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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Man Arrested In La Ruana Identified As A Member Of Los Viagras

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The man could be one of the five implicated in the murder of Hipólito Mora Chávez.

Luis Alberto "N", 36 years old, allegedly linked to the criminal group Los Viagras, who could be involved in the murder of vigilante leader Hipolito Mora Chavez, was arrested on December 31 by members of the Mexican Army.

In July of last year, state prosecutor Adrian Lopez Solis reported obtaining five arrest warrants against those involved in the murder of the founder of the self-defense groups in Buenavista, Tomatlan, where a total of 25 people participated in the murder belonging to this criminal organization.

Mora Chavez, who in addition to having been a lemon businessman, formed the self-defense groups along with Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde, was murdered on June 29 in the community of Felipe Carrillo Puerto known as La Ruana, as well as four of his bodyguards.

This December 31, through a joint operation in the community of La Ruana, between the Civil Guard, the National Guard and the Mexican Army, 36-year-old Luis Alberto "N" was arrested and handed over to the corresponding authorities, who is alleged to be part of the Los Viagras criminal group and presumably involved in the murder of Hipolito Mora.

Luis Alberto "N" was arrested with three long arms, 339 rounds, 12 magazines for firearms, and two pieces of tactical equipment.

On December 19, state authorities reported that 25-year-old Brayan Quintero Equihua, involved in the murder of the former founder of the self-defense groups, Hipólito Mora, was arrested and a reward of 100,000 pesos was offered for his arrest.

He is also part of the criminal cell known as Los Viagras, and at the time was the first arrest warrant executed by authorities following the murder of the social fighter gunned down in La Ruana.

This criminal group, according to information from the Attorney General's Office, is headed by Nicolas Sierra Santana, nicknamed "El Gordo" or "El Viagra".

Felipe Carrillo Puerto known as La Ruana

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  1. Is the main brother..nicolas still free?

    1. Yes, he will remain free. He has every high lever government and police in his pockets

    2. 10:03 chatter being said is "El Chaco" Sierra Santana, I think he's the youngest brother, was killed near Tumbiscatio Michoacán by his rivals. Some kind of explosive device.

    3. One of those brothers got killed by cjng in a traffic accident. Sicarios bumped the car he was in and he got out in rage and Sicarios did what they do.. hot smoked

  2. Nothing on the mess in the Sonoyta-Caborca-Atil-Trincheras region? It's been going on for the last four, five days. Check Art. 7mo El Observador on Facebook. Looks like the region is getting sizzling hot again.


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