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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Death In Aguaruto Prison Of Person Implicated In The Attack On Javier Rosas In 2015; He Had Been Shot In Sonora: Sinaloa

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from LOS NOTICIERISTAS



Culiacán, Sin.- After being shot and wounded after an attack in the state of Sonora, Cristo Fernando Millán, implicated in an armed attack against singer Javier Rosas in 2015 in Culiacán, died inside the Aguaruto prison.

According to the information transcended, the now deceased Carlos Millán, 31 years old, was attempted to be killed in Sonora, where he was attacked with several bullets in the face and was transferred to the General Hospital of Culiacán.

When it was detected that he was implicated in the attempt on the singer's life, he was confined last Thursday, July 4, in the Aguaruto prison, where around 8:30 a.m. his death was confirmed due to complications caused by the gunshot wounds.

A call to the 911 emergency number by prison guards informed authorities of the death of Cristo Millán, who had a fractured jaw on his left side and a tracheostomy. These injuries worsened his health condition and ended his life.

At the moment Cristo's body is inside the clinic of the Aguaruto Penitentiary Center, waiting for the arrival of investigating agents as well as personnel from the Forensic Medical Service to carry out the transfer to SEMEFO and later the legal examinations.

The attack on Javier Rosas

It was in March 2015 when the singer Javier Rosas was shot in an attack when he was traveling in his white Suburban in the parking lot of a Lowe's store in Culiacán, accompanied by three other people, including his brother.

Two people were killed and two were injured.

These are others involved in the attack:



, LaMasakr3


  1. Salazares love them Javier flowers

    1. It was Christmas that sent the hit

  2. I post this here because the southern border is not the only border. I've said it a few times over the years here too, that cross border scammers, from overseas countrie, are doing more damage to the United States than all the cartels put together.

    1. What did you expect from a country where 1/3 believes angels are real ? You start with the low hanging fruits, right?

    2. WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!! DONT REDEEM!!!!!! DONT REDEEM!!!!! 🗣️ 🗣️ 🗣️

  3. Did they ever found out why they tried to kill Javier Rosas? Or who was it.
    I know Javier sings corridos to gente nuevo but was that causes of his shooting.

  4. Tito Torbellino , Javier Rosas, Alfredo Olivas , all from Sonora and some weird reason they all have been shot at. Is it because they sing both to gente nueva and CDS ?

    1. All of them got shot while gente nueva and CDS were still allies.
      Im guessing it was probably la línea cartel from Juarez.

    2. 4:02 from what I remember hearing I thibk Tito was killed by BLO for singing to CDS

    3. Tito got killed for messing with married women and they blamed it on chapo trini which is alfredito olivas uncle

    4. Mr Christmas sent the hit for both Tito and Javier

    5. From what I remembered alfredo olivas got shot because he brought a girl upstage and sang to her and her boyfriend got mad mad and shot at him. This happened in parral where even at that time genteel nueva controlled. Could be wrong though.

    6. 9:18
      Así fué

  5. Vest says feds that was damoso

  6. yes, you were referring to the song chart.

  7. Mexa noticias is reporting El Apache from CAF flipped on Flaquito.

    At least 7 dead (CJNG) in Michoacan.


  8. Oh no. Apache has a layover in Denver, hopefully he’ll make his flight.

  9. Char keep trucking man char 👍 keep trucking.
    Char yeah keep trucking.
    Trucking is Char.

  10. Char wake up

    Hello char wake up

  11. Char this is the no period kid
    Where are you I need my comments up
    You took Monday off

    1. Calm down
      Take a chill pill.
      I'm beginning to think you are locked up in Juvi.
      Lots of free time, but it's cool they let you use the Internet while serving the time.


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