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Monday, January 29, 2024

"El Ruso's" Sister Xóchitl was Released from FGR Custody in Mexicali

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Xóchitl Harumi Sánchez Félix, a woman identified as a sister of "El Ruso", was detained on January 19, 2024. However, a few days later, reports indicated that she was released.

After spending almost a week in prison accused of 'carrying weapons for the exclusive use of the Army,' Xóchitl Sánchez Félix, sister of El Ruso, a criminal leader who operates in Mexicali, was released due to irregularities in the process against her.

"El Ruso's" identity was recently revealed after his ID had been misfiled by police.

Xóchitl is the sister of Jesús Alexander Sánchez Félix and/or José Ponce Félix, "El Ruso," leader of the Los Ruso armed faction of the Sinaloa Cartel under Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada. Los Rusos control a large part of the illicit activities that occur in Mexicali and its valley.

In the early hours of Saturday, January 27, Xóchitl, the 32-year-old woman regained her freedom along with the two people with whom she was detained, César Antonio Mojardín Pérez, 25; and Ramón Omar Avilez Medina, 43. Ramón Omar Avilez Medina is the husband of "El Ruso's" sister Xóchitl. 

Alfonso Medina Peralta "P1"

Ramón is also the cousin of Alfonso Medina Peralta, known as "P1." P1 is believed to be the acting leader of Los Rusos, with members of the group including Los Omegas reporting to him.

Possible Inconsistencies in Arrest

The trio was arrested due to 'the possession of firearms inside the vehicle' in which they were traveling on the border of the Mexicali Valley with San Luis Río Colorado, at around Kilometer 57.

The defense presented testimonies and evidence to discredit the arrests. They looked to prove it was not carried out as initially referred to in the information report.

Initially, Zeta Tijuana reported that they “tried to corroborate whether the arrest was made inside or outside a home, but it has not been possible to specify the details of the capture with certainty. The only thing that's certain is that a special group of the FESC carried out the operation. At this time there is a property being guarded by authorities.”

This leads one to believe that the arrests did not take place while traveling in a vehicle given the location and accused crimes. It is however possible the arrest took place near a home, possibly unrelated, and the area was being guarded.

Columna Ocho takes this theory a step further saying that the home was raided by soldiers without provocation who proceeded to abuse, beat, and torture those detained. The federal judge who released the detainees also ordered the state to begin a process to look for possible acts of abuse committed against those involved by the uniformed officers. 

That mention backs up the theory of abuse of some kind, or at least that being used as a defense. And lends more credibility to the arrest taking place at a home.

The official state claim is that a man threatened the soldiers with a gun and this resulted in the arrests and seizure of weapons.

For the federal judge, there was enough testimony and evidence to discredit the version of the state officials, so the immediate release was announced and the state authorities were asked to initiate an investigation into the victims and how the events occurred, to 'possibly' sanction the arresting agents.

It should be noted that "El Ruso" was being protected by FGR agents Iván Doroteo Palafox and Víctor Hugo Alva Rocha in the past. The agents were his active bodyguards during an attempted capture three years ago.


  1. Money moves mountains in Mexican organized crime syndicates

  2. FESC are maybe moving on Flacos behalf

    those are his people

    they seem to move comfortably from in Mexicali and the Valley, that's where they hit that shipment in May last year

  3. I have a stupid question. I always read here about cartels having to pay piso to let a shipment pass. Sooo first off. How they know that someone is sending shipments. Is this due to people working on the inside of different cartels? Second do you have to let opposite group know that you have a load coming in because it’s better to do that? And third…… is everyone or most In Mexico fearless? I’ve said before and I will say it again. I fought professionally in Muay Thai. Taken Offensive and defensive shooting. And still I used to hustle and knew some guys that all you had to do is tell them “ stab that guy “ and they wouldn’t even ask. And even though I know I may have some skill sets. I would avoid setting them off because it would just be a huge headache. But it seems that people here make deals with cartels and then just say “ fuck em” knowing what they will do to you if they catch you. It still say fuck em and go for it. You guys mention flaquito all the time and I’m confused because his picture is everywhere. You mean to tell me that he either has a death wish or he doesn’t see the repercussions? Shit 💩 ve seen what they’ve done to some guys that have done that to mencho.

    I’m a bit confused. Is it like their way of getting off? Fuck pussy @ I rather have to be looking over my shoulder from the enemy. From my own guys. Heart pounding faster. I don’t get it at all.
    Rubio NYC

    1. Mexico is a giant snake pit handful of treachery at all levels!! it’s been that way for quite a few decades!!

    2. All because it has a nation as a neighbor that full of j u n k I e citizens waiting to cash in on their food stamps and get their fix hahaha

    3. Meanwhile Mexicans are killing Mexicans. So not only do we cash in our food stamps for your drugs we get a free show of you killing each other haha! I think your a dumbass! Praying for Mexico and USA!


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