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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Armed Attack Against Director And Police Elements In Valle de Zaragoza; An Agent Died

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The events in the municipal command; A BOI (Interinstitutional Operating Base) has been deployed in the municipality to provide security and search for the attackers

The director of Municipal Public Security of Valle de Zaragoza, whose identity and several elements of the corporation are currently unknown, suffered an armed attack in the municipal command, presenting injuries, as confirmed by Mayor Homero Márquez and the Secretariat of Public Security State, events due to which an element lost their life; An Interinstitutional Operations Base has been deployed to the town to provide security and begin the search for the aggressors.

During the night of this Monday, a violent incident was reported to the emergency system in the municipality of Valle de Zaragoza, the director of the police corporation and several elements were targets of an attack by heavily armed individuals who unloaded their weapons against them. .

As a result of the events, an agent lost his life in the municipal facilities, the director and other agents were left with serious injuries. However, they themselves were the ones who requested the help.

The municipal president Homero Márquez confirmed the event that occurred during the night of this Monday in the town, he said that at the moment this was all he could say as the first authority of the municipality of Valle de Zaragoza.

For its part, the State Public Security Secretariat, through its spokesperson Jorge Armendáriz, said that the events occurred around 8:50 p.m., when the call to the emergency system was generated, elements of the SSPE moved to the command, in addition to the BOI Cell.

He reported that it was initially known that there are several injured, including all the elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate, and investigations are continuing to find out the escape route of the aggressors. Above all, to attend to the integrity and life of the police officers who were victims of the event.

An Interinstitutional Operations Base has been deployed to the municipal capital to provide security, as well as to begin the search for those responsible for perpetrating the act against the police command and one of the agents.

An Inter-institutional Operations Base has been deployed to the municipal capital to provide security, as well as to begin the search for the perpetrators of the crime against the police commander and one of the officers.

Personnel from the National Guard, the State Public Security Secretariat and the State Attorney General's Office from the Chihuahua, Satevó and Parral detachments are responding to the call for help.

Valle de Zaragoza, Chihuahua

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


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  2. New report about how the mexican armed forces help a local group in michoacan kill 400 jalisco cartel gunmen and dissapear the bodies.

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  4. But but but stupid ass Elmo said Cartels respect police and citizens. Who ever believes what the dumb ass says is an idiot. NuffSaid!!!

  5. Sniderbaum is winning the polls.
    Will she and her future cabinet be able to bring Mexico back up on its feet?


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