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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Armed Confrontation On The Ocozocoautla-Arriaga Highway

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A strong armed confrontation has been reported at kilometer 28 of the highway that connects Ocozocoautla with Arriaga and an assault on an OCC unit

Passengers stayed at the Coita - Arriaga collection station

A passenger bus from the OCC company that was traveling from Tuxtla Gutiérrez to the city of Tapachula was the victim of an assault at kilometer meter 28 of the toll road that connects Ocozocoautla with Arriaga. After this event, a confrontation occurred between armed civilians and elements of the Secretariat of National Defense, so the road had to be closed.

The assault had occurred around midnight this Saturday, in which it is known that the transport unit marked with the number 2021 had been approached by armed individuals, who took the bus towards the detour of the Tierra y Libertad community. It was in this municipality, where they stripped the passengers of their belongings, in addition to causing injuries to two people.

Those affected were helped by paramedical personnel from the Mexican Red Cross, they were taken to the Cintalapa hospital, where they were under observation by medical specialists.

For its part, already during the early hours of this Saturday it emerged that the elements of the federal forces were carrying out an operation on the toll route of the Coita-Arriaga road when they came across a truck with armed civilians, which caused an exchange of gunfire.

It is known that a passenger bus on the ADO line was caught in the middle of the fire, the passengers managed to get off and take shelter, while the armed civilians used this unit as a barrier, which was positioned in the middle of the road, to attack. to federal agents.

It is necessary to mention that the transport unit ended up with several firearm detonations on the bodywork, in an action in which the authorities and those responsible for the highway decided to close the booths as a precaution, in order to avoid risk among travelers.

Regarding the confrontation, it is not yet known if there were more people injured and if the federal forces managed to arrest some of the armed civilians, it is expected that the Attorney General's Office or SEDENA will be able to issue a statement related to these facts.

For her part, a social media user published that she was traveling around 11:00 at night towards Mapastepec and that they managed to notice armed individuals who were on the road and who tried to assault the unit in which she was traveling. But thanks to the driver's expertise he avoided the robbery.

Therefore, with this version, it is known that the armed civilians were already there from that time with the intention of carrying out any robbery on the transport units that travel along this stretch of road.

Around 03:00 in the morning, the transport unit of the ADO line that had served as a crossfire barricade was lifted by the corresponding authorities, while the highway reopened once the unit was removed.


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  1. Madness. I miss the Mexico of my youth.

    1. I am sorry, but thanks to amlo is soft on Cartels, Mexico has gone downhill, actually people are saying "hell is next door".

    2. Its been going downhill since the 2010s.

    3. I would say the time around 2000 marked the beginning of the end

  2. Narcos are big and bad when they attack unarmed civilians. They don't care if their actions terrify women and children or not, and in this case, wound two of the victims.

  3. la culpa del gobierno.......................corrupcion............y los criminales sueltos....

  4. What cartel is this? Damn poor innocent civilians can't even travel in a bus. AMLO says that cartels don't mess with innocent people. What the hell is this cr*p. It's time for the Mexican president to go. He's an incompetent corrupt bum. Nuff Said!!!


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