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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dozens Of FGR Elements With Sonora License Plates Arrive In Ciudad Juárez

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

FGR personnel in Juárez indicated that they didn’t know the reason for the presence of these elements.

Since Tuesday morning, more than a dozen elements of the Attorney General's Office of the Republic arrived in Ciudad Juárez in vehicles with Sonora plates, the caravan arrived at the FGR facilities on Lincoln and Hermanos Escobar avenues.

This surprise arrival of federal ministerial agents led to the launch of some searches on our border by this corporation, the delegation in our entity had no information about it.

The units guarded the exterior of the FGR, on Abraham Lincoln Avenue, while the officers entered through one of the gates at the back of the building, next to the old Esfinge bar, all wearing tactical uniforms and long weapons.

FGR personnel in Juárez indicated that they didn’t know the reason for the presence of these elements, who were sent by orders of Mexico City, without being given advance notice of their arrival at their facilities.

By Wednesday morning, the units and agents were still outside and inside the building, information gradually began to be received about their presence in town and in the Prosecutor's Office building, ruling out that searches were going to be carried out in the city. 

According to reports, the agents carried out a review and an assessment in the archives warehouse, of both of the evidence and the narcotics kept there, by central orders from Mexico City.

Apparently, nothing out of the ordinary was found and everything appeared to be in order. The ministerial agents withdrew this afternoon following the investigations that lasted almost a day and a half.

In the next few hours the FGR could release official information about this intervention, which was said to be due to "administrative" issues, but the reason why the inspection was ordered wasn’t mentioned.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. "Hacked data reveals which US gun sellers are behind Mexican cartel violence" USA TODAY.
    Good article with information from the "guacamayas leaks".

    1. It is a great article but nothing really surprising. This was pretty much suspected all along. At least there is now hard data to support everyone's suspicions. Nuff Said!!!

    2. 942 email the link don't just stand there.

    3. I am sorry. Here it is. Nuff Said!!!

  2. Tacos El Califa de Leon is a taco stand in Mexico City.
    Last week, they got a Michelin star. First ever for tacos.
    People are lined up around the block.
    Hopefully the cartels will leave them alone.

    1. Not really Mijo everyone is charged piso even if they won the Nobel Pease prize.

    2. Not really Mijo everyone is charged piso even if they won the Nobel Pease prize.

    3. All we are saying is give Pease a chance.
      John& Yoko

  3. guys did any1 see fresa and pez ranch in arcelia the one wit the football field and racing track is fucking insane lol it was posted on X by some guy

  4. The smartest Mexican.
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    2) El Marro
    El Marro is here!! El Marrrrrrrrooooo!! El Marrooooohohhhohoho!!
    3) AMLO
    4) Fox
    5) Pancho Villa

    1. I don't know how AMLO 🤔 made it on the list he one of the dumbest offering dumb ass remarks he is senile, forgets a day later what he said.

    2. 6 Broly Banderas
      7 Fat Comandante Roque
      8 El Pozolero del Teo
      9 Cantinflas..

    3. 7:43 Good for him!
      I forget what I say in one HOUR or less!🐱

  5. I don’t see their checkpoint in SLRC anymore

  6. I sent the PGR to check the EGR and the TPS both items in my car are acting up.


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