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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The Chapitos Enterprise In Baja California Sur

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Reorganization in the Company that operates drug dealing in BCS, starting with the alignment of drug dealers

From the fishing communities and rancherías with control of fishing, popular dances, sale of alcohol, cockfights and prostitution, without neglecting drug dealing, military personnel affirm that “The Company” run by members of the Sinaloa Cartel for “The Chapitos” has already established itself in Baja California Sur.

There have been critical voices, from chambers of commerce, the church and some candidates for elected office; However, very little has had the necessary echo, since the authorities included in the Security Table have been aware of these practices since 2022, and have not been able to eradicate them, says the Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice. Even the arrests seemed like a mere circumstance, due to abuses committed in public by the criminals themselves, rather than actual investigations.

Referring to the arrest of Juan Manuel Franco Silva “El Alacrán” on December 5, 2022, who appeared on the authorities' map after hitting Municipal Police of Comondú in the middle of a public street and in sight of all the inhabitants.

“They call it The Company, and let's say that, as in everything, there are internal departments; It’s already been established who controls what aspect of the economic-social operations. There is a lot of instability in local groups; They are waiting and are very defensive, because the moment is crucial between a change and/or renewal of command. There is talk of a new order, in the face of possible conflicts between those who positioned themselves on Colosio Avenue towards the south of La Paz; “It has generated disagreements that could lead to violent events,” explained the member of the State Security Board.

On January 16, on the main boulevard of Ciudad Constitución, municipality of Comondú, a chase took place between hitmen, Municipal Police and Navy personnel, which culminated in the criminals' truck overturning at the Francisco I. Madero and Agustín Olachea intersection; a Mazda CX-5 vehicle with California license plates number 5MXH626 was left there. 

The detainees, Luis Antonio Guzmán Lizárraga, 19 years old, originally from Tecuala, Nayarit, as well as Eleuterio Navidad Ríos, 36 years old, originally from Guasave, Sinaloa, were seized with two radios and a 9 millimeter pistol. Along with some wooden planks with covered in fabric. 

“After the arrest of El Alacrán, the reliefs arrived in the Valley; They are now part of the structure that was given control of the plaza in the north, they were dedicated to handing out corporal punishment to those who wouldn’t align with the group. Although the two planks were not presented as the evidence secured before the media, the same inhabitants who witnessed the arrest and seizure were the ones who mentioned the presence of these torture tables,” said the Navy agent.

Manuel Castro Sandova, Coordinator of Special Events of the State Government, was the driver of the Governor during the campaign and also of the Secretary General


After 11:20 in the morning on Monday, February 5, Jesús Torres Meza was abandoned in a vacant lot located on Oaxaca and Abasolo Avenue in the El Manglito neighborhood, in La Paz.

The man, who was wearing a black polo shirt, blue jeans and black boots, was severely beaten and unconscious when the paramedics arrived, they stabilized him and took him to the Juan María de Salvatierra General Hospital. There the doctor on duty received him and diagnosed him with a possible skull fracture, damage to the face and back; He arrived in a state of shock, making it impossible to talk to him.

“The information collected indicates that relatives told Criminal Investigation Agents. That Jesús was the witness of the abduction of 'El Cutis' and his girlfriend from his aunt Linda's house by alleged hitmen on Jalisco Avenue, the victim said that the kidnapped individuals haven’t appeared. . Apparently the injured man knew the hitmen who carried out the abduction,” the agents reported as first responders.

Respectfully, intentional injuries increased 17.35 percent in 2023 compared to 2022, according to the records, since 1,400 events were reported in 2022 against 1,643 last year, meaning 243 more injuries from one year to the next, which was a record of 4.5 people injured per day on average.

Among the injured are drug dealers who were tortured, merchants, fishermen and residents. All for crossing the line established by the control groups.

According to the organized crime specialist of the Public Security Board of Baja California Sur, the renewal of command is expected, there’s a very great possibility that cells under the command of Mayo Zambada will be located in southern Baja California, displacing criminals from the Chapitos.

“The rumor of the arrival of members of Mayo Zambada is getting stronger; That could be the renewal for this region. Now we are looking for them to have enough characteristics to settle in the south of Baja California Sur, that’s what there is at the moment,” military personnel concluded.


This past February 2, coordinator Manuel Castro Sandoval, 51 years old, from the Headquarters of the Department of Special Events of the State Government, was degained; He was arrested by members of the State Attorney General's Office on Forjadores Boulevard and Gilberto Arreola Street in the Mezquitito neighborhood in the municipality of La Paz.

The public official and friend of the governor was found in possession of an air gun and 35 doses of drugs: two plastic wrappers containing 25 doses of methamphetamine and cocaine corresponding to 10 doses.

The man, originally from Santa Rosalía, was transferred to the offices of the Specialized Unit for Investigation of Narcotics Trade Crimes, where hours later he was released, according to Governor Víctor Castro Cosío because “he had a gram of I don't know what and another gram of I don't know what, in this case they’re no longer subject to prison, because the amount he had equates to that of a regular consumer," he stated.

National Guard more concerned about stripping fishermen of product than arresting extortionists

He even minimized the fact that he had been arrested with an air gun, that with these types of homemade weapons criminals have attacked businesses in the municipality of La Paz; He implied that he was even given too much importance in such a short time by the citizens.

“It was an air gun, the type that kids use, obviously not dangerous; so, it isn’t a prohibited weapon made to be used solely by the army, it isn’t classified as a weapon that can’t be used by citizens. And because of this the matter was resolved very quickly. He was the head of the area, a friend of course, Manuel, well-known and appreciated,” Castro acknowledged.

According to the governor himself, more work must be done on compliance with anti-doping tests, to prevent there from continuing to be government workers who have drug use problems, which according to Víctor Castro exist in different areas of the state.

“The protocol is to fire them, because I am not going to be exposing them either, no; I already said that there wasn’t going to be any impunity and whoever it is, if they are arrested for this, even if it’s just a gram, it doesn’t matter, there’s no longer trust. May they get the help they need, if that’s the case, I say this because we have sick colleagues in different areas,” stated the state governor.


“Complaints have been increasing; So much so that, compared to the previous two years, 2020 and 2021 compared to 22 and 23, there is a 40 percent increase in the filing of complaints (for extortion). Certainly there is a black figure, especially in very specific areas, San Carlos, Puerto Chale, including San Ignacio, the North Pacific, which is where we have had some complaints that have not been presented more focused in these regions,” said Daniel de la Rosa. Anaya, State Attorney General of Justice.

In addition, the State Public Security Secretariat confirmed to ZETA that through the “registered files” six complaints were obtained from merchants in 2022 for the crime of extortion by members of organized crime; while by 2023 there was an increase to 49 businesses that requested floor collection, with a 716.6 percent increase in extortion or floor collection between the municipalities of La Paz, Los Cabos and Comondú.

According to the Citizen Council for Public Safety and Criminal Justice, once organized crime has infiltrated the Southern California community and has taken too much control in economic activities, it becomes a terrain of dispute between criminal groups.

Thus, agents of the Security Table estimate a struggle for the control of illicit activities in Baja California Sur, starting in La Paz, the cradle of criminal control, from where state security strategies and also the operations of the narco, since it is already known by intelligence cells in the Attorney General's Office, State Police and military personnel that weapons and hitmen were brought in especially to make everyone fall into formation in the plaza.

Authorities allowed criminals to resume charging fees in BCS bars

“An internal struggle is coming in Baja; At least La Paz, which is the municipality that centralizes operations of criminal groups, has already begun with the purge, we are aware of the arrival of weapons and people, particularly from the municipality of Los Cabos, the criminal nicknamed 'El Gordo', has been sent to establish control of the plaza. A lot of mobilization has been felt recently, especially with the electoral process on top, it’s a total renewal,” said the security agent from the Attorney General's Office.

In a recent conversation with military intelligence personnel, they said that renewal is necessary in the command that supports the criminal strategy, and that in Baja California Sur there are records of activities that are not well regarded by the drug cartels themselves. “So much spotlight has its consequences,” they say.

They added that, although they have managed to establish strategies to “align” alleged drug dealers who sought to become independent or the merchants themselves who are not controlled in the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, there have been too many complaints to the Attorney General's Office that have forced it to act, in the same way as the Attorney General's Office (FGR).

“The most certain thing here that’s guaranteed to happen, is as always, necessary readjustments are coming for those who are involved in maintaining the criminal operation, because they’re doing things wrong. What do you mean by wrong? They are doing things they shouldn't be doing, as they say they’re doing things outside the boundaries and it’s all very evident; The leaders don't like that, that's why readjustments always come,” military intelligence officials indicated.

Baja California 

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  1. Many in the National Guard are extortionists.

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    2. Comparing apples to oranges. MX has 1/3 the population with 3x the homicides and its homicide per 100 dwarf’s the USA’s.

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      Se acuerdan del culiacanazo
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      Gente del Chapo pa' que lo sepan
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      Traigo el equipo y carros blindados
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      Los lanza papás y los fusiles
      Y arriba el jefe
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    4. 8:47 what are you talking about CAF is basically nonexistent they don’t have anywhere near as much power as they used to have they even teamed up with the CJNG to create the CTNG think about it if their so big and bad they why team up with your rivals

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    How do you sleep at night knowing your a pos… idk if id be able to take that I might blow his brains out and use him as bait.

    1. I totally agree the level of humiliation and helplessness that you are giving law abidding citizens is bizarre

    2. Por unos pierden todos. It's common knowledge that there are members of the fishing community involved in drug trafficking. Other fisherman are involved in black market activities as well. When I went to BCS I was offered hookers and sea turtle eggs by a guy on a panga. Wasn't there an article a few years back of fisherman going at it with the national guard over the poaching of a certain type of fish or dolphin that was going extinct? What are the national guard to do? Stand by and hug the criminals? Who understands you guys? One minute your complaining about AMLO hugs, and when something starts getting done, you start complaining about the "aggressiveness" in the Government's approach.

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  8. Article is obviously lying about drug addiction/tests concerning officials. According to Mexicos president the Mexican culture is immune to drug addiction. Sounds just like the filthy criminals when they say “ we r here to get rid of the extortionists and rapists and thieves.” When in reality they just want the chance to do those crimes themselves!


    Juarez is too hot rn

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  13. If the two planks were used for torture then why would they cover them with fabric?


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