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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Three Bodies Abandoned At The Side Of The Road And Next To A Burned Vehicle In Jocotepec, Jalisco

 "Char" Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

Upon checking the status of the license plates, it was found that they had a theft report.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

The bodies of three men were left on the side of the road, very close to a burned vehicle in the municipality of Jocotepec; one of them had been shot to death.

The State Prosecutor's Office reported the discovery on Sunday afternoon, on the Guadalajara-Morelia highway at kilometer 116+500 near Villa de los Niños, in the aforementioned municipality.

This agency indicated that it was at 22:50 hours on Saturday when a report was received indicating that a vehicle was on fire in that place; therefore, the first responders went to the place.

At the scene they confirmed the presence of the burned vehicle. Upon verifying the status of the license plates, it was found that they had a theft report, which overlapped.

Upon inspection of the area towards the roadside, three lifeless men were found, one of them with burns on his hands, two of the deceased had wounds apparently caused by a firearm projectile, one on his forehead, and the third deceased on the back of his neck.

Due to the criminal news, they requested the command of the agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office, who ordered them to begin with the protocols for the securing of the site.

Meanwhile, personnel from the Regional Prosecutor's Office began investigations into the triple homicide.



  1. Shout out la Familia Zermeño hope they all ok

  2. Hey that Fito guy from los choneros escaped

  3. Jocotepec is a really nice town in Jalisco over the mountains from Zacoalco de torres menchos stronghold

    1. Not that nice, I live nearby. It is also close to Zapopan, home to may criminals.

    2. Why many youngsters say there in Mexico, when we know they have a US IP address.🤣😂🐱

    3. 11:21 how you know you a hacker or administrator?

    4. 1045am lol it is a gorgeous town and zapopan is not that close its about 1 hr away with no traffic rush hour 2 hrs

  4. Connor, you must travel by burro.

  5. Jocotepec known for their birria


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