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Friday, January 19, 2024

Authorities Seize Several Properties Linked to Gulf Cartel Leader 'La Kena' Across Monterrey

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

This is a continuation of yesterday’s story covering the arrest, which you can read here.

José Alberto García Vilano, alias La Kena, Ciclon 19, Cmdte or Comandante 19 or XIX, was arrested near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon yesterday
Following the apprehension of Gulf Cartel leader Jose Alberto Garcia Vilano, known as "La Kena" or "Ciclón 19" authorities have initiated raids on several of his properties in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

On Friday morning, they conducted searches at a residence in San Pedro Garza García, where the arrest took place, and another one in the Santiago municipality.

The initial property is located on Eugenio Garza Lagüera Avenue in the Lomas del Campestre neighborhood. Positioned in an upscale residential area, it overlooks a bustling avenue. The neighborhood is renowned for housing some of the wealthiest families in the region, including prominent politicians, businessmen, and celebrities.

Authorities reported the presence of a BMW 220i in the garage, believed to have been rented by La Kena during his stay in Monterrey.

Some drivers stopped momentarily to observe authorities raiding the property, and shared those pictures on social media. 

Google Street view from July 2021 of the property where La Kena was residing (click here for street view)
The Santiago property, located in El Barrial neighborhood, occupies a more extensive lot, as Santiago is less densely populated than San Pedro or the rest of Monterrey.

All the properties were seized and officially sealed, barring further access. During the investigation, marijuana and another unspecified drug were discovered inside one of the properties. Notably, no weapons were found during the operation.

During a press conference, Pedro Arce Jardón, a spokesperson for the Nuevo León Attorney General's Office, stated that La Kena was not a resident of San Pedro but was merely "visiting" for a brief period.

This property is in Santiago municipality, south of San Pedro Garza Garcia. Google Street view from June 2009 shows the property under construction (click here for street view)

More post-arrest details
Following La Kena's arrest yesterday, he was airlifted to the facilities of the State Investigatory Agency (AEI) in Monterrey. Multiple law enforcement units cordoned off the building and surrounding streets to thwart any potential cartel attempts to free La Kena. 

Investigators anticipate that he will be transferred to Mexico City in the coming days to appear before a federal judge and face multiple charges.

On the outskirts of Monterrey, a shootout erupted on Friday morning along the Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey federal highway between cartel gunmen and law enforcement. The exchange resulted in the death of at least one National Guard member, with another sustaining injuries.

Video of the shootout between law enforcement and cartel members outside of Monterrey a day after La Kena's arrest


  1. Thanks for two great posts about La Kena. Enjoy the weekend sir!

  2. Quieren decir que no vivía ahí porque no conviene admitir que San Pedro es un paraíso de descanso / escondite para muchos narcos… con tal de que las matanzas pasen en otras partes no importa.

    1. Asi es por todo México y el mundo mi amigo.

    2. Ahí han pescado muchos golfos y zetas

    3. Hollywood and Compton 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. What if the houses were rented? Lol that would suck from the owners in getting them back…

    1. Why would it suck to give back, it’s only rented.

    2. They were seized. So if they were rented than the landlords are going to struggle to get the properties back……

    3. Hay una nueva ley con el gobierno actual ley de extinción de dominio incluye propiedades en renta, si le rentas a un criminal pierdes derecho sobre tu propiedad, no puedes alegar que no sabías a qué se dedicaba, como rentero es tu responsabilidad rentarle solo a personas de bien

  4. Replies
    1. Stealing from hard working people pays up i guess

  5. us spec ops are in mx for “ joint training exercises”

  6. Osiel Cardenas rubbing his hands right now like a cartoon villain

    1. But isn’t it on record that Osiel was working with our feds?
      His ex co workers are just going to let all of that go?

      Well I can’t say that I wouldn’t like to see how that’s going to play out.

      Rubio NYC

    2. It would be wild to see him return but I’m sure Mexico is gonna grab him

    3. Osiel getting ready to live out the rest of his life in witness protection.

    4. Where on record is there a declaration? Is taking responsibility and reaching a plea deal one?

      IMO those who decide to take it to trial instead of reaching a plea deal are completely wrong, especially if they are looking at a life sentence.

  7. I’m always disappointed at the properties they seize I feel like they should be nicer

    1. Have you been to Mexico? San Pedro is the richest area but most of it still looks like that.

      There are other neighborhoods in the mountains of San Pedro where really, really rich live. I don’t think we have had capos get arrested in mansions overlooking the city from the sierra madre mountains. Those are more private areas reserved for owners of Soriana, Leche LaLa, Tigres/Rayados all timers, private equity guys, and other 1%ers.

      None of these narcos fit into those circles. And I think most don’t make that kind of money excluding maybe Mayo, Mencho, and few others.

    2. Wasn’t really aware of the finance scene in Mexico…

    3. @ 12:33
      100% dead on
      Like Veraniego Olinalá
      Shits like the mexican hidden hills/calabasis of Cali

      I've been up there as a "visitor" though
      All those people are born into that lifestyle or circle.

      Word of mouth & who you know are mandatory
      From the ones I know there the owners/managers of the regio companies like bimbo/coca cola/modelo/real estate companies/etc

      Also There IS a few of the narcs here
      But there the guys that dont even have guns/hi class of society/the ones that dont get arrested/probably have FGR & marina as friends
      Bribes are on the low end too for what they need...

      They cater to these guys cause they actually have shit together & theres virtually no problems
      Some of these are the independents as well so you'll never even know them
      They'll have their ties to each "big" group in Mty as needed
      But they operate completely independent paying for their own merca
      Thus why their profits are so high & they get respected because there on their own

      Lotta people think being a 100% in any cartel and pushing merca makes $$$
      But its the opposite as they have to do what their told/expenses theough the rough/AND none of the profit is 100% theirs.

      The merca they move is NOT theirs maybe only a small part of the load at best

      Look @ the Diablo guy arrested in dallas, 40s US contact to move merca
      He would sell 1000kg and get like 5% comission @ most & probably just the profits NOT the sale price
      This is a cartel guy & those are his profits

      Meanwhile someone moving just 100kg of em makes Wayyy more than Diablo top cartel guy

      Most "cartel" guys are supervisors @ best, there just given a flat commission/salary & "Echale ganas"
      While being 100% responsible for anything that goes wrong lol

      This is what noone talks about in their world...
      A guy like 40 probably only had a handful of trustworthy/good sellers like this
      But there all replaceable & just employees
      Unlike 40/z50/Hummer even little ardilla would move his OWN merca on side after pushing la companias product
      This is where the money is

      And in Veraniego Olinalá this is where some of the independent guys are @
      Its more secluded/further away from city
      In san pedro a lot it is completely open so theres eyes everywhere
      In Varaniego when you start climbing up its gated access only & they run/verify everyones ID in the vehicle
      Thats how serious it is

    4. 7:57 is the reason I read all the comments on articles here. So many people giving us run downs on how all this works. I really appreciate it.

    5. 1:50’s appreciation is what we need to see more of. Been a follower of bb for a good while now. From the OGs to the local leads, bb is and has been second to none. Appreciate what is written here. Appreciate those that write it. And as shown above, give respect. Good shout out. Keep shouting.

    6. Another interesting thing...

      Is that even with la embajada de los EU being here & being filled with foreign agents/actual educated & experienced agents...

      They've never investigated the banks specifically HSBC & BBVA main offices in San Pedro

      You wouldn't even have to go after a person, you could practically
      get all of them/all the accounts as they all use the same ones

      if los agentes americanos would justtttt follow around/tap the best attys phones/locations here
      They would gain a lotttttt of intel

      But noone everrrrrr does these things

      Always wondered why

  8. For those saying he snitched how did u read the sealed documents ? If he snitched why pay 50 million and give up helicopters


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