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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

United States Pursues Him; In Autlán They Consent To Him: Jalisco

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from INFORMADOR.MX

By: Jaime Barrera

February 16, 2024 - 03:05 am

It has been almost 11 and a half years since the weekend of August 25 and 26, 2012, when Jalisco experienced one of the most violent episodes unleashed by organized crime cells in the Metropolitan Zone and in 16 municipalities of the state.

It was a Saturday of terror and direct aggression against citizens when, after the kidnapping of 36 public transportation units and private cars, 23 narco-blockades took place on streets and highways in the state. The following day there were six more narco-blockades and the following Tuesday the then Secretary of Public Security of the Government of Jalisco, Luis Carlos Nájera, explained that these aggressions were ordered by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes "El Mencho", leader of the New Generation cartel, to escape from a federal police operation in Tonaya, in a scuffle that left six hired killers dead.

It was the end of the six-year term of the "war on drugs" of PAN member Felipe Calderón.

Two years later, in the administration of PRI President Enrique Peña Nieto, another violent day occurred again, corrected and increased, in another attempt to arrest the leader of the CNG. It was on Friday, May 1, 2015. There were burnings of banks, gas stations and other commercial establishments, narco-blockades with burned trucks and vehicles in the city and highways of Jalisco, which spilled over to Colima, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes. In the municipality of Villa Purificación, CNG militias shot down an Army helicopter, causing the death of six soldiers and an investigating agent of the Attorney General's Office.

From that moment on, it also became a priority target of the federal government, according to the then Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong.
But far from being stopped, since then and until today, Oseguera Cervantes has done nothing but consolidate his power, to the extent that this week Republican legislators in the US Senate and House of Representatives proposed a law called "Initiative to neutralize the Jalisco Cartel" that would oblige the Department of Defense to design a strategy to kill or capture the leaders of what they consider "the most violent criminal group in Mexico. 

In contrast, in the current administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it seems that his arrest is no longer a priority, to the extent that last Sunday, in the middle of the Carnival of Autlán, in the middle of the bullfight, led by the matador Arturo Saldívar, the leader of the CNG was honored with a colorful and colorful arrangement on the arena of a crowded plaza that read: "Lord of the Roosters. Whatever you wish for me, God will multiply it to you. Blessings. 

Thus, while in the U.S. they tried to pass laws to persecute him, in Autlan they allow him to live happily.


  1. Replies
    1. Pinche regañada que le pego al municipal jajaja!

  2. Jaime Barrera deserves lots of recognition and his kidnapping hit close.. why?

    I tend to share his articles as of late for example

    then the recent alleged capture of a CJNG boss in ciudad guzman but Jaime stated that the boss was set free because of threats similar to the culiacanazo and lots of you guys debated on it should not be called that what happened.. but still it got our comment section going..

    and I decided to share this current article which I happened to just find because Jaime said in an interview that his kidnappers asked him who told him to write againts the cartel and he said nobody forces them to write or send messages they write because that is their job.

    great work of his

  3. Jaime Barrera merece mucho reconocimiento y su secuestro me ha tocado de cerca... ¿por qué?

    Suelo compartir sus artículos últimamente por ejemplo

    la reciente supuesta captura de un jefe del CJNG en ciudad guzman pero Jaime dijo que el jefe fue puesto en libertad debido a las amenazas similares al culiacanazo y muchos de ustedes debatieron sobre que no debe ser llamado lo que pasó .. pero aún así nuestra sección de comentarios fue muy interesante poe que muchos comentaron.

    y decidi compartir este articulo que encontre por casualidad porque Jaime dijo en una entrevista que sus secuestradores le preguntaron quien le dijo que escribiera en contra del cartel y el dijo que nadie los obliga a escribir o mandar mensajes ellos escriben porque ese es su trabajo.

    gran trabajo el suyo

  4. ciudad guzman called culiacanazo

  5. Wasn't there a report or rumour that Mencho was actually captured in one of those operations but was let go ?

    1. Yea in the first one in 2012.

    2. It might have been the 2012 operation referenced in the article, the picture where he looks droopy eyed. MARINA supposedly captured him but his group if I'm remembering correctly took Gobernador Sandoval or another high ranking state official hostage demanding his release.

  6. I ask myself, is the risk worth the reward? Let's take a look at what happened with the Gulf Cartel when Osiel was captured. The cartel was split into two disputing factions and eventually splintered into more factions, which none get along. What happened with the Guadalajara Cartel? Eventually you had splinters and feuding factions like Sinaloas, Arellanos and Juarez. What has resulted from the captures of Beltranes, Chapo and the death of Nacho Coronel? More violence. Look at what happened after the major players from Michoacan were captured. Again, more violence. It's always easy for people to come on here and demand a guns blazing approach because it's not their country or communities that are being affected. I'm not saying, don't do anything to the criminals by no means, but when combating these criminals the government needs to be more strategic in preserving public safety. Going after the main bosses without effectively disabling the organizations structure has proven to be catastrophic. If anything should be learned from los Culiacanazos one and two is that it's okay to sacrifice a mission as long as you don't lose focus of the objective. The Government may have lost that first battle but Ovidio was finally captured and their organization has been significantly weakened.

    1. Acapulco is a prime example too

    2. Me parece que la estrategia para la seguridad o para operativos lo entorpece Derechos Humanos.
      Y los militares siempre dijeron la vida da revanchas...

    3. This is strategy to destabilize and depopulate Mexico. They built these cartels and tore them down you really think they couldn’t consolidate and avoid the splinter? Nahh it’s all part of the plan.

    4. Its not in the interest of the usa to have a southern neighbor going crazy. They may not want an equal partner in the south but not to destabilize the country. Imagine Mexico would be more tranquilo much less people would cross the border

    5. 1007 here we go with the tin hat conspiracy theories. More people are dying of fentanyl a year in the U.S than homicides being committed in Mexico bro. Even the homicides are high you need to look at the demographics and I gaurantee you the majority of those victims where not all that innocent. I doubt your theory is anywhere near accurate given the fact that people are committing these crimes out of their own "free will"(for lack of a better word) not some government sanction...

    6. Good analysis! You are correct.

  7. El viejo anda por todos lados y a la ves en ningún lado puras cuatro letras putos y ladren por que es lo único que asen

  8. Mi Tonaya hermosa! Ojalá pronto nos veamos por allá. Lo mismo va para la costa!

  9. El mencho andaba en el carnaval de Autlan con 2 barbies segun el informador de jalisco .. hahah pinche viejillo le vale brga


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