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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

UpDate: Alleged Suspect In The Murder Of Two Women And A Man In Culiacán Arrested: Sinaloa

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

May 28, 2024

The alleged perpetrator of the murder of two women and a man in the San Fermin subdivision in the city of Culiacan was arrested early Tuesday morning. 

“Today in the early hours of this morning the Apprehension Order was executed against a subject allegedly related to the deprivation of life of two women and a man in the Fraccionamiento San Fermin,” reported the Attorney General's Office of the State of Sinaloa.

Today in the early morning the arrest warrant was executed against a subject allegedly related to the deprivation of life of two women and a man in the Fraccionamiento San Fermin. Pending time for the initial hearing of criminal case 520/2024.#fiscaliaSinaloa

- Fiscalía Sinaloa (@FiscaliaSinaloa) May 28, 2024

The triple murder occurred last Tuesday, May 21, on the second floor of a house in the San Fermín subdivision of the Loma de Rodriguera sector.

The authorities found Nohemí, 23, Dulce, 18, and Alejandro, 23, dead and shot.

The detainee will be brought before a control judge in the next few hours.



  1. They caught the guy. It seems that this triple homicide wasn't cartel related. They most likely tracked this guy through the victims phones. Before murders happened he most likely messaged or called one of the victims. Neighbors in Mexico are known for also being very nosy. Somebody probably also saw him leave the scene. Nuff Said!!!

    1. 11:54 you have no idea what you are talking about. I have family in that neighborhood and all three have ties to the cartel. The man stole money and the girls were halcones and took part in it.

    2. 7:49 so the story was the male victim here in the story was being chased by someone wanting to kill him and the killer coincidentally ran into two female halcones and killed them as well as the guy he originally intended to kill right?
      If this is what let's people in Sinaloa sleep at night then so be it.
      What a bunch of dumbasses..s

    3. 10:15 something similar to that but just wanted to state unfortunately all three had ties to what we all know goes on around there.

  2. When is not state or cartel related the super detective comes out and clarifies the murders so quick like a redbull it gives them wings

  3. LoL for those warriors that said it was hookers that got killed. They were ordinary citizens.

  4. Hookers are ordinary citizens.

    1. If they were hookers I bet you certainly would have wanted one and could not afford her.

  5. The point is, the criminal was caught despite someone (I won't say his name) saying, "...The killers will not face justice because the victims have no money and no connections gracias a ELMO." Welp, there goes that statement.


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