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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gunmen Burn 2100 Newspapers, After Kidnapping and Threatening Delivery Man

A group of armed individuals kidnapped for several hours, near the northeastern Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo, a man who was delivering the newspapers El Norte and Metro, during which time they seized the 2100 copies he was carrying and burned them, the daily Reforma reported Saturday.

According to Reforma, the delivery man was threatened at gunpoint by an individual who warned him to never deliver the Monterrey newspapers to Nuevo Laredo again: "Information generated in Monterrey, stays in Monterrey, and what is generated here, stays here", he said.

The daily Reforma, El Norte and Metro belong to Mexico’s Grupo Reforma newspaper company.

The incident took place Friday morning, less than two days after newly appointed Nuevo Laredo police chief Gen. Manuel Farfan Carriola and five people accompanying him were murdered.

The murders were reported by the daily El Norte on the front page of its Feb. 3 edition.

The attack occurred at 5:30 local time on the highway linking the cities of Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo, about two kilometers down the road from a municipal police checkpoint where the delivery man had been searched.

After burning the newspapers, the kidnappers blindfolded the worker and took him to the highway between Nuevo Laredo and Piedras Negras, where they let him go after taking his ID documents.

Reforma noted that the local press in Nuevo Laredo has reported nothing about the murder of Gen. Farfan, his personal secretary and four bodyguards.

Farfan was one of nine former military officers hired to take over the command of police departments in Tamaulipas.

The violence has intensified in Tamaulipas and neighboring Nuevo Leon state since the appearance in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon, in February 2010 of giant banners heralding an alliance of the Gulf, Sinaloa and La Familia drug cartels against Los Zetas, a band of Mexican special forces deserters turned hired guns.

Sources: CNN, LAHT


  1. WOW, I'm surprised the hard workn paper guy didn't get his head chopped off. Cartel idiots just pick on any one. All this bulls.... they claim they don't want to mess with inocent people. Like that missionay lady trying help the mexican people. O ya these idiots sure are macho men behind an ak47.

  2. The Man was super lucky and as for the missionary lady ...
    I saw an interview with her husband where he said he hit the blockade doing 120 mph!
    If you try to drive through a Narco blockade or a Military blockade of course you will be shot at! One can't out run a bullet!
    He took his chances and killed his wife.
    See a Narco blockade turn around go the other way.
    For a big pick up like that to hit 120 he saw where he was going from a distance.
    They didn't have to be there.
    As for the newspaper man he is Mexican and just dong his job.
    Happy he didn't die..:)

  3. Its more then obvious the man was mexican, he was a hard worker.

  4. Dumb asses! Don't they know that this is the age of the internet and the papers may have gotten burned but the news should be on the internet already! Unless the cartels control that too now!

  5. Some good old mexicans still like their news via news paper. That's probably why the cartels got pissed, and burnt the paper. People who like reading news papers probably ain't payn no attention to them on the internet. Ya, Most likley the cartels control the internet. Not every one is up to speed with the times.


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