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Sunday, April 14, 2024

And As You Perpetuate Deception Say That The Beheadings Aren’t Real Either Even Though The Broadcasts Show Us Otherwise

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Gunmen from the Los Deltas mob, headed by Erick Cabrera Cabrera, interrogate a captured operative from the Los Cazadores mob. 

Within this broadcast the enslaved male will reveal on film his trajectory across several towns and communities in the state of Sonora before his unfortunate capture.

The constant deployments from one place to another is the transient lifestyle of shooters always on the move. Who never linger around in any one area long enough to be remembered by locals. 

At this time it is highly suspected that the man in this video is the dismembered individual who appeared in an article released yesterday by Borderland Beat. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: What’s your name?

Captive: Oscar. 

Sicario: What do you do for a living?

Captive: I’m a gunman. 

Sicario: For which cell?

Captive: The Cazadores mob. 

Sicario: Where were you working?

Captive: In the La Reforma community. 

Sicario: What were you doing over here in La Virgen?

Captive: I was a point man. 

Sicario: You were saying that you were in the La Reforma?

Captive: Yes. I was in the community of La Reforma. And then from there they sent me to Magdalena de Kino. And from there I was sent to Santa Ana. From there I was sent to Hermosillo. And then to La Doce (Miguel Alemán aka La Doce). They sent me to give the Salazares support. And from there I was sent to La Y Griega to help out El Porteño. I was then sent to help El Cochi after leaving the community of La Y Griega. And then I was positioned in the hills of La Virgen to heat up the terrain for Cara de Cochi out in the town of Caborca. A woman in a white Chevrolet Cheyene was shot that very same day at the airport. 

Sicario: Why was she fired upon?

Captive: We thought that she was a part of the Los Pelones mob?

Sicario: You guys got confused?

Captive:  The leadership got mixed up in their decisions. And they intentionally wanted to draw law enforcement attention towards them.  

Sicario: Who all is there and on whose orders or what?

Captive: The Cazadores, Salazares, Cuzas, Costeños, and gunmen from Los Cochis. 

Sicario: They’re all working in conjunction with each other?

Captive:  Yes, they’re all working together. 

Sicario: Why are they trying to get into Caborca?

Captive: They’re wanting to go in there to kill El Pelón (Omar Félix Loaiza AKA El 8 or Pelón de Sonoyta). 

Sicario: Are they sending enforcers in to heat up the terrain or what?

Captive: The objective is to draw law enforcement attention in Caborca so that the government is focused solely on the Pelones mob. 


La Reforma, Sonora

La Virgen, Sonora

Magdalena de Kino, Sonora

Santa Ana, Sonora

Hermosillo, Sonora

Miguel Alemán aka La Doce, Sonora

La Y Griega, Sonora

Caborca, Sonora

El Militante  Borderland Beat Archives  La Masakr3


  1. But, but, but, but Elmo says Mexico is safe to travel. No such thing as Cartels, he smirks as he says it.
    Of course they won't bother him, because they pay bribes, for the curupt government to look the other way.

    1. It's cartel on cartel violence ding dong. Sort of how like the chips and the blooods kill eachother in the U.S.

    2. 4:42 - Being safe to travel to and being safe to live in are two different things. The cartels are not just going to pick up some random tourist and dismember them for no reason. Plus, this guy didn’t get killed for no reason either. He got killed because he worked for a rival cartel. Maybe don’t join a cartel if you don’t want to be dismembered. Also, AMLO has made some pretty stupid claims in the past, but he has never said that there is no such things as cartels.

    3. 6:15 what about when the Cartels are already making a profit on drugs and create havoc amongst the civilians/townspeople by kidnapping them for ransom, what about when they charge extortion fees to merchants selling tacos from their carts, what about when they rape women,....let me 🤔 would that be cartel on cartel crime???
      You Bozo 🤡

    4. What the heck are you talking about

    5. 754 that's been going on long before AMLO took office. It also depends on the region you're visiting and what your business there is. You wouldn't go to Los Angeles and visit Watts or Compton dressed in all blue or red at night by yourself now would you? of course not, because you probably wouldn't make it out alive. Same thing with homeboy in the video, he played stupid games and got what he was looking for. He wasn't innocent, not with that picture of him holding a rifle.

    6. Lol 6:15 is. a Bozo. OMG

    7. @802: No,He's just correct,and you're NOT. And you're the one acting like a Bozo here..Bozo..!

    8. 12:27
      How dare you call me bozo.
      That guy is right ah 7:54 Cartels not only kill other cartel members but also innocent people, he explained something good and because you did not like his answer, you call him a ding dong, you actually are a Bozo.

    9. "Sort of how like the chips and the blooods kill eachother in the U.S."
      There is no comparison Mexico /U.S.
      Stop talking out your arse pleb

    10. Hey y all the only Bozo I know of is the President of Mexico. Starts with an A.


    11. 😂 LoL the bozo is pulling a trick out of his azz..
      My dad used to watch Bozo the clown.
      I guess it was considered funny, in the 1940s, that bofant hairstyle was something back then..


    12. 2:09
      Very good, Lizard Lite..
      Bozo also dubbed in Spanish for mesican TV as 'Bozito el Payaso'..

    13. @4.42- Just because this video of a child being killed was released you think Mexico is suddenly unsafe to travel to? AMLO has talked for decades about trafficking and organised crime in Mexico, you should read what he's really said- it's more nuanced and disturbing than all the other jumped up Coca Cola CEOs, military puppets, and photogenic career politicians put together.

  2. This guy looks very young, maybe 17 yrs of age.

  3. Hay Oscar!
    Tan joven :(
    Mejor hubieras estado en el Oxxo o estudiando.

  4. The kid seems kind of jumpy, his feet dancing around nervously like that.
    Feeling dismal because his prospects look bleak, or just wigged out from smoking tweak?

    1. His feet is jumpy he knew he’s head head will jump out of the neck socket,

    2. He's fucking terrified, because he knows that if he fucks up the script again he will be hurt again. You think he just brought up that detail about shooting at the woman in the white car by choice?

  5. @04:42 Are you seeking safe passage?

  6. OUTRAGEOUS! He looks like teenager. These cartels are recruiting young kids that doesn't have a clue about the flipside of being parrt of a cartel. All they think about is making money for their families.

    1. This is the a average sicario after decades of slaughter. Shorter and shorter life expectancy

    2. Oscar could have sold that assault rifle he's proudly brandishing in the photo and bought lots of things to help out his family, no?

    3. @6:39 I think by now the times were in I’m pretty sure they all have probably finished with every men in each Pueblo that is either with them or not, the ones that happen to make it out go to the border to seek asylum. Ones stay behind end up getting massacred eventually.

    4. No. They are fuckin stupid kids that think n ing in a cartel makes them "brave men" full of money in their pockets.
      They have no decent role models to pursue in Mexico.

    5. The cartel owns the rifle. This kid OWNS nothing

    6. @7.26. You say they aren't doing it for their families but because they are just "stupid fucking kids" who want money in their pockets, but in states where the war has really bitten teenagers can give their grandmothers and 8 family members a house to live in while whole communities are fleeing, just by working "security" for the local police chief. They don't all want tits and gold plated guns. When shit goes south the house becomes a safe house, these are the kids who get captured, and their bodies are used as message boards.

  7. La virgen that you put up on google maps is not the correct one, he is talking about “el cerro de la virgen” which is is a few kM s from Caborca towards la y griega. The airport is near there, which is also where the lady he mentioned was shot by mistake worked.

  8. Whas it the Mexican president that said there are no beheadings? Or other politicians or press?

    -Euro Gringo

  9. Are you sure his remains where the same that where found on the road saturday? They look older and fatter. Unless he aged tremendously due to the stress of his capture.

    1. Your body starts to bloat pretty quickly post mortem 🙀

    2. Yeah and add those crazy temps to a dead body. Its going pretty fast.

    3. 8:52 🤔. That's called decomposition.

    4. Ashes to ashes
      Dust to dust

  10. The Stupid ones here are us Mexicans...
    What happens when you kill off all the older men... Generations get younger. Now we are watching teenagers being fed to the lions on account of These Cartels .. that can't seem to get things under control

    1. True! They distract us from the real news. What’s the real news? All that doesn’t get put on our local media. Divide and conquer, the oldest play in the book!

    2. Reminds me of the part on godfather when they were back in Sicily and his guide told him there was no men left because they all killed each other because of vendettas.

    3. @3.56. It reminds me of the same thing, but for different reasons- I love the Godfather, but that scene was set at a time in Sicily during an Influenza epidemic, so thousands were dying because they'd been abandoned, and western media blamed their culture- always liable to turn on each other, those swarthy types- and the treatment of Mexico today is identical. Just with an added dash of Apocalypto.

  11. There was this segment on Primer Impacto..
    This is why I hate going to funerals...This happened in Dominican Republic, broad daylight a few weeks ago. Youngsters gangbangers, that can't aim and shoot their intended target, ended up killing an innocent 8 year old girl, yes surprisenly the killers got caught ( which if it was Mexico, they get away), anyway I understand the mother a 28 year old has to grieve , but going beyond
    hysterics is another world, over expressing won't bring the person back, she cried and wailled at the funeral , that she can be heard 3 blocks away, they filmed the little casket being put in walls, not buried, she again screams , hits the casket hard that she dents it.


    1. Don't fret, the lady is already pregnant again

  12. LosMalos DE AnaheimApril 15, 2024 at 11:37 PM

    cartels are pretty fuxking stupid...all leaders should get together and be one no killings unless defending themselves keep everything quiet meaning no violence at all and form an underworld government of cartels and spread the profits evenly give out an annual 25 percent of the profits to the people due to the fact of so much money would be made...less money for corruption guns soldiers etc...dumb mofokers..silence is the key...beheading and other forms of killings will eventually be all their downfall 😉 dumb fucking generation posting videos and shit you need someone like me to run this shit pendehos 😆

    1. Turn off your ps4 buddy 😂

  13. The remains left on the road looked like it features a flayed skin mask, a la Leatherface. Just thought that was note worthy as not seen that often. The only cartel video to feature a skin mask being made is by CDN on a unbeliveably brave captive from La Linea.


  14. Honest to God but sad story and what expect from slightly retarded teen who got beheaded...


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