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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Clandestine Hydrocarbon Outlets Seized In Degollado, Jalisco

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from INFORMADOR.MX

As of last September, 983 clandestine outlets had been detected in Jalisco.

WRITTEN BY: Marck Hernández

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) Jalisco delegation reported the discovery of two clandestine outlets in the Salamanca - Guadalajara pipeline, in the municipality of Degollado.

The facts were reported by members of the National Guard who were on a surveillance tour when they detected two clandestine outlets at kilometer 117,500 of the pipeline above in Degollado, Jalisco.

At the scene, the soldiers reported to the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office, with whom they secured a 1,000-liter container at 80 percent of its capacity and two other 5,000-liter containers, which were filled to 60 and 30 percent of their capacity, respectively.

Hydrocarbons were detected in the three containers, which is why they were seized. The Jalisco Attorney General's Office stated that no one was detained as is usual in this type of discovery and an investigation was opened to find those responsible.

As of last September, 983 clandestine pipelines had been detected in Jalisco, a figure higher than that reported annually in the current administration of the Federal Government despite the strategy to prevent clandestine pipelines in the country.




  1. More proof that CJNG produces a ton of meth.

    1. come on man, read the article, they are talking about gas....

    2. 7:32 she's upset because the government is smashing her favorite cartel instead

    3. Man dont disappoint us is talking about the way they extract diésel

    4. 6:20
      Read the article Mijo, skipping the article is like commiting suicide. You're bound to get run over by cars, when you cross the street.

  2. Alfaro and his friends really fucked up Jalisco

  3. Biggest crook in the state, got elected by giving out 500 peso gas vouchers for votes.


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