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Monday, March 4, 2024

Sierra Cartel Touches On Truce, Warns Adversaries

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The deadly Cartel de la Sierra aka Sierra Cartel aka Los Tlacos have taken the time out of their busy schedule to remind locals of an agreed upon truce. 

Their announcement comes hard on the heels of a successful campaign that was waged against the mighty Familia Michoacána. 

Where over a dozen gunmen not only perished in the gun battle. Their corpses were also shot again and set ablaze. The humiliating defeat suffered by the Familia Michoacána forced its leaders into submission for a peace treaty. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: For all the townspeople of Iguala, Cocula, Tepecua (Tepecoacuilco de Trujano), and Huitzuco. It was a whole year of war. Thank God that it’s now over with. The bosses have made a truce and the decision of the leaders is to be respected. To all those citizens from Iguala and its surroundings, do not let yourself be fooled by extortionists, by assholes, by thieves. 

The government personnel need to do their jobs. We have no problems with you. The problem is with people who don't want to live well. To all those brilliant people from Iguala. This is your last chance to get the fuck out of here. Because I’m going to kill you guys one at a time. Afterwards don’t bother claiming: 'poor individuals, they had nothing to do with organized crime, surely innocent civilians were murdered'.

For all those individuals who are out here extorting. And using their lackeys to go out and collect payments. Once and for all you’re being warned. The first dumbass who goes out to ask for money and makes a deposit will be killed the fuck off. Ok? Because we know that they’re asking for money in the town of Iguala. And that in all the other towns there are extortions happening. 

The tortilla shops and taxis services need not to fall into this lie. No one is to be charged an extortion fee. The same goes for the surrounding towns. We’re not extortionists. We all have our own money and our actual jobs. All the townspeople who were displaced from their homes need to return to their communities, their residences. 

Go about your lives. This conflict was never against any of you. But unfortunately you got caught up within the crossfire. We’re here to respect and to take care of you guys. In addition, you can also count on us. We are the absolute Cartel de la Sierra!

Sicarios scream in unison: We are the absolute Sierra Cartel!

Sicario: We are the absolute mob for Mr. Gavilán!

Sicarios scream in unison: We are the absolute mob for Mr. Gavilán!

Sicario: We are the absolute mob for Señor 21! 

Sicarios scream in unison: We are the absolute mob for Señor 21! 

Iguala, known officially as Iguala de la Independencia

Cocula, Guerreo

Tepecua (Tepecoacuilco de Trujano)

Huitzuco, Guerrero

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  1. Cartel de la Sierra is what La Linea is to Chihuahua. It's basically the local civilians local politicians local police form the cartel .

    1. La Linea has a lot of southern Mexican people working for them. Mainly cholos in chihuahua join la linea

    2. Gente del sur ??
      Yo Vi en el CERESO uno que otro Oaxaco pero mucho más norteños.

  2. These tacos look like some bad hombres .. they held their own it sounds like against don fish and señor strawberry s henchmen. Semper fi what's up with LFM

    1. Connor, please post pics of the "hot" chicks you pick up at the clubs, with your ripped jeans, pierced eyebrow, and frosty tipped hair.

    2. Everything went to shit when he got the lip smack tattoo on his neck.

    3. All the original FM guys that were trained by Los Zetas are probably locked up, dead or flipped to CJNG. That is why the LFM of today is weak and barely has any foothold in the outskirts of Michoacán

    4. 7:25 I'd say LFM was reborn in Guerrero when Pez and Fresa took over its remaining structure after El Pony was arrested. The Hurtado Olascoaga brothers weren't important before that and I've haven't read anywhere they were a part of BLO or the people of RAA. Criminalistically speaking, they've survived and grown even if they're POS in their manner of operating.

  3. So close to the capital. We need a new Poncho Villa to take over Mexico. The world already knows Mexico is a narco state, its also listed on their GDP.

    1. lol so he can be assassinated too?

  4. This could have been a genuine "Kodak Moment", if only some ordnance had been dropped on their heads at the time. It's a shame, but maybe soon enough, hopefully. 😁

  5. Fake news. Michoacanos have never lost a war. LFM doesn't truce with anybody. You either LFM or dead/hiding because Michoacanos run the longest, smoothest, active enterprise that outlived the Roman Empire and will still be raining feria long after the nortenas extinction caused mainly from low birth rates because everyone know how those tejana cupcakes get down. Pureo michocan!!!

    Semper Fi

  6. The guy talking sounds disciplined wouldn't be surprised if he’s ex military.

    1. La disciplina se ve.
      No se escucha.

      Hay niño cualquier persona te deja babeando!


  7. Most of these men likely have wives. I would hope they never tell their women they chop enemies up cuz it's so gross and the women would never want to see them again.

    If this is the group that slaughtered those 20 guys out in the hot sun, one by one watching + waiting their turn in organised mayhem (oxymoron) does anyone know who the lead dude was? He was wearing dusty sweaty clothes and grabbed some of the captured by their hair, pointing his gun...epitome of unflinching cold ruthlessness.

    Canadian girl 💋


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