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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Lagos De Moreno Multihomicide Victims Rise To Eight: Jalisco

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from INFORMADOR.MX 

One woman and seven men are the victims in the multi-homicide of Lagos de Moreno

By: José Díaz Muñoz

March 1, 2024 - 8:27 PM

Eight victims have already been located in the multiple homicides that occurred in Lagos de Moreno, and the investigations of the Prosecutor's Office continue, so there could be more victims.

A total of one woman and seven men were found dead after the first discovery on the Camino Viejo a Leon, in the community of Comanja.

Yesterday, Civil Protection personnel from Lagos de Moreno carried out the extraction of the bodies of four men and one woman, who had gunshot wounds.

Hours later, the ministerial personnel found a black plastic bag with a cooler, which inside contained the head of a man of approximately 30 to 35 years of age, as well as a human finger.

When continuing with the inspection of the place, approximately 1 kilometer away, in the direction of the town of Comanja de Corona, the lifeless body of another man was observed, wrapped in a gray blanket.

Another deceased man was also found 200 meters away.

The Prosecutor's Office informed that 18 percussion casings from a long weapon were found at the site, as well as one casing from a short weapon.



  1. CDS is coming in and cleaning the plaza of CJNG.

  2. 03 doesn't have the gonads to lead if/when mencho goes down. Buncha fake sinaloas getting the same types of songs made

    1. 1150 nothing special about sinaloa dont get it twisted no one cares about the irrelevant shit hole.

    2. Martinez is already cleaning the area

  3. Damm CDS still ain't took over los Altos region in jalisco .. what's taking so long ?

    1. They will get there my friend. It takes time. It's hard because CJNG has state police in their pockets. After CDS takes over Lagos De Moreno then comes San Juan and then Jalostotitlan. I give this about two years.

    2. 333 sorry little buddy those days are over you can probably expect a different cartel to hand CJNG theyre in the near future but it wont be CDS in Jalisco

    3. 3:33 They're barely hanging on to Teocaltiche. Gobernador de Jalisco and Presidente/a de la República elections coming up. They might be neutral. Who has more manpower, weapons, money and government contacts?
      It would take an alliance of several groups to form a front against NG in that region to benefit a single group. What do the others gain?

    4. In your dreams pal the drugs are synthetic now coming from china meth and fentanyl coming to ports of Colima and michoacan the most important ones of Mexico. It's not weed and heroin which the golden triangle was perfect for that. It's a new era with different logistics. Why you think Tamaulipas foos were clicked up with cjng

    5. Cjng can't even take out El Flama lol. I can see Mario getting more reinforcements by the end of this year and cds gaining more ground in Jalisco


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