDG they better tie up the loose ends like zeta or CDG is gonna go down. so now with a greenlight from USA/Mexico they can and will and are very motivated to hunt all zeta down on both sides of the border with CIA help. you best best believe CDG will find all zeta cause every single zeta crew thats caught are seperated and and tortured into giving up every zeta they know and because they all separated they can compare stories i bet the CIA trained them on reliable intergation tactics. they gonna destroy zetas and its will probably be very hard to get new zeta members.

but the interesting thing im wonder is whats gonna happen to the CDG once all the zetas and "terrorists" are gone will mexico and the CIA turn on CDG or honor any deals made?

~~~El Swankador~~~

Anonymous said...

As an American, I love this website. It's about time the world sees how fucked up Mexico is. It has always been a corrupt, shithole of a country, but now it's finally going over the cliff! The people of Mexico should rise up and demand their elected leaders remove these "narco" gangs forever!

ajulio said...

@ swanka

One thing I respect about you, is that you always keep your cool. You never lower yourself to senseless arguments the way many BB readers do and you stick to your guns. No matter what I say, wont change your mind.

Me personally, I hate all of these cartels. I have met members of the Juarez cartel and they were cool people. I know that not all of them are sadistic killers and like I said, the government is most responsible for this mess.

I don't mind seeing dead cartel members. Its when I hear about the innocents, I get pissed.

But I think that the carteles unidos is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

they should close the business down who helped create that sophisticated banner....or at least that business should had called the military so they can catch whoever was going to pick up that banner

zerothehero said...

Anonymous said...
" As an American, I love this website. It's about time the world sees how fucked up Mexico is. It has always been a corrupt, shithole of a country, but now it's finally going over the cliff! The people of Mexico should rise up and demand their elected leaders remove these "narco" gangs forever!"

You may pull your head out of your ass when you're ready . You may discover that the reason shit is going on down there is because you live in the world's largest drug consumer country and that there are people ready to kill to meet that demand. Maybe it's about time you ponder whether or not you live in a gigantic shithole yourself, a country with two parties; Republicans and Democrats who struck a deal with the banking elites and printed 15 trillion dollars out of thin air, money that your beautiful blonde, blue eyed kids will never be able to pay back and have now been turned into serfs of the state for generations to come. Think about it when you pull over to gas up your rig and discover that gas is now $5.00 gal. with no end in sight, and wonder "How could this be ? I live in the world's most honest country" Then you'll see that the shit is now up to your eye level too, you just didn't realize because you were too busy judging the misfortune of others, thinking like an ignorant hick : "I'm so glad i'm not one of those poor bastards!"

DFL said...

What a bunch of stupid ignorant assholes. The children of satan want to "work" with the Goverment to make it safe, "with all due respect"?
Can you think of a more moranic, fucked up immature plan then that. These trailors who created this group of filty , shit eating gang bangers, the zetas are one and the same.
These people who placed these banners are pure coward dog shit eatig common criminals who have no respect for anything what so ever. They are a group of physcopathic blood thristy serial killers of women, children and countless innocents. They feed on the blood of others and are misreable despicable worthless scum.
Cartele Unidos is just another street gang of teenage and stupid fucks who have no real responsibility or purpose in life and would be better of by all of us dead or rotton in a cold lonely prision somewhere.

Attention Carteles Uniedos-Chinca tu Madres Puto,
puck ass pussies!!!!

Ardent said...

What language is this you speak, DFL?

'Attention Carteles Uniedos-Chinca tu Madres Puto,
puck ass pussies!!!! Tell them Mr. President- FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS- YOU WILL DIE WITH THESE ZETAS PUSSY PUNKS!!!'

Parece mera tonteria morosa de un tonto....

Anonymous said...


'lito 'brito said...

and still the Z spreads...wonder why..with the cartels unidos y el gob de mexico all against them is it that they still multiply...maybe it is not how it seems ?

Anonymous said...

It really isn't how it seems. But no one here would believe me I'm sure except maybe a couple of you. But to the Guy saying they get split up and tortured etc, you realize that Los zetas were trained by our government right? And so their trained against all types of torture. There are tons of los zetas around. Both in Mexico and the USA, and you should respect them. It is plain retarded to disrespect these people, they will kill you. Also, they really are all over the USA, especially where I live (like a couple hours away from the farms they raided in Laredo) and they aren't such horrible people, just don't cross them. One of my best friends sells for them infact. Point is, these are ex federales who were trained by the us special forces, they can't be stopped unless they decide their done. And don't expect anyone to try anything, the USA government (Idk if Mexico's is) is even defending them. There was a local new broadcast here a couple years back where a dea agent explained how they were ordered not to fire at Los zetas, and how alot of their pay check came straight from Los zetas. It was a live broadcast, he was killed before he could finish his story.

Anonymous said...

And PS. Many of you really don't know what your talking about

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