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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Authorities Confiscate 114 Thousand Dollars Not Declared In Customs

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An American was detained by CBP agents when they discovered the hidden money

Stacks and packages containing $114,020 in undeclared currency seized by officers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Brownsville port of entry recently seized more than $114,000 in undeclared money hidden inside a vehicle during an exit inspection.

"This is the second seizure of more than $100,000 in undeclared currency in South Texas this week and reflects the vigilance and determination of our frontline officers to advance our border security mission," said Michael Reyes, acting director of the Brownsville Port of Entry. "These types of seizures, which often come from illicit activities, have a more direct and financial impact on transnational criminal organizations, negating the profit potential of such activity."

The seizure occurred on Thursday, March 21 at the Free Trade Bridge in Los Indios, when an officer referred a southbound vehicle driven by a 52-year-old U.S. citizen for secondary examination. During the examination, officers used canines and non-intrusive inspection systems and discovered $114,020 in undeclared money hidden inside the vehicle.

CBP agents confiscated the currency. Homeland Security Investigations special agents arrested the driver and initiated a criminal investigation.

It is not a crime to carry more than $10,000, but it is a federal crime to fail to declare currency or monetary instruments worth that amount or more to a CBP officer when entering or leaving the United States, or to conceal them conceal them with the intent to evade reporting requirements. 

Failure to declare may result in seizure of the currency and/or arrest. An individual can request the return of money seized by CBP officials, but the petitioner must prove that the source and intended use of the currency was legitimate.


  1. Send him southbound without any documents of the seizure. let them explain what happen to the money. Just do the seizure on the system .

    1. That's what happens when you don't launder your money in Kaspa, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. They should have just deposited into Cayman Islands, Isle of Niu, or Panama for anti seizure measures. The balance can be kept in USD and the IRS might see it, but they can't get it.

      Jefferey Epstein and P Diddy vacation with El Chapo in the Carribbean at a private swinger's island....

    2. Lol as if.
      The problem here is someone entering or leaving the us/international crossing either by plane or foot that it becomes a criminal offense & not civil.

      That's only done when there not crossing internationally to other countrys.

      They already do this alllll the time but Inside the US.
      Whether its on the road or especially airports like Atl where theres plenty of cash on peoples carry ons.
      La Di-Eeee-Ayyy are experts at rhis in there lolol.
      Much easier/better to just catch the $$$ without an arrest at airports.
      Keep the cash/no risk being at an airport.
      They probably prefer this then actually hunting mañosos undercover or following vehicles.
      Cant say I blame them

      Just catch/give notice to appear in court with evidence to recieve funds back.

      For your question...
      I wonder how that does work tho lol...
      How would they know if they didnt just steal the $$$???
      I guess this is where they "dissappear"?

    3. Can you ever forget the look on Johnny Depp's face in Blow, when he went to Panama to withdraw his loot, and the vaguely sympathetic bank president had the unenviable task of breaking the news to him that he had gotten burnt?
      Should offer a 10% bounty to border agents for all cash bundles they can ferret out, and watch how quick they put down their coffee cups and pick up their screwdrivers..

    4. 508 Yes. Nevertheless, that will condition them to open the door to the other realm.

    5. 3:14
      What the hell 😭 did you say?
      Are you on cloud 9.

    6. "My father didn't know the meaning of work
      He disrespected mama and treated us like dirt
      I left home seeking a job that I never did find
      Depressed and downhearted I took to cloud 9
      I'm doing fine
      I'm up here on cloud 9
      Listen, one more time,
      I'm doing fine
      Up here on cloud 9"
      ..The Temptations

    7. @8:14
      What the hell is 3:14 even saying?

      I'd say cops probably never even catch much if any money ever at all.
      Must be rare as heck I bet

  2. Can somebody explain why Guano Auerelanio fighting against Chapitos ?

    1. @3:05 we have a rooookie

    2. 3:05 welcome to the club.
      Look up in the BB archives library, the problem is, that you have to read.

    3. Like explaining the infield fly rule to somebody who's never seen a baseball..
      Just think of it as a family feud, estilo Hatfield and McCoy..

  3. On the news they said that was one money bust out of 2 this week. So this is nothing sometimes is almost a million. And kilos of coke wash on the south texas beaches as well.

  4. Excellent job, if they can't provide proof, of that money 🤑, they siezed it and becomes US property.

  5. If you blind bundles of money lying around, would you take it? Knowing it’s dirty and belong to bad hombre? I wouldn’t take it


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