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Security Chief of Monterrey Prison found Mutilated

Saturday, February 5, 2011 |


The security chief of a prison in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey has been murdered, officials say.

Police found the dismembered body of Francisco Martinez Ramirez in a plastic box inside a car abandoned near the Topo Chico prison.

Mr Martinez Ramirez, 60, who had worked there for three decades and was nearing retirement, had been abducted on Friday.

He is the third employee to be murdered at the jail in recent months.

The Topo Chico prison has also been the target of a series of grenade attacks.

Drug cartels wield considerable influence over Mexico's prisons, through their ability to bribe and threaten guards.

Criminal message
Mr Martinez Ramirez's family said armed men broke into his home on Friday afternoon and kidnapped him.

In the early hours of Saturday, locals reported an abandoned vehicle in the car park of a pharmacy near the prison.

On the back seat, police found a plastic box with Mr Martinez Ramirez's mutilated remains.

Police say a message from a criminal gang was pinned to the box, but did not say what the message was.

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8 Borderland Beat Comments:

DFL said...


Anonymous said...

Bastards have no respect for the elderly. Curse the ground these bastards walk on.

Anonymous said...

What's the point in even sending these cartel idiots to prison? Ther cartel buddies are guna break them out anyways. This poor martinez guy just a few steps from retirement. Don't drop the soap cartel bitches. Wait, they don't have soap in mexican prisons, just look at the coverage.

Anonymous said...

The Irony of it a country that cannot protect anybody or maintain order that refuses to allow citizens to be armed. I understand Mexicos history of revolution and political opression,but to offer up the public as defensless sheep at the mercy of rampant criminals empowers the criminal element 10 fold. A basic human right is to stay alive or at the very least have a chance to survive,yet big brother,and statists know what is best. They broke into his HOME took him away killed and dismembered him,try doing that in rural Texas where people can and will meet fire with fire. Good luck to the victim citizens.

Anonymous said...

According to the article below, prisons in NE Mexico are now Zeta campuses, suggesting this was a CDG attack:

Anonymous said...

So true, these cartels would end up being little bitches when it comes to a gun fight with anyone on this side of border. And in prison here in the states, they stick together like cowards. Macho men with ther guns, bitches with ther fists.

Layla2 said...

"You bloddy warriors, what are you fighting for, you don't even know...
"To live without fear, me and mine."

--The Edge of Love, story about Dylan Thomas, during the 1940 Blitz, England

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...poor guy works a dangerous job for so long, close to retiring then meets a fate like this? We live in a crazy, twisted world. I sometimes hope Mayan prophesy will come to pass. There is no hope for humanity is there...

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