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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taxi Drivers Are Being Targetted for Murder in Acapulco

Early Friday morning, heavily armed commandos pulled up to the dispatch center for a local taxi service in colonia Emiliano Zapata and killed a driver who was standing outside the building. The assailants also tossed several black trash bags from their vehicle, they contained the remains of a man who had been dismembered.

At this time, authorities believe that both the execution of the taxi driver and the dismemberment of the second victim were both related to a shooting that occurred earlier in colonia Benito Juárez, on the outskirts of the Acapulco-Zihuatanejo Federal Highway.

On March the 2nd another taxi driver was also murdered outside of his dispatch center on Vicente Guerrero blvd. 

Drug traffickers in Aca often recruit taxi drivers as halcones, and this can lead to rivals targeting these lookouts as a way to disrupt the cash flow of the established group. Without eyes and ears on the street, operators cannot keep their stash houses from being hit by sicarios or the police in general. 

Despite these horrific crimes, there is a movement among the business leaders of Acapulco to shed that cities growing reputation of being an extremely violent place. That need to drive the local economy has manifested itself into a slogan; "Habla Bien De Aca" (Speak Well of Aca). 

This is an understandable reaction to this problem. As talk of the lack of security in Aca becomes prevalent in the national dialogue,  to some extent it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy: the violent image discourages both tourists and investment dollars, thus dooming the area to be sucked into a cycle of economic malaise and death.

Equally important is the opposite slogan that has been carried by; "Di La Verdad De Aca" (Tell The Truth About Aca). It goes without saying that if these stories are ignored, it would be ingenuousness to the people and families who suffer and are affected by the violence. 

Each day brings one less visitor to the white sandy beaches, one less room is booked or reserved at the hotel. American politicians warn students not to travel to Mexico for spring break, undoubtedly one of the most important money generating holidays for places such as Aca or Matzatlan. 

Citizens and business leaders are struggling to come up with solutions to the problem, which seems to be that there is no one in charge of Aca, not the police, not the military, and certainly not the narcos.

Guerrero is an open-ended war that desperately requires a winner and it seems for now, anyone will do. As long as the violence is dramatically curbed, that is all that currently matters.

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  1. The Mexican economy is going to collapse due to no vacationers, all the cruise ships are not stopping in the port and all the hotel rooms remain empty, they have targeted the restaurants so they are also empty! Cowards! Pussy ass cowards! Killing women and children! Only a psychopath kills his own people and ruins his own country! Narcos were supposed to make money and invest in Mexico to make it a better more stronger country, to build schools and parks to give the young generation an education to make Mexico better! All they are doing is ruining Mexico so they are no good, they are not real men! Pancho Villa would be ashamed of all of them! Cowards and scum killing women and children! They will burn in hell for doing that! There has been so much damage done to the country now it will take generations to recover from this madness if Mexico ever can recover from the psychological damage that is being done, entire families murdered, entire towns empty, people fleeing the country in fear... Those that have hurt Mexican people have black hearts and they deserve a very slow painful death! WHY? Why hurt your own people? WHY? Why hurt your own country? Sad days... Sad for the innocent children and women and the elderly that are living in fear every day and every night, shame, shame on the putos that are doing those things, you evil coward bastards I hope that you die 1000 times... To the good hearted people of Mexico, "VIVA LA RAZA, GOD SPEED, AMIGO's..."


  3. So what who cares. Lecrae


  5. Acapulco is absolutely being destroyed. Clubs are DEAD down there and so much of this stuff doesn't even hit the news. Today on the main ocean blvd called the Costera there were gunmen who openly shot at a targeted victim and I heard, though I can't confirm yet that Starbucks had it's windows shot out. Daily they are dumping bodies on the main tourist area. The main strip of bars are dead. I remember lines to get into places. There used to be respect to keep the violence away from the tourists....That line does not exist now. It's very frustrating for me since I love going to Acapulco. I do NOT see how they can recover.

  6. It is going absolutely nuts just miles from our Southern border with Mexico. Yet the entire press of the U.S.A., continues to stick its head in the sand. Never in the history of civil government on this Continent, has a Republic been at war within its own borders with gangs of criminals, so called Cartels exploiting the American market for drug buyers. In Saltillo over the week-end over 20 civilians were injured during running gun battles in this city of 750,000 people. Others, caught by Federal authority taking pictures or otherwise documenting the events, were thrown in jail and roughed up! In Culiacan, Sinaloa, seven federal police were killed bringing the total of dead over the weekend to over 50 people. That is on top of god knows how many people that were killed with gunfire in Mexico last week!

  7. Money or no Money just say no ,Taxi drivers and anybody else have got to be crazy to get tangeled up in the drug business.There must be people waiting in line to work for cartels just think how many have been killed and yet they continue INSANE, poor rich or otherwise.

  8. The taxis working for Cartels is just one piece of it. The mafias control which cabs can go where with in the city (from what I hear) Blue/white cabs, yellow cabs, white cabs all from different regions, but often mix through different areas. This could be part of it as well. Scary to because one has to take a blue cab through yellow cab territory to get to the airport from the tourist zone unless they hire a driver with a truck. Not sure how all that works.

  9. "Habla Bien De Aca" (Speak Well of Aca).

    "Di La Verdad De Aca" (Tell The Truth About Aca).

    These 3 pics fit in well with the hypocrisy of those two slogans and make a powerful statement about the state of things in Acapulco right now. The rich resorts in the background in contrast with the carnage in the foreground.


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