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Sunday, May 19, 2024

CJNG Criminal Cell Dedicated To Huachicol-Fuel theft Trafficking Dismantled In Colima. May 17, 2024.

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

Colima authorities searched two properties in the municipality of Tecomán.

Elizabeth Ibal / El Occidental

Authorities of Colima achieved the dismantling of a gang dedicated to the trafficking of huachicol, which belonged to the Jalisco Cartel New Generation.

The State Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace and Security, informed this Friday afternoon that as a result of various proceedings, of a joint operation of the institutions that comprise it, a criminal cell allegedly dedicated to the theft and illegal trafficking of fuel was dismantled.

In compliance with a ministerial order, a pair of searches were carried out in two properties in the municipality of Tecomán, previously approved by a judge.

During the search, more than 110 drums with gasoline and more than 50 drums with gasoline were seized, as well as a van, a truck, a pipe and different elements used for the distribution of the fuel.
Three men were also arrested and handed over to the corresponding ministerial authority.

The Colima authorities said in a press release that based on intelligence information and other evidence, it is presumed that the cell was dedicated, among other criminal activities, to the theft and illegal trafficking of hydrocarbons, as well as being part of the aforementioned criminal organization.


  1. Forget the gasolina, Char is on fire tonight..
    Good job..

    1. I was just about to comment the same. Great job Char! And thanks for the reads.

  2. CJNG is also doing this in Colima? Man those cheap bastards are really money hungry aren't they. I wonder what they mean by "a gang dismantled". Does that mean the criminals where caught and in jail? Does it mean that the locations where sized with no arrest? They should put a little gasoline in their hair and put a light to it just like what happened to Michael Jackson during one of his concerts back in the day. "Who's Bad" Nuff Said!!!

    1. I thot it was when MJ was filming a Pepsi commercial. He never was the same after that.

    2. Only the high ranking members are the ones making the big bucks. The ones at the bottom of the barrel doing all grunt work bearly make enough to afford a pot of beans. They think because they wear a cartel logo and with a pair of skinny jeans they’re a part of something important

  3. Is this oil processed already? Or they just sell to some company and have it processed? Can anyone explain this oil theft to me?


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