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Sunday, May 19, 2024

One Man Dead And One Wounded In Armed Attack At Culiacán Hospital: Sinaloa, May 19, 2024.

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

A gunshot-wounded man who was being rushed to a private hospital in Culiacán was shot and killed upon arrival at the emergency room; the attack left a stretcher-bearer wounded.

The victim was identified as Ulises "N", 29 years old, who along with another man identified as Mariano "N" were attacked in the vicinity of Pericos, Mocorito, and taken in a Cruz Roja Mocorito ambulance to the private hospital.

The stretcher-bearer was identified as José Luis "N", who was assisting the injured man.

The incident occurred around 22:00 hours on Saturday in the emergency area of the Los Angeles hospital located on Millenium Boulevard, a few meters from the truck station.

According to reports, a Red Cross ambulance was arriving with one of the gunshot wounded and as they were entering the emergency area a group of gunmen who arrived at the hospital on board several units shot repeatedly at one of the wounded until they took his life.

Elements of the different police forces arrived at the scene to gather reports of what had happened.

According to information provided by Mariano "N", one of the survivors, they were buying coricos at the Pericos intersection when they were shot at by armed men.

Unofficially, it is said that these two people tried to rob a model SUV at the intersection, but the victim took out a firearm from his clothes and shot at the robbers, starting a confrontation that lasted a few minutes.


  1. Coricos are a type of pastry, pan dulce, verdad?
    El Gringo😹🧐

    1. Coricos are 🔥 if you haven’t tried I would suggest it. They are more addicting than the fent produced in that area.

    2. Yes you are correct. Coricos are hot and delicious. I like to put them on Buffys dirty place. Nuff Said!!!

  2. Stealing vehicles in Sinaloa is very prohibited. The cartel will kill you. Especially if you try to rob a vehicle that belongs to and armed cartel member. That's a big No No. After they kill you they are known for leaving little toy cars on your dead body as a sign to other vehicle robbers. I wonder if this dead guy enjoyed his coricos before being blasted. Nuff Said!!!

    1. The biggest car thieves are the cartel members, but only they allowed to steal vehicles, for everyone else it’s a death sentence. Full coverage insurance rates have gone thought the roof since the Culiacanazo 2. Times have changed!

    2. Don't they glue the little car trinkets to the bodies? Or did I dream that?

    3. 12:03am Yes you are correct they glue them on the body. Cartel hitmen carry many different accessories with them not just knives and guns but also glue and toy cars. I myself have a special Nuff Belt that also carries different accessories including glue removal, narcan, and pepto bismol for my diarrhea. Nuff Said!!!


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