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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Two Arrested In Military Operation In Guasave Confirmed: Sinaloa

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from LOS NOTICIERISTAS 

Guasave, Sin.- The group of military personnel who carried out an operation this Saturday morning in the coastal area of the municipality took two people into custody after the search of a house, as confirmed by sources of this news media.
The convoy is a special group that arrived from Mexico City, specifically to carry out the operation.
It was reported that the federal elements were first in the area of Tamazula and La Brecha, where they remained for approximately two hours.

It was in the latter community where they reportedly searched a house and detained two men.

The soldiers were accompanied by members of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Attorney General's Office, who were in charge of the corresponding investigations.


  1. Dicen que el chapo Isidro se les pelo al grupo especial les paso por enfrente y ni cuenta se dieron que el era el objetivo porque el que se ofrece 5 millones

    1. Dicen...

      Habría q preguntarle a un elemento

  2. Felicidades y Gracias al EjeMx!

  3. I thought both CDS and CJNG are paying bribes to AMLO tho. What gives?

    1. CDS at one time paid curupt government officials to look the other way and offer protection for their drugs to go through.
      CDS is now being hit hard and being used as a scapegoat to impress USA.
      Their front runner is now CJNG that contributes large amount of bribes to the curupt government.

    2. Really? I don't understand why the government would go after Menchos brother, menchos wife, menchos inlaws, El 85? The last 2 articles are about the government targeting CJNG hitmen. Maybe you have some Intel that we don't. You mind sharing your sources.

    3. Even if you’re paying bribes, the government will still fuck you whenever it is convenient for them. Every narco there was has paid bribes and they are all dead and in jail.

  4. In my opinion, from the entities that are publicly wanted. I think Chuy and his brother are the most vulnerable right now. For example, he is similar to "Tapia" but under the Isidro Umbrella. As mentioned publicly wanted with a nice monetary compensation.

  5. Now the Chapitos snitched against Chalo Isidro.


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