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Saturday, February 3, 2024

The Epidemic Of Violence Against Journalists In Mexico

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It is imperative to defy the darkness and defend freedom of the press

In Mexico, freedom of the press faces one of its most critical challenges: systematic violence against journalists. Every day, those who seek to expose the truth and document reality often find themselves the target of threats, attacks and, in extreme cases, the tragedy of losing their lives in the exercise of their duty. The escalation of violence against journalists in Mexico is a dark stain on the tapestry of freedom of expression.

So far this six-year term, there have been 43 murdered journalists, Article 19. While I am writing this column, the Tijuana journalist Yolanda Caballero has been the target of an attack that did not endanger her life, but did violate the exercise of her work. her. Let us remember that a couple of years ago journalists Margarito Martínez and Lourdes Maldonado were murdered in Tijuana. This incident, against Caballero, occurs days after the credentials and information of all the journalists who cover President López Obrador's morning sessions were leaked, that is, their security was also violated. The president's justifications that conservatives like Carlos Loret de Mola, among others, were responsible for the hacking is extremely laughable and seeks to generate a smokescreen that excuses the terrible cybersecurity of our government.

International human rights organizations record a constant increase in attacks on journalists in Mexico. From intimidation to homicide, violence has become a daily reality for those seeking to inform the public and exercise their critical role in society. The consequences of this violence are not limited to individual victims; They affect the entire society. Every journalist threatened or silenced is a direct attack on democracy, limiting access to truthful information and fostering a climate of self-censorship among media professionals.

The roots of this phenomenon are complex and multifaceted. Systemic corruption, widespread impunity and the infiltration of organized crime in government institutions are just some of the factors that contribute to violence against journalists. In addition to the fact that today they are also the rulers in various states such as Veracruz, Sinaloa, Morelos. As well the federal government is responsible for belittling and vilifying the work of journalists. If the government leadership violates the exercise of journalism, they widen the scope for organized crime to act accordingly.

Solidarity and support for journalists, as well as the promotion of transparency and accountability, are pillars to build a fairer and safer society. In a country where the truth is often eclipsed by the shadow of violence, it is imperative to challenge the darkness and defend freedom of the press. The fight for fearless journalism is the fight for democracy, justice and truth. We cannot allow violence to silence the voices that seek to illuminate the shadows that darken our society.

El Universal


  1. Wasn't El Universal mentioned in the Genaro Garcia Luna trial as one of the many news outlets who was receiving kickbacks to write positive articles for corrupt Calderon and Garcia Luna? Was Calderon responsible for putting the michoachano journalist Jesus Lemus in jail for exposing Calderons family ties to the cartels? El Universal has a tarnished reputation.

  2. If a journalist from another country was killed in Mexico, Im sure Mexico would really catch the killers. Laws need to change.

  3. Yup, it's been #1 fir killed journalists for a couple of years straight now

  4. Imagine if journalists were being murdered in the US or Canada? Hell, most other places?

  5. I am still waiting for them to find out, who killed Valdez of Rio Dolce Newspaper.

    1. 🥱 ya duermete niño. This site is for grown-ups.

  6. Just an FYI, in Russia, 43 journalists have been killed. I have no idea how many have been thrown in prison to rot though. If a country surpasses Russia, there is some serious political cover up going on. Like Mexico, the criminal groups are an extension of government. Only in Mexico, you have 3 layers, federal, state and local and they all kill reporters.

  7. The difference between the U.S and Mexico is the U.S government has a tight grip on the mainstream media. As one guy comes on here and says, "it's all political theater". He says it in regards to Mexico, but Ironically its closer to the truth in U.S Politics. In Mexico, there are a lot more independent journalists that don't go along with the mainstream media/governments agenda. Thats why these journalist end up killed. It's fucked up, pero al fin de cuentas, saben a lo que le tiran. If they were smart, they'd anonymously submit their stories along with solid proof to credible pages like Zeta, Rio Doce or even this website.


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